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  1. I hope it's era. I sincerely do. My poor bank account can't take this many lines!
  2. By all things The Force I hope this is a one off for a Setting Book that crosses over the lines and not yet ANOTHER new rulebook. Because now I'm just annoyed at all these FFG games. Would it kill them to do era books? Especially since many of us DO want the ENTIRE STAR WARS EXPERIENCE not just Age or Edge or Force. And now we have yet another one that's going to be a separate game. And darned skippy I'm interested in the Force Awakens era. Yet how much of this is going to be straight up repeat of old material. Probably going to be lucky to have more than 100 pages in the inevitable $60 rule book. Yet those will be good pages, probably new races, maybe a few new talents, and all the new Hardware. But otherwise? Is it just going to end up some sort of crossover? Bleh
  3. I'm pretty sure you see a parting shot of her walking into a cave.
  4. Why would the Gungans get Primitive? From the evidence in the movie, they are pretty technologically advanced, with underwater force field bubbles, giant energy shields, what seems to be Ion based bombs and grenades and personal energy based shields. I will paraphrase a quote SWTPM for you so you see my point "Are armies are poised to begin searching the swamps for the primitives...". Also primitive in Star Wars refers to not having space travel or blaster technology, are the Gungans more advanced than Ewoks yes, are they more advanced than Wookiees or Humans no. And I will paraphrase the now equal to movie canon Clone Wars TV series back at you. "What aquatic race is there nearby with a standing army that can help us save the Mon Calamari?" And in come the Gungans, with a shockingly high tech underwater army. It was pretty cool.
  5. Still hoping for Dantooine in this one.
  6. I fully expect Hermit to be based heavily on OT Yoda. With a dash of Obi-Wan.
  7. Yeah, especially given the way it has to be printed? *IF* there is going to be a new line I'd predict it announced, and potentially with a Beta Printed out for Gen Con. Though most likely there isn't, as dearly as I'd love a Clone Wars sourcebook.
  8. Anyone know if Kinrath and Kath Hounds (Both Dantooine critters of KOTOR fame) have gotten a writeup in any of the lines yet? And if so, which book? Hoping to throw some of them at my intrepid PCs who just so happen to be on Dantooine currently.
  9. You're probably not far off in saying that the L5R acquisition will eventually cut into Star Wars. Just like Star Wars pretty much meant the death of regular 40k releases. Over in the Dark Heresy forum there's speculation about the next supplement being the last event.
  10. I think you rather massively overestimate the hate of the PTs. Not to mention underestimate the popularity of The Clone Wars.
  11. Honestly, I think the biggest way to make Era Books happen is for enough discussion and the likes to prove there is a demand. Heck, for all we know Gen Con could see a NEW Core Rulebook, not Era, but an actual Clone Wars focused Rulebook that's stand alone. Personally, I hope not, but I could see it happening. I'd still buy the heck out of it for sure. Yet I'd despair at yet MORE wasted space on duplicated material. That's why I'd love it to be line neutral, so to say. That being said, make it general. Have it give the tools to run a game independent of the other two books. Want to do Scum and Villainy on the rim in this era?* There's the tools. Want to do a military focused game, Age of Rebellion should be all you need plus this book. Oh, there's some stuff in it that might not be as useful, but done right, it wouldn't take a lot of page count, and certainly less total than the repeated rules would if they made yet another corebook. And I'd also say do it in Corebook size. 400+ pages is definitely enough to do system neutral and have enough new material to be useful to any of the three lines individually, or all of them without repeated material. And frankly? I really want era books. The OT era is my least favorite for a game. I also despise SAGA, and not too keen on most of the old post OT Legends EU. So WEG doesn't really work well either, especially for Clone Wars or KOTOR. Clone Wars is one of the major parts of existing canon too, a game set in it is not a bad idea! *To be fair? An EotE style game is probably the easiest to do era agnostic.
  12. It may not have been built to be, but it doesn't mean it can't be. The simple fact is that just not having to keep the core system rules in a book could be enough to make it worthwhile. Instead of that they include era specific stuff. Maybe some new or altered Specs for an era. Some races. A Clone Wars "Era" one year. Maybe a KOTOR one the next. Ep 9 after that. There's certainly room if they wanted. So, yeah... honestly, a PT era book would be splendid, as there is so much out there in the era what with the Clone Wars Cartoon and the 3 movies. Plus it could give us more Jedi at the height, and with those plus existing books we'd have more than enough tools to do KOTOR on our own.
  13. I thought for sure Consular was going to be next, honestly. Or an out chance for Sentinel. Just because along with Guardian they're the "classic three" so to say.
  14. Wow, no lie. This was NOT the book I was expecting to be next in the Career line of F&D. And I am elated it is, because Seeker's one of the ones I really like. With Hermit in there, especially if it ends up a 2 Force one? Yeah, I just got a new favorite career.
  15. Same. It's not always ideal, but if you can't afford to raise a stat in CG and have the 20 XP left, definitely a good way to do it! It's how I made my Force Sensitive Sniper in the Age Beta my group briefly did.
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