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  1. Using this awesome ruleset and working on a thing.
  2. Sure the normal dice roller could probably be made to work, but the character sheet and API combination is pretty awesome to play with... and a psuedo star wars skin just doesn't cut it for me. Plus in modifying the code all the new skills are set as they should be... though they can still all be turned on and off with the other Genesys skills if wanted. The dice, are absolutely just a passing fancy and not needed, and you are correct.. could cause confusion. I may include an admin switch in the sheet and roller to run DH themed dice on or off. That said I updated the actual Roll 20 Genesys roller a while back with better looking dice and some corrections, but at this point the pull request has not been accepted.
  3. I've made some progress on the roll20.net character sheet. If you use roll20 you can find the files (HTML, CSS, Translation, API Script) you need here: https://github.com/Warklaw/DHGenesysRPG Let me know if you find any issues. Progress: - All DH specific skills uploaded (Medicae, Tech Use, Psychic Powers, Lores) - CSS updated with Dark Heresy themed images (borrowed some looks from Tom's PDF). Next up: (though currently notes could be used for any of these) - Add Subtlety and Influence to Group page - Update Critical tab to include other DH traumas and add Malignancy and Mutation roller and Mental Trauma trackers. Character Details +++++++++ Vehicle Sheet +++++++++++++
  4. I may take a stab at getting a roll20.net character sheet and dice roller set up for this version of the game, as personally most of my games these days are done using that tool. Of course I will be heavily borrowing from the Genesys one, which heavily borrows from the Star Wars one. I am a team of one though so it may take some time. I also intend to create a dice set symbol set around more dark heresy themes... unfortunately it looks like we may lose FFG RPG support in the near future.
  5. My current group named there’s The Lusty Jawa. It even has nose art (though it’s also the name of an XWing Miniatures resistance bomber)
  6. Basic Question... do weapons listed on the base model of the ship already consume some of the hard point quantity? Example... the YT-1300 as in the EotE Core Rulebook lists it has 6 hardpoints... do the two Medium Laser Cannons take up two of those slots already?
  7. I also modified this image, it was quick work but nice for an event/BG hero image.
  8. Warning this may contain spoilers for the EotE Adventure - Beyond the Rim. So unless I am missing something I have yet to find a map for the Blockade Bandit even though they call out specific sections on pages 81-81 of Beyond the Rim. So I borrowed some existing CR-90 Deck images, thank you original artists, and expanded on them. I know its an older adventure so I am not sure how useful it will be, but it was a fun little project, and would be interested in your thoughts.
  9. Anyone working importing the Dark Heresy ruleset, as created by Tom Cruise?
  10. Anyone working yet to mount this ruleset into the character generator by SkyJedi?
  11. While I get it may not mechanically matter having a species listed it is certainly still important from a role playing perspective and it would be awesome to see it in the stat block. While I can of course append it in a number of ways to the name or such it just seems odd as every adversary is of some species type.
  12. I am curious if there is a reason as to why species is not a part of a adversary record?
  13. Thanks everyone for the great input, and the advise on the new player list (which makes a lot of sense), I was definitely planning on some basic tie fighter vs Xwing lists to start from, but wanted to give them a chance to try/see some robust squad builds. I have found in the past the new player can quickly dismiss the game based on just the few first games and wanted to counter that with some depth and variance.
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