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  1. There are plenty of hints scattered around the books.
  2. Since only the Ultramarine actually follow the codex... ok Fist do too but the fortress they have goes agaisn't navy doctrine but since it was given top them by the emperor we will close an eye on it... Basically every chapter that does not follow Codex as a fleet: - Wolfs have refused the codex and by refusing they haven't been splited in chapters and still have a fleet for each great company. - Black Templars alto a chapter, it is a fleet based chapter and the fact they range for and wide within the Empire, no one is sure on how many ship they have. - Dark Angel have their own secret fleet for the 1st company action. - Charadon and many other small secretive fleet based chapter, report shoes they have pirate captured ships and other refitted cpatured vessels. - Iron Hands, would not be surprised many of those allied mechanicus ships are Iron Hand's own. Theire ties as always been seen as a way of getting out of the codex's rules.
  3. 1 - Paradis World, here people coem to relaxe and enjoy thier life… Agri we have too high population, major culling would be needed ot insure over production of food and currently well we don't really have "enough" to feed all of us so don;t think about feeding other planets… 2 - from a few hundred to many hundred thousands. Some familly have starfortress comparable to those belonging to the astartes… (spacewolf book where ragnar is a navigator honor guard). 3 - Tehcnically interfamilly mariage, but again 40k all is possible. 4- all is possible.
  4. Eldar or Dark Eldar and Slaanesh have apeculiar relationship… Imperial conditioning should protect psykers anyway the gods should not cross over for a mere mortal that will eventually just end up in the Warp upon is death. If anything an Enslaver could take over a very powerful psyker to create a gate. (Deathwatch stuff), can't remember the warp entity name right now. Eldrad is also pretty unique having cheated death and everything else, Slaanesh will go at extreme lenght to get an eldar/dark eldar soul, since both race have a way of pushing here off and spiriting away their souls. In dark apostle (the book) Slaanesh goes as far as to offer her help to the Apostle to get to a dark eldar souls.
  5. tank shock rules from TT may be easier to handle, the horde takes little damage but must make a hard pining test ask the vehicle tramples thier position they jump asside, also adding to this the suppressing fire from the 4 mounted strombolters. I would not go against using the drop pod against a light vehicle, especialy something as light as a flyier that usualy uses manaveur instead of brut armor to avoid dmaages. Drop pod maybe made for hard impact but I doubt they would damage a gargant or a MBT. As for dropping into enemy, if you can't use lance or rolling artillery barrage at the very least, the drop should/must be covered by smoke grenade, smoke artillery barrage, flash bangs, etc. Giving the squad time to gain the initialive.
  6. On the other hand when a drop pod lands in the DOW2 it pretty much destroys everything under it and scathers the squads under it. - the Pod may not be super sonic any more but the impact (inside) is enough to kill most normal life form, it is oftne coverred that only the astartes super physique allows them so survive the impact (and that is inside the pod), which as impact dempening technologies. - The doors are probably opened by explosive charges, a adamantine slab rushing out or downward may still force apower armoered suit out of the way.. - the strom bolters, all drop pod have 4 storm bolters, those thing usually provide cover fire fro the unloading squad… - Usually there are decoys pod, thsoe don't have marines and have a pretty nasty missile payload in them, (a bit like a nuke you don;t want the enemy to just shoot the pod in the air havign a few decoys prevent that, there is always the unlucky shot but war is war). your call at this point… also it is pretty much standard tactic for any armed force (not going into heavy populated zones of course) to soften the target prior to landing troops with a very big arsenal barrage… say a few lance strike? failling that a few missile pods should send your tau into cover long enough ofr a propoer deployment.
  7. Battle Brother Albion Apothecary of the Scythes of the Emperor, reporting for heuuu. humm… duty Sir.
  8. I posted on your forum, I am trying to find out the char creation part. Thank you.
  9. A lto of this depends on your personal view and if you think about the full scope of the dark gods… 1 - If you think that the guy that kills another is really evil but the one that embesel a million other for their entire pension is just misguided without directly killing anyone but leading to lots of suicide or other type of issues… To me the 1st one is miss guided and the second one is the truely evil. Most blood frenzy fillers are psychotics that can be "controled" with drugs, most power hungry rulers are fanatical megalomeniacs that convince the world they are sane. The 1st one may cause a panic in a town, the second one can ruin entire ethnic groops, economies, etc. True evil may not be brutally blatant. 2 - While chaos gods main facet is the evil side they also have their "good" side. Tzench Lord of Change, without change there is no progress, innovation. Khorn, Lord of War, martial pride, etc. Any warriro servers the Lord of Death. Nurgle Rot and rebirth. While the mostly obvious part of Nurgle is the lord of Decay, he does nto represent only anthropy, he also represent the renewal. Tzench, beauty and perfection. easy enough. Trying to break the status quo of the AdMech one is followinf the Lord of Change (and progress), leading a rebellion can serve the Lord of War, etc. One can be following a god and not know it.
  10. Hrathen said: I know it isn't entirely realistic, but I just thought I would point out that in the table top game a Space marien (even a vetran) only has 1 wound. While an Eldar Hero has 3 wounds. The Eldar have lower toughness and weaker armor, so those 3 wounds are easier to do, but they are there. Am I the only one? No marines with only 1 wounds yet Eldar with 3? This guy knows about as much on 40k TT then I know about… oh well. lol Anyway, I alwasy tought that NPC/creatures where never developped with a fullness in mind. They give you stats and that is it when most intelligent monster and NPC woudl mostly attack in a situation that fits them. There is only that lictor from I can't remember withc book, if you used it in an open field with super tall grass, it could run at super speed and be untaouchable by the players. Never could bring a DW game far enough to bring this sucker in…
  11. - a Star child. - a Primarch (any of the lost ones and he is the one askign to be kept in stasis) - nothing. (the secret is a diversion, the actual secret is somehting much bigger and sinister) - is one true love (nothing of importance except for him, the only women he ever loved and stole her and kept her in stasis for ever. - an important locl figure (sector/Imperium wide) Achilus, etc. - a very powerful Archeotech weapon, something abel to destroy a star, etc. Something the now incompetent Imperium should not have.
  12. Somehow the movie aliens explains this toxic trait very well, sealed armor or not…
  13. Let them RP it, if it comes to shoating and threats give them a cohesion hit, if they pull out as a team give them a cohesion bonus. Something like the choice in the face of the hods, etc. If you don't use cohesion give them renow hit, a small one, explain that by saying the groop disorder is seen as a failure.
  14. Lords of Night book goes a bit in there. There is a Night Lord, one of the originals that knew the sadness in their primarch that was held in the warp for thousands of years. To him chaos is a tool that must be used but also kept at a distance. He uses deamon to battle a psyker but as soon as he can he cast them away to prevent to much corruption. He also views the new Night Lords as a form a decay of the ideals that they should have been. Still ruthless and hard, willing to take lives for a purpose, he is not a monster but a warrior, he tortures and puts up trophies but because they have a purpose. Interesting read to get a different view of chaos.
  15. Let's say someone is interested in picking up the game, own many players are there currently? It's hard to follow when goign through the 7 pages of post.
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