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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I do find it odd that FFG have one of the biggests licences and can't manage to keep stock flowing; Star Wars is probably going to be remain quite popular for next few years, at least. I checked out buying direct from FFG, but the shipping was too high. Amazon.com (US) seemed okay with reasonable shipping costs, so may just do that.
  2. Have really struggled to get any books in UK recently; Santa had to fulfill my wishes with Pathfinder. Amazon (UK) doesn't have anything, although I could buy £228.99(!) from a Marketplace seller. Today, I managed to get hold of some books, but just wondered, does anyone know a reliable UK seller that has (regular) stock? Still looking for Special Modifications and (when it arrives) No Disintegrations. Not wanting to encourage any advertising, just wanting to some helpful advice. EDIT: Cancelled order as they didn't have stock and was simply saying that they could get books eventually.
  3. I developed a character generation tool. Used Excel and Visual Basic.Thought about Java but didn't have enough knowledge. The spreadsheet version should have been a database, but wasn't confident that enough people would have MS Access. For data structures I would think that you need Chapters, Specialties, Advanced Specialties, Advances (this is a huge table, but maybe could be split into smaller elements where some are shared), Gear, Modes. I'm sure there is more to it than this. If I had the time, I would go back and have a go at creating a database. I have a lot of data already entered so could just copy this across. Take a look at the thread https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/43833-deathwatch-character-sheet-generator/.
  4. Not stepping on toes. I think I said in an earlier post that I removed all protect so that others could continue what I had begun. I only really work on the project when my group is playing Deathwatch. Will check out what you've done and thanks for taking this forward.
  5. Try this: http://1drv.ms/1fLsl8M And I've updated my signature.
  6. Just a (hopefully) quick question. In a recent session, we came across the situation where we had rolled initiative for the PCs and NPCs. The NPCs had been split across 3 slots. There was 1 slot for the 4 Minion groups, 1 slot for the 2 Rivals and 1 slot for the Nemesis. This resulted in an initiative order of: NPC NPC PC PC PC NPC PC After a few rounds, both the PCs and NPCs had been using the various slots according to the flow of battle. Nobody had been tracking which slot had been rolled by which character; it didn't seem relevant as characters can switch between slots for their side. However, as the NPCs started falling I had slots left and no characters to fill them. Have I missed something?
  7. I wanted to learn Java but didn't have the time so stuck to what I know. The two main challenges I found were volume of information and the number of exceptional rules for specific elements of the game.
  8. New Version: v1r7 20150330 Fixed: Terminator Power Armour now adjust Characteristics. Increased Strength bonus from Chainfists, Power Fist and Thunder Hammer isn't added elsewhere. New: You can hide 'free' Advances. This allows you to only see Advances that you have bought with XP. Astates Storm Shield increase AP to Body and Left Arm. Force Field Rating shown on sheet.
  9. New Version: v1 r6 20150321 This is a bit of an experiment... Added: You can now select Advances as soon as you have chosen you Chapter and Specialty. This allows you to see what you Characteristic Advance costs will be before you generate your characteristics scores. You can now reset you Characteristics! This will reset your scores to 30. Advances and Equipment will still be included but you can re-roll your scores. Note that this will check you current Advances and remove any that you no longer meet the prerequisites for. You will be refunded the XP. If people can let me know what content they are specifically wanting, I will try and prioritise the development. Advanced Specialties are the most complex to add so these may not be top of the list.
  10. Minor update: v1r5 (20150320) Fixed: Blood Ravens starting skills - no need to add as elite advances. Still need to use elite advance for (any two) lore skills. 'Little Dots' showing characteristic advances have been made a little clearer.
  11. NEW VERSION [v1r4 20150316] AVAILABLE!!! Fixed: Lightning Claws now cost 30 and then 15. Mk VI Power Armor now adds +10 Agility (thanks Luthor Lightfoot) Added: Blood Ravens Chapter (from Honour the Chapter) added, but you need to use Elite Advances to add bonus skills and second skill from the 'any two' Advances. Character sheet has 'little dots' that show how many Characteristic Advances you have bought.
  12. I am using: Microsoft Excel 2013 (15.0.4701.1001) MSO (15.0.4701.1000) 32-bit Part of Microsoft Office 365 It won't work on Mac Office and I don't expect it to work on the web version. Not sure about 64-bit (I know there are limitations). I don't have any addins enabled. My group has finally returned to Deathwatch so there is a chance that there will be some updates. What I have found though is that it is easier to add content without validation (i.e. Talent prerequisites, other than Rank, are ignored) and where the rules are an exception (Blood Ravens having any 2 lore skills), using Elite Advances are the way to go.
  13. Just a quick message to say I'm still around. I feel guilty when people thank me for the work knowing that there's so much more that I can do if I had the time. I checked out my latest development notes and my next task was to look at the new advanced specialties from First Founding. These can be a little challenging and need a little planning that still leads to some trial and error. This means I need adequate time to code or a loose my rhythm and end up having to start over.
  14. Thanks for the help, although not sure how much it helps if you can't upload anywhere. As I am going through the sheet I am doing 3 things: 1. I am changing all ranges to named ranges and adding a lot of named cells (to help identify what is happening) 2. I am creating error trapping to remove the various error messages that appear 3. Removing any redundant data/formulas There is a risk that as I tinker with an existing formula I will upset some linked formula so I expect there to be a few "new" errors, just because of that. I am trying to work methodically now and get all the formulas in a consistent format before I look at implementing the outstanding requests. I have completed 4 sheets and now looking at Talents. After that, it is equipment and I am expecting this to take a bit of sorting through (just so I understand what it going on behind the scenes). Then I can finally look at the actually print sheets. If you see any bugs let me know and I will fix ASAP and upload a new copy. Latest version (1.10a) is here. Note that this is a work in progress version of my clean up exercise.
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