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  1. Hi, You thought about giving the troll the "mark" of the appropriate chaos god? this could give a crazy tzeentch troll but thats chaos for ya. Slap a mutation on him and off you go.
  2. Hi, OK, unless your monsters are there to be slaughtered (gobbos, skavenslaves, etc) they dont stop at close range. They spend a wound or A/C/E and charge right into combat and get a hit in first. Not only does this give the threat of immediate pain to your players, it also starts pinning them in combats before they get the opportunity to strategically arrange the situation to suit them (remember disengage is a maneuver, so to then engage someone else is an additional maneuver=fatigue). Your "leader" NPC is always prone to archer types. So pin them first or remove line of sight. Give him/her some bodyguards. Lastly if he/she is not melee focussed be really vicious with their support cards. Nasty wizards should be really scary, empowering minions and draining pc life forces, and my personal favourite is demons using chaos incarnate. Put a little cunning into it and most self respecting demons are giving all enemies in medium range 2 misfortune to all tests, ideally before the inevitable fear/terror test. This doesnt kill players but it does add up with fatigue, stress, crits, disease and environmental misfortune dice to give them the feeling of everything falling apart. Which IMHO is how WFRP should be... Hope that helped
  3. Hi, I usually round exp up to nearest lowest rank completed within the party. Ie 3 surviving adventurers on 16, 21 and 24 exp then a new char completes rank 1 and starts with 10 advances. Then they can buy 2 advances for a corruption pt or disease card, or 1 advance for a crit. I do this partly because I dont like the previously mentioned aspect of replacement chars turning up with the same exp but nothing nasty to show for it, and because I honestly feel if you miss the lowly ranks of a characters journey you miss out on a part of the RP for that character. I also havent really noticed the difference in 5-10 exp producing gulfs in pc capabilities yet (which I really like!).
  4. Hi, Maybe an identical body double minion, a nod to the old RoC attribute "duplication", and an interesting story tool. On successful fel tests an invaluable alibi for those dirty deeds, on failed tests the minion does something deceitful/stupid/embarrassing for which my character has to take responsibility for.
  5. Hi, Yes, I add damage for the crit severity to monsters, and add crit effects for named/nemesis opponents. Gives those guys who dont go for max damage weaponry, but a classy delivery and get multiple crits on good hits a fair chance of taking mooks down in one hit. Speeds up combat too, which IMHO is always a good thing! On reading the serious injuries being mixed into wound deck, I immediately thought tailoring the wound deck is more of an advantage than anything else. Eg, facing some hapless gobbos design a wound deck on low lethality/high pain and embarrassment, got a big finale with a chaos knight and retinue then make a high lethality/high fear deck.
  6. Hi, Yes the abstraction in movement is prone to feeling awkward (though that seems to be the case with most RPGs) when pushed with fatigue. However remember that if the players run away spending fatigue the monsters can spend fatigue to catch them, and as you said it counts as damage so if you're willing to hurt your gors/gobbos they should catch the pcs... I usualy house rule no more than 2 fatigue can be burnt on movement maneuvers. Also if it comes to chase scenes, I immediately go for athletics opposed checks, with 1 challenge die and misfortune depending on hazards (fleeing in a dark forest very risky!). If the runner wins he/she gets to medium range plus extras for each pair of boons, if the chaser wins they catch and can take an action against the runner. Whatever happens they leave that engagement, and potentially the support of their allies. I do try to reinforce that if you can shoot someone at med range there is a chance they will catch you. The idea that a heavily armoured dwarf soldier can easily outrun an unarmoured human street thug by the distance of a crossbows full range by simply burning fatigue is IMHO a little ridiculous. When I explained how fast black orcs and trolls could conceivably run with fatigue they soon agreed a common sense approach was all good... Hope that helps
  7. Hi, Dexter O'Seicky; Human, Merchant, ex Burgher, ex Bailiff. A showman with the gift of the gab. Has recently inherited his famillies circus, due to his father being mutated and executed by Milli - though he doesnt know it was Milli yet... Useless hero, stands behind armour and sheild wafting his sword around occasionally to ill effect while proper heroes do the killing stuff, then goes back to the pub and tells all the young ladies how he slew xxxxxx in such dashing fashion. Best known for Better Lucky than Good talent. Cloffy Milkwort (Deceased); Halfling Thief. A very focussed and angry man. Nephew of an Altdorf based halfling crime lord, learning the business. Cat burgular and con-man. Cloffy had lost a large sum of fake gold and got very very angry. This manifested in bouts of pyromania. Died just yards from his dodgey cash when shot by a blunderbuss. Best known for owning locks and murdering people in their sleep. Millicent "Milli" Mundy; Human Assassin, ex Bounty Hunter. Milli (aka, the Raptor!) a lady of late forties married to a mercenary captain missing in action on the Kislev borders, mother to a son serving military duty on the coast of Nordland, left alone in Altdorf developed a large gambling problem. She now owes so much to a local crime lord he is filing to have her estate sold and proceeds returned to him in liue of unpaid debts. This has given Milli a somewhat ruthless streak as she returns to the proffession she plied as a youth. Best known for ignoring any plot lead if an opportunity to exploit/blackmail/rob/threaten anyone known to have some cash presents itself. Tobias Reikhauss; Human Disciple, ex Initiate. Tobias was a lazy man who wanted an easy life. So when he saw the cult of sigmar with their wealth, three square meals, no manual labour and accessible medical perks with a competitive retirement plan he signed himself up right away. Since then Sigmar has sent him on test after test, which is good for the party as Tobias is far and away the only one remotely fitting the "hero" mould, sadly geographical issues mean the player only gets to play for every other session. Best known for turning up, driving the hapless fools forwards, casually delivering a huge amount of damage to bad guys, and leaving. Constanza; Human Disciple, ex Initiate. Born in Estallia, this young lady was taught as a Diestro in her homeland before joining the cult of Myrmidia. Her mother superior had a holy vision and sent Constanza to altdorf to fulfill a prophecy. A recent addition to the group she has been only recently tested, and came through... just. Now under the "motherly wing" of the notorious Mrs Mundy. Best known for ignoring Dexters improper suggestions.
  8. Hi, I like Doc's suggestion. And would agree you may want to play on the fact that the sorceror is obviously not a genius by his mistakes. Maybe instead of having the tower as a living maggot, keep it as a nightmarish pestillent ruin and have the chaos sorceror turned into a giant maggot like spawning creature at Father Nurgles displeasure. At the ground floor just nurglings and rats, and a strange sticky mucus plastering the walls and floors, with a rotten wooden stair spiralling round the inside of the tower wall (risk of collapsing each round of activity combat on it?). The second floor reveals the orifice of an egg laying abdomen hanging through a large hole in the rotten ceiling, secured by thick strands of the strange goo. Half a dozen translucent eggs, with embriotic nurglings inside, are being lovingly tended to by the sorcerors now hopelessly insane former apprentice. The next floor shows the full glory of the egg sack and more goo, with maybe some tell tale signs of what used to be a study, bookshelves, desks and the chance to learn what happened here. The next floor could have the former sorceror now chaos spawn, a drooling mess incapable of speech or rational (such is the price of failure). But good ol' Papa has sent a more competent servant to ensure the spawn is fed big and strong, and here stands a knight/champion of Nurgle with a pack of toads/beasts on leashes (all of whom can use their slimy feet to walk on walls/ceilings with no penalty). could even have the ceilings/walls partially collapsed so the final fight can quickly escalate to the ramparts? Oh and totally second the environmental hazards. Swamps, thick sticky weeds, poisonous biting insects, etc. Nature lore tests on journey and approach. Use Fatigue! Fatigue plus nurgle equals nervous players. Make them feel how hard it is to carry heavy arms and armour through unpleasant terrain. Running HoH my players were rolling up to 7 black dice on physical checks from fatigue, disease and crits alone. Hope this helps
  9. Hi, One of the most rewarding aspects from our campaign (starting shortly after the release of 3rd ed) has been the depth of the local community to which the characters story has been based. One of our characters is a circus ringmaster (son and heir of the owner). So I created a full circus of npc's, including names, personalities, roles within the business and a short backround in advance of the story beginning. Then going deeper I wrote all sorts of local plots purely operating within the members of the circus going from sexual assualts, hidden mutants, paranoid delusion, blackmailing, drug addiction, idolisation and even fanatical jealousy of the ringmaster pc, all of which unrelated to the main plot. As the whole party have been travelling with the circus during their adventures (for money and/or company) they have got to know many of these npc's very well and have developed deeper in character relationships. In a story where many npc's can be met then they will disappear/die/be ignored/etc it can be easy to forget the effect the pcs have on other characters. With a return to an ongoing community with which the pcs have a bond this is no longer the case. When they piss off a local noble, he hurts those closest to them. When they carry a disease card and go home, their friends and family start coughing. When they arouse suspicion in the local witch hunter.... I used a circus as it suited my party and the story, from what you have described I'm guessing you are basing your campaign in Stromdorf and Ubersreik? Nice to see the character balance. Watchman, theif and commoner sounds like a fantastic mix. My suggestion would be to build more detail into a local area of Ubersreik to which all three of those belong. Maybe the watchman and thief are long time friends/enemies/or even working together on a sly scam? Give them locals to whom they are all known to, family, the local inn, the barber surgeon, the grocer, even the local thugs who maybe used to threaten and beat up one of the pc's as a youth? Not sure about the screen, I dont use one for space reasons. maybe the manuevers list? As for TGS play Schullman low key. My group really didnt trust him. Maybe even keep the prof hidden for a while? Hope that helps,
  10. Hi, I'm guessing that the battle wizards and warrior priests careers will be released later as they are rank 4 careers, so far the "chaos god" themed expansions have dealt with taking career paths to aprx 3rd tier (wiz, priest, prophet o doom, etc). Think they are probably going to explore more general military careers along the same structure as SoF and WoM, so some new basic and advanced careers but likely not many elite (?) ones. After the big 4 gods are done we may see a pack detailing the top end careers. As for some speculations... Outrider, Greatsword, Sergeant, Squire, Noble, Knight, Pistollier, Diestro (though not sure if this fits with the Reiklander focus), and hopefully some fun ones like an artililerist type career and maybe a bone picker/camp follower/Lady of ill repute type? Hoping they leave Hammerer for BFP and stick to more human/generic options for OoW. Likewise Hoping they leave Elvish careers for a dedicated long awaited expansion... and do it properly too (other than the traditional typo's and errata )
  11. Hi, I too had a tantrum when 3rd ed came out. But bought it anyway to give it a try. I can honestly say its the best rpg I have played. 3 sessions to get things running smoothly then even the player who moaned the hardest about the change couldnt help but have fun. Oh and heartly reccomend winds o magis and signs o faith, full of spell/blessings cards, careers, tzeentch and nurgle baddies and each has a rather fun adventure. I even had thoughts that if 40KRPGs had similar makeover in a few years I would be more than happy (hides behind nearest dwarf).. Have fun you wont regret it.
  12. Hi, Thank you for the map. Its lovely. Its so lovely it brings out the anally obsessive plot fits with map in me!
  13. Hi, I was musing on an agile wardancer build using javelins with immobilising shot as a little strategy trick. Feels like a wardancerish kinda move, pin someone down, seperate his buddy in combat, kill, return to now free first guy, kill him too... Of course I'm the gm for my group but one can have idle dreams... Have fun
  14. Hi, Perhaps "Dying a messy violent death for a cause you believe in" is the new "Retiring and buying an inn with your loot"
  15. Hi, Agreed, fair point K7e9. While it does seem a little unfair on the non priestly/wizardly careers, it is also worth noting that some of these skills (spellcraft, channeling, invocation and to some extent piety) are advanced so do not yet gain the valuable yellow dice, and for most purposes will be used just to enable said character to cast spells/blessings. There has only been a few occasions in the last year where I have called for a skill check on these skills outside of performing a spell or blessing action. So you may perhaps view it as initiates have to "waste" 2 creation points just to be able to do what that career requires them to be able to do? Of course wiz appr dont need to invest in spellcraft and channeling at creation, but dont get the faith skills, so maybe still fair...? As for Strolling Bones bang for buck, yeah difficult not to love an extra yellow for skill checks but in the games I've run action cards have incredible impact too. I would again suggest that wizard and priest career start to balance out from rank 2 as most of their actions are kinda forced into spells/blessings leaving minimal option for defensive cards or support and combat tricks, coupled with the tough choices on which skills to train. Disciples and priests only get a total of 3 skill advances, most will want invocation leaving only two split between the ones on career and faith. Lastly both these career types do sacrifice an order/faith talent slot... To me it doesnt seem like there is much difference, just some swings and roundabouts
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