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  1. Not sure if this was answered before (gave the thread a quick lookover and did not see anything similar) but does this only mean they will no longer be reprinting the books then? Or does it mean they will no longer make new material but will continue to sell the RPG books? I'm just wondering if that means I need to go ransack my local stores right now.
  2. Hello! I was curious as to what people thought about a PC using a flamethrower (more specifically, an under-barrel flame projector) against a NPC wearing armour with a Thermal Shielding System mod. Looking at the rules, it doesn't look like the amour mod would help against the flamethrower, defensively. In your opinion though, should it? I can always houserule it (which I probably will) but I was curious as to what other people think. Upgrade the attack difficulty by one? Add one or two black dice as well? Thanks!
  3. I did a search and flipped through my books but I could not find anything about this. Not sure if I am just overlooking it or not. Is it possible to attach a weapon to armour? For example, attaching a flamethrower to the arm or a small rocket launcher on your shoulder? I enjoyed playing my Bounty Hunter character in SW:ToR and I was curious if it is possible to recreate my character's armour and abilities.
  4. If FFG really wanted to get everyone throwing money at them, I'm sure producing a Dust Warfare-style rulebook for Star War would be a no brainer.
  5. It would be cool, thematically-wise, for them to release an outlaw/fringe faction but I doubt they would do that. Would the third faction really bring much to the game that you can't already pretty much get with either the rebel or imperial faction?
  6. I use to do that a lot too! Problem was that I kept doing that when I started playing Tie Fighter. Had to quickly unlearn some things...
  7. Redeemer31

    I need to vent

    SDCC, since you're playing casually, does it matter if you have all of the upgrade cards or not? I see people recommending Stealth Devices but seeing as you don't have Slave 1, I don't think you have the cards.
  8. Back on topic, I personally wouldn't mind seeing Maarek Stele or Keyan Farlander pop up again (well, not so much as 'again' for Farlander as he hasn't been officially released yet but you know what I mean). I always considered those characters to be 'me' due to the X-Wing/Tie Fighter PC games and you got to pilot pretty much every fighter in the game. Also, I personally wouldn't mind seeing re-release of existing ships with new paint jobs and cards but that's because I don't have a lot right now.
  9. It should be interesting to note that Wizkids is coming out with a Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing game that incorporates both air and land units. If that works, I don't see why a Star Wars one wouldn't work just as well.
  10. I personally like a good narrative for fun and I think that is why I dislike named characters in any game I play; I feel as if I am restricted when I play with them because we already know what should/shouldn't happen with them. "Luke can't die here! He has to blow up the Death Star!" *desynchronizing...* Fortunately with generic characters, you can make up whatever backstory you want with them!
  11. So if you pulled a 0 maneuver and then the Lambda Shuttle gets hit by an ion turret, it will move forward next turn, correct? The image of the shuttle coming to a complete stop then suddenly get pushed forward because of the ion turret amuses me for some reason.
  12. This is kind of out there but it would also be interesting to see a Star Control version of the game. All of the different ships are quite unique and could give you some very interesting lists.
  13. Sweet. There's a Michael's not too far from where I live. Will give it a try some day. Thanks!
  14. Sort of like another game but at a different scale? Like a 'fleet scale' X-Wing game?
  15. I know WizKids has already driven me away from the game. I was actually somewhat okay with the ugly sculpts but after doing a little bit more research and finding about con/tournament exclusive stuff, that just left an awful taste in my mouth. Oddly enough, I'm not even a big Star Trek fan but the game managed to generate some interest in me. Started watching the original series and I am finding that I enjoy it.
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