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  1. paladinmancraig


    yea that is a nice board
  2. paladinmancraig

    Worth getting?

    he said that of all the games that are on hold this one is more likely to be continued than most
  3. paladinmancraig

    Worth getting?

    actually i asked someone who works for FFG
  4. paladinmancraig

    Worth getting?

    if you are worried about getting this gamecuz it is being discontinued dont worry i found out they are just putting it on hiatus
  5. paladinmancraig


    sorry thats "early" not warly silly typo lol
  6. paladinmancraig


    I know its a little warly but i am hoping for a deathstar expansion like so many others do. if they do make one it should come with some fighters as well for both sides that would be epic. tell me what you think!
  7. paladinmancraig

    feelings on the art (all in fun)

    i havent played the game yet but ii have seen a lot of it and the artstyle acconding to a lot of people isnt good but i have mixed feelings about it myself they couldve used a more realistic style but the cartoonish art adds to the humor and fun and the style reminds me of the show teen titans on CN but it would have had more of a darker feel if the used different art taking into account the games story.
  8. paladinmancraig

    Worth getting?

    hey there! in regards to whether or not they are discontinuing the game… i dont know myself but they are still making expansions and that usually is a good sign and ive been to sites like atomicempire.com and it is usually sold out. just thought i would let you know
  9. paladinmancraig

    how dust plays

    i am interested in dust and i heard of a new version that plays with out a board like warhammer does is this true? and what version is it?