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  1. So, this looks like Risk with a little bit of added depth, namely with a R&D element. I do like how you start with only one territory and expand rather than dividing the entire map between all the players before the game begins (could lead to some interesting diplomacy elements). I'd like to know more about the economy system; whether there's more to it then Territory Y generates X Florins a turn. Don't get me wrong, it'll turn some territories into battlegrounds early in the game but it would be nice if there was a way to improve one's economy or if engaging in war can actually devalue a territory. And that's not to mention all of the cool Da Vinci inventions you can invest in (the R&D element). And with there being a one sixth or one third (depending on how many exploding symbols there are on a dice) for the invention to self-destruct, that makes for a costly, high risk/high reward system. Suffice it to say, it's piqued my curiosity but I'm going to need a lot more details before I commit.
  2. Old Dwarf said: Now it's the 1st Quarter of 2011 of course February meets that criteria but I expect we're into March . OD I think February will end up being right on the money OD (is it okay if I call you OD? ). I just pre-ordered the game off of Amazon.com for 50 bucks (special sale price) and the target release date is set for February 7th. Whether that ends up being the absolute exact date is up for debate, but it's worth noting that until this point, Amazon hasn't had the game listed at all. I'd say that it's sudden listing is good sign that things are going swell at the printer's and the game is on target for a Q1 release.
  3. Although what you're suggesting could be a potentially awesome variant for those who like the added difficulty, the Rule Book states on page 22 that the Final Battle is divided into three rounds; The first round being 'Investigators Refresh.' During his round investigators "may refresh their cards, use any character abilities, and just their skill sliders as through it were the Upkeep Phase." I'm inclined to believe that this allows investigators to reuse/refresh their abilities, including everyone's favorite investigator to hate, Mandy.
  4. DoomTurtle said: You can use it for any increase. So if it would go up by one, then the Director's Diary reduces it to 0. If the double terror mythos card comes up, you can use it to have the terror only go up by 1. Awesome, thanks DoomTurtle! I was hoping that's how it worked, definitely makes it a pretty sweet Common Item to have.
  5. Hey all, long (long) time lurker, first time poster. I just recently, well today, purchased the King in Yellow Expansion. After reading through all the new cards, one is giving me trouble in trying to figure out just how effective it is; The Director's Diary. The text reads that discarding it when the terror level is increased can reduce the amount by which it is increasing by 1. What I'm wondering is can the Director's Diary effectively negate a terror level increase or is it only effective for the Mythos card that has a double terror level increase? Thanks.
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