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  1. I second the call for pictures! This sounds amazing! Also, I feel your pain as I have all the stuff ready to go and no players (or more accurately, a demanding toddler and no time…). If you want someone to help I suspect it may help if you tell us where you are? (Though as I'm in the UK and the set cost you $80 I'm guessing that (sadly) we aren't geographically compatible…)
  2. Spoofy said: Great advice people, I'd liek to thank each of you and commend a mature community. Well between myself and my gaming group we all chucked in some money and bought the coreset, 1x extra dice, gm's vault, adventurers toolkit, creature vault, the gathering storm and the omens of war. I cannot wait to get the delivery in a few days (snip) The store manager suggested that the players should but a guide or toolkit, but we shall see what we need after our first few sessions. I have a question about dice. The manager of the store thought that some expansions contain extra dice could anyone confirm this? Thanks again for the great reply's and have a nice weekend James Agreed- this is a great mature community. I'm not sure what you need the GM's vault for- almost all of the contents just duplicate what is in the core set- if you can change your mind- I strongly recommend you do. Unless you mean the GM's Toolkit, in which case that is quite a solid prioduct and does not duplicate anything you've already got. The other things you have bought are all good choices. The players may find a Players guide helpful, but it is far from essential- the PG contains all of the players info up to Signs of Faith, but the products relased since then are not included ( they are Witch's Song, Omens of War and Black Fire Pass) and to be honest I bought a PG thinking it would be good for reference and have hardly used it. It does contain better examples of play than the players book in the core set and is a little better laid out, but is gfar from essential. The Vaults (with the exception of the Creature Vault) simply duplicate material found in the core set (and a small number of items from Winds of Magic) and if you have the core set and much of the other stuff you do not need the vaults. I might suggest you consider the Creature Guide at some point as it compliments the CV very well- the CV contains standups and action cards, but the CG contains lots of background info and other information impractical to fit on the cards. The only other product aside from the core set and the dice packs which contain dice is the GMs vault, which contains (IIRC) the same dice as one dice pack. No other products contain dice, and the core set is BY FAR the best way top get a bunch of dice (unless you have an iphone in which case the app is kinda cool, but I prefer the physical dice, YMMV) Tomba
  3. DonXIII said: Tomba said: Just picked up my copy from my FLGS in Newcastle (UK) today. First impressions: very nice. Anybody want to know anything? I've go to go out in a few minutes but I'll be back later and will try to answer any queries folks have, if any. Tomba which store did you hit FP or TM? >< TM, which I use more regularly (though I do still use FP at times) for three reasons: (i) When I have my son in his pushchair there are no steps to go down (ii) It just feels cleaner and brighter and I don't feel too ashamed to take my wife in when we're in town (iii) In my experience they do more to promote the hobby- they have a games night, they put me into contact with people playing games they know I like and they often have demos, participation games, tournaments etc. Don't get me wrong, I think FP is a good shop but I just find that TM is a better fit for me.
  4. Doc, the Weasel said: Well, the site shows it as "In Stores," completely bypassing "Shipping Now". Thanks to dwarven engineering, boxed sets can now be launched from the ship, straight into your FLGS. Let's see if they can apply dwarven engineering to the Slaanesh box!
  5. Amani said: Thanks for the preview, but one question: is there no third tier career for Runesmiths and Engineers? Let me see... Apprentice Runesmith (basic), then Runesmith (advanced). No third tier. Dwarf Engineer (basic), then Dwarf Master Engineer (advanced). No third tier. The Runesmith fluff (on the back of the career card) mentions that 'the creation of Master Runes are still beyond him'. In the rulebook, master runes (that is, applying 3 runes to an item) is left to GMs discretion, and it seems unlikely that there'll be rules for a career which explicitly allows it. That's just my reading of it though...
  6. Ghiacciolo said: Any GM point of view on the scenario? Well obviously I've not played it yet but... The structure and overview sounds like a neat idea, it's quite straightforward idea (take item X to place Y) but not necessarily very linear, in fact certain episodes are very free-form. There is also a great deal of scope to vary the ending and outcomes, leading to many possible follow ups, but to avoid spoilers I'll not say more.
  7. The new adventure is 21 pages long. I've not had the chance for a detailed look but it's for experienced characters (it recommends rank 2 or 3) As for how adaptable, it's difficult to say without... S P O I L E R S (don't read on unless you want the adventure spoiled, or at least the start of it) The adventure revolves around returning a dwarven hammer, and as such there is no requisite for a dwarven party (though one dwarf will make things a lot easier). It is suggested that if you have played through and Eye For An Eye then the hammer could be Korden's Hammer and the party is returning it. I'll not go into specifics ut this is the setup.
  8. I got my copy yesterday and have answered a few questions in another thread:www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp I thought I'd just post a quick summary of contents, and a few quick observations. Any other questions I'll be happy to answer, though as I'm in the middle of a house move, I can't guarantee a quick reply! The box is brown and is a bit slimmer than SoF, WoM and OoW. It contains 2 books- one brown one detailing basic dwarf history and rules for engineering and runes, and a detailed look at Karak Azgaraz The blue book contains GMs info on Black Fire Pass, it's history, some adventure seeds (including many episode templates) and an adventure. There is one card token sheet containing 21 standups, yet more trackign tokens, yet more fatigue/stress tokens, and 18 invention modification tokens. In terms of cards there are 11 careers cards (see the above thread for a list), 26 action cards, 4 condition cards (two of which are intoxicated- love it!!!), 7 item cards, 5 creature cards (all are specific characters from the adventure, though could be used in other ways of course, but they're not 'generic' anything), 3 location cards, 5 talent cards (2 tactics, 2 reputations, 1 focus), 11 career ability cards (the dragon slayer one is fantastic!), 12 rune cards and 6 invention cards. Hope this is of interest to some of you. No idea why the UK has got their copies before anyone else, but since it's often the other way round, I'm not complaining!!!
  9. Tomba said: As for the reasons, what you say makes sense although the Dragon SLayer is included, but not duplications of the Giant or Troll slayers. Perhaps three duplications would have been too much? Or, to correct myself, I could realise that both of these careers are in the basic set, and therefore my point is redundant. Someday I'll discover the 'on' switch for my brain...
  10. korknadel said: Thanks for the Previews! Another question: Which new locations cards are in the box? Since my group may enter the Underground in the near future I am quite interested in what's there for designing Mines and Caves ... Thanks! Three new locations: Abandoned Dwarf Stronghold Rocky Outcrop Fungus Patch The abandoned Dwarf Stronghold will definitely be of interest to you, and the rocky outcrop may be useful for just before your party goes underground... Tomba
  11. k7e9 said: Thanks for the previews, Tomba and commuterzombie. I can't wait utill I get my copy. Tomba said: I must admit I'm a bit baffled why they duplicated the ironbreaker career... A few throughts- maybe they're going to dispose of the Adventurer's toolkit, in case it makes sense to keep the specialist Dwarf stuff together... About the Ironbreaker, my first thought was that since two careers in the BFP require you to start out with Ironbreaker it would be "odd" not to include it in a way, since it would force you to buy the toolkit to use Ironshield and Ironbeard. The general "rule" from FFG has been to include 10 careers in each box, but here we got 11, I can't help but think that it's a "service" to us, that beeing said, since I have the toolkit I would rather have had an extra new career. The Ironbreaker isn't fixed in any way? There's been discussions that the armour is overpowered, is it the gromril armour included in the set? Is it the same armour as the one from the toolkit? You're welcome. I have the two career cards in front of me and I can't see any differences. Likewise the two Gromril Armour cards are word-for-word identical. As for the reasons, what you say makes sense although the Dragon SLayer is included, but not duplications of the Giant or Troll slayers. Perhaps three duplications would have been too much?
  12. Mostly what Commuterzombie said. IF YOU LIKE TO BE SUPRISED BY THE CONTENTS OF NEW BOXES (like I do) DO NOT READ ON- SPOILERS AHEAD! I should add that I've had a few glasses of wine and my typing may be wayward... One brown book (dwarven background and PC rules including runes and inventions) and one blue book (background on Karak Azgaraz and adventure) I must admit I'm a bit baffled why they duplicated the ironbreaker career... A few throughts- maybe they're going to dispose of the Adventurer's toolkit, in case it makes sense to keep the specialist Dwarf stuff together... Some of the Action cards are both brilliant and hilarious... but it's best if you find that out for yourselves... The inventions... Engineers (a three tier career) have different access to the inventions, which are customizable. The box comes with a 12 ruen cards and six inventions, along with 18 'invention modification tokens'. Thes tokens go on the inventions and are things such as '+1 fortune' or '-1 misfortune' or '-1 challenge' or '+1 expertise' but the rulebook does go into detail saying that other individuals (even other engineers) will probably not understand how an inventio may work, and they always enhance an existing device. Here's an example form the book: "Grimvor, a dwarf engineer, line sup a shot with his trusty handgun, which he has modified with a Scope Invention. The scope has both a '+1 fortune die' and a '-1 misfortune die' modification token, so Grimvor adds (one fortune die) to his dice pool. The GM has added (two misfortune die) to the dice pool for his target's defence and the driving rain; Grimvor removes (one misfortune die) from the dice pool thanks to his scope." It is probably important to note that if an invention attempts to remove a die from a pool in which the die is not present, it has no effect. Dawrf Engineering is a new advanced skill, and adding a token depends on the addition to the invention- specifically, from 1 to 4 misfortune dice: +1 fortune, -1 misfortune, +1 expertise (but never more than 3 in total) and -1 challenge. Inventions must be socketed- a beginning engineer can only socket one, a master engineer can socket mulitple inventions at once, including ot the party sheet, if (s)he wants to share his/her inventions with the party. Inventions also have a rating of Uneliable 2, and risk being turned face down if it fails. Other dwarfs also risk shame if they rely on another dwarf's inventions... The rules encourage the PCs to explain 'how' the effect is achived, and there is a good example about scopes to illustrate this point. Runes Runes basically attach to items in the same way talents atttach to the career sheets. A Runesmith character can learn a new ruen instead of learning a new talent. There are vague guidelines for 'master runes' which are largely left to GM's discretion. Once a runesmith learns a rune (s)he can then visit the forge and link that rune forever with an item. This costs time, money and the ruen cards (once attached, the rune cannot be unattached or re-used). There are 12 rune cards included with the set. The 'Rule of Three' preview is useful in explaining what happens next. Overall- I like this set. Lots of nice new stuff, minimal rules bloat, but lots of new ideas to get stuck into. Whilst I'm not sure I'd want to play a Dwarf engineeror runesmith (just not my interest, really) , I'd defininitely like one to be in my party.... Any other questions, I'll try to answer tomorrow (when I'll be more sober...) Tomba
  13. Just picked up my copy from my FLGS in Newcastle (UK) today. First impressions: very nice. Anybody want to know anything? I've go to go out in a few minutes but I'll be back later and will try to answer any queries folks have, if any. Tomba
  14. Probably not too relevant but I picked up a copy from my FLGS in the UK yesterday. It seems odd that FFG can get the games over the Atlantic Ocean quicker than they can get them over their nearest border...
  15. That's great! Simple, informative, and it'll save me and many others lots of typing trying to explain the situation to (understandably) confused newcomers. Thanks!
  16. sandwich said: Thanks for the answers so far :-) I think where I'm getting confused is the Vault boxes... the product descriptions seem to imply they contain everything from the Core set and more. So does tha mean if I was to buy all 3 Vaults, I'd have everything from the Core set? Or are there things in the Core set not replicated elsewhere? I think the extra cards, tokens, etc. would be of interest, to make things easier to keep track of without needing reams of paper around. I think I'm going to inspire some flames by that comment though ;-) If you bought the player's vault and the Gm's vault then you would have pretty much all the components from the core set (the creatures vault contains some standups but aside from that most of the creatures vault, as mentioned earlier, is new stuff, and the old stuff is presented in a new format). HOWEVER... as also mentioned by the doc cthulu you would still need the rulebooks which is where it gets messy. If you get he player guide and gms guide you get more than what is in the core set- you get the actiosn careers, spell, favours etc from every set except Witches Song. Sound great, huh? Well, if you don't want components, it is. If you want the components (and your reply above indicates you do) then to get, for example the spell cards for colleges outside of the core set you will need to get the Winds of Magic set- the components from this set are not available anywhere else (though most of the rules are in the players guide). This will mean that all of the WoM rules you will now have twice in books- once in the PG, and again in the WoM book. The same is true for priests stuff and Signs of Faith. Additionally, there is material in both WoM and SoF which is not included in any of the guides or vaults, particularly info on the Chaos Gods (Tzeentch is in WoM, Nurgle in SoF) and the adventure in each set. To re-iterate advice given by two earlier posters- if you want the components (and I agree- they are a huge part of what makes 3rd ed a great game which redefines the genre) then grab the core set, ignore the vaults and guides (except the Creatures guide and Vault which although not essential does include lots of stuff not available elsewhere) and get the other stuff as you see fit. There is a lot of gaming can be had with *just* the contents of the core set, so try it out and see how you feel. I should add that I eventually bought a players vault as I found it to be the best way of addign more players to the base game- you get all the action cards needed for new players and duplicates of things such as career cards, more counters etc but I do feel I wasted my money a little because for the quite high cost of the set, only a few cards will see very regular use. I know I could hae bought more copies of the Adventurer's tookit but the PV was not much more and had 3 sets of basic actions, whereas AV has just one. Good luck ,and if there's anything else, just ask, and we'll do our best to answer your queries.
  17. Picked it up yesterday in Newcastle, England. Looks good from what I've seen so far...
  18. Thanks all. I'll wander down to my FLGS next weekend.
  19. I know it's out in the USA, but has anyone seen it in Europe (I'm in the UK) yet? Neither of my FLGS have it, neither do any of the online stores I have used in the past... Anyone seen it or know a due date?
  20. MRoxs said: GullyFoyle said: MRoxs said: To make sure if I follow the breakdown at the moment. If I'd get the GM Guide/Vault combination instead of the seperate Winds of Magic and Signs of Faith, I'd miss out on the enemies/spells/actions of those two expansions? You'd miss out on careers, spells, bitz for those, two adventures, and the some fluff. The only thing you'd get are basic corruption and disease rules and some fluff but not all of it. Is the situation salvagable through the Player's Guide/Vault? Or will I miss out the Dark Magic Spells, Creatures (with Creature Guide) and location cards still? Not really. You'd still be missing out on the Chaos Powers fluff, the two adventures which come in the chaos books (and the relevant handouts/components) plus most of the chaos creatures detailed in the tzeentch and nurgle book are not included in the Creature guide/vault. The spells and miracles are included on the pages of the players guide but not in card form in the payer's vault, so if you want the cards the only place you can get these is in WoM or SoF (though, just to be clear, the full info is in the PG, but on pages, which personally I don't find as useful). The same is true for things such as the college of Magic cards and the order of faith cards, both of which are 'completed' by their respective supplements when added to the materials from the core set. Likewise the careers from WoM and SoF are included in the pages of the PG, but not at all in the PV. The Player's Vault *only* contains the player components from the Core Set (and includes *nothing* from the Adventurer's Toolkit, WoM or SoF) The Players Guide contains all the info from the core set plus AT, WoM and SoF, but obviusly only on pages, not as cards. In summary- if you want the components, avoid the guides and vaults (except the creature ones- the only ones to include significant new material) and get the core set, Adventurer's Tookit, WoM and SoF. With only one or two small exceptions, none of the materials from the adventures have been made available elsewhere (the only exceptions being some of the actions being summarised in the PG, but that's a tiny percentage of what you get in those boxes). Again this is all from memory so please do feel free to correct or clarify anything I've said. The situation is certainly not straightforward, but the hassle is worth it- it is an exceptional game.
  21. donbaloo said: Thanks Tomba, that's just what I needed. I appreciate the effort in your detailed response as it's put me on the proper path. You're a good man... You're most welcome.
  22. GullyFoyle said: Tomba said: The GM's guide is mostly just repeated stuff from the Tome of Adventure and the GM's toolkit, with the only new stuff being extra examples, as far as I can tell. Not worth it, IMHO, given what you have. The only thing I'd correct is the GM's guide will give you rules for corruption and disease which, depending on how your running your campaign, can be very important. Yup, fair point. (I was doing it from memory) The rules for disease and corruption can be found in SoF and WoM, respectively, if you went down the boxed set route rather than the vaults/guides route. And yes, this is getting quite complicated. Had I the time I mught try one of those flow diagrams to sort it all out, as I suspect that my initial thought (Venn diagram) would become far too complicated...
  23. donbaloo said: Great post but i could still use some guidance. Been out of the loop for quite a while. I see guides and vaults are available now. I own the core set and the gms tooling. Assuming i like and want the bits, what's my best route from here. I'm assuming just stick to finishing out the box sets but I'm wondering if there's much benefit to the guides even if you have all the boxes? I'm also thinking that even with the boxes, the creature guide may still have some value, correct? Lend a brother hand...? OK, from here, the player's vault and the GM's Vault only contain stuff you already have (from the base set and the GMs toolkit). The GM's guide is mostly just repeated stuff from the Tome of Adventure and the GM's toolkit, with the only new stuff being extra examples, as far as I can tell. Not worth it, IMHO, given what you have. The player's guide contains all of the cards (actions, career sheets etc) from the base set but also from Winds of Magic and Signs of Faith. I bought it as a useful reference guide (I also already had the core set and the Gm's Toolkit, along with WoM and SoF and though it's a *very* nicely produced book I've hardly used it a s both my players and I prefer just looking through the cards... If you get WoM and SoF, you don't need the Player's Guide as the only new stuff is more clrifications and examples and rules for component-free play (which pretty much amounts to: 'here's a copy of all the cards, write down the ingo your charatcer needs, and improvise the rest'. You will still need dice, but none of the cards/other components). get it if you like it (ideally, have a lok at it in a store and get it if you like it, but it's not essential. The Creature Guide and Crature Vault contains lots of stuff not anywehere else. From your position, it's the only guide/vault product you should definitely consider getting, as it adds lots of creatures and adds new ways to use them, and I'm very glad I got these two. The Adventurer's Toolkit is worth getting for the extra careers and actions- it just adds more variety to the base game, but it's not essential if funds are tight. As for the others, it depends what direction your game is going in, or what direction you want it to go in. If you have priests (or want to have Nurgle or disease/infections etc feature heavily) SoF is a must. Likewise Wizards (or Tzeentch of mutations) WoM is great. Both of these expand their PC types considerably by adding more spell/blessings and careers along with Faiths/Schools and also add a few unrelated careers cards to the mix. Of the adventures, The Gathering Storm is bigger, adds a few cards to most of the core set's decks and is a good set. The Edge of Night adds a few new actions, a shorter adventure but has some very nice mechanics used in the adventure ( to track the influence of some NPC factions- I'll not say more to avoid spoilers, but it works very well and could fairly easily be adapted for other uses). I've not got The Witches Song yet, but it seems to add a couple of careers along with more creature cards (which come in the Creature Vault) and the adventure. I hope this is helpful- feel free to ask anything else if you're still unsure, and I'll try to help (as I'm sure others will).
  24. Just a quick update to anyone else in the same position as me- late getting into WHFRP3e (got everything available but it feels incomplete due to lack of adventurere's toolkit) the status of the product has just changed to 'shipping now' on the 'upcoming' page. I'll start bugging my FLGS next week...
  25. Since my original post I have found the upcoming products page and over the past few days the status of the adventurer's tooklkit has changed from 'at the printer' to 'on the boat'. Not exactly sure what it means (the descriptions are (probably necessarily) vague but it is progress!
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