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  1. Anyone working importing the Dark Heresy ruleset, as created by Tom Cruise?
  2. Anyone working yet to mount this ruleset into the character generator by SkyJedi?
  3. While I get it may not mechanically matter having a species listed it is certainly still important from a role playing perspective and it would be awesome to see it in the stat block. While I can of course append it in a number of ways to the name or such it just seems odd as every adversary is of some species type.
  4. I am curious if there is a reason as to why species is not a part of a adversary record?
  5. Thanks everyone for the great input, and the advise on the new player list (which makes a lot of sense), I was definitely planning on some basic tie fighter vs Xwing lists to start from, but wanted to give them a chance to try/see some robust squad builds. I have found in the past the new player can quickly dismiss the game based on just the few first games and wanted to counter that with some depth and variance.
  6. Hello All I need some help and thought I would leverage the knowledge and expertise of this awesome community to get it. I will be attending Gen Con with six friends from all over the country and we simply do not get to play enough games together. I am also an X-Wing enthusiast that just does not get to play enough, even though I have been collecting hordes of ships. So to that end, and since we don't want to spend/waste hordes of time building lists rather than playing the game I thought I would bring a few well built squads lists, the needed ships, and brief on the strengths, weaknesses, and how to play them so my friends and I can jump right in and play. So that that end... what are some solid fun squad lists? I am looking for about six lists with a good mix of factions 2 Rebel, 2 Imperial, 2 Scum and I would favor lists that have shown to be competitive in the tournament scene (competitive meaning holding up pretty well, top 3 type). Any help you would be willing to offer or direction to information sources that might get it would be great. Squad List Strengths/Weakness Key Strategy to play
  7. If I knew Black Crusade I am sure I could modify the code... as you said if you use the DH2 one for the base you should be able to adjust it easily.
  8. Sure, here are the links to the roll20 API scripts and the roll20 Character sheet. roll40k, skill40k, Modified Dark Heresy Second Edition character sheet, Character Sheet CSS
  9. I give you Hive Nahpkyn http://warklawsdomain.com/Images/Warhammer/Hive_on_Napkin_Sm.jpg Two great houses were responsible for the colonization of [Planetary Identifier: X-Alpha-4e61706b696e] and though at first their efforts were collaborative over the decades and centuries to follow their ambitions pitted them against one another. A war began between them, subtle at first, as each sought to out do the other in the greatness of their endeavors. No where was this more evident than in the planning and design of the planetary capital Nahphkion. Each house built ever greater structures, industries, and monuments that reached ever farther into the skys. Though the houses have long since perished the history of their struggles are forever captured by the twin spires of the Hive. Locations: The Conflict: Lower area of the hive in the valley between the two spires. The Parlway: Great span that extends from the upper tier of one hive mound the other. This span is as much a museum as it is a traffic cluttered habway as great monuments dating back to the founding of the city line the span and in some cases tower over it. May it generate and move your own creativity. If you would like to expand upon the creative seed that I intended this to be post an idea or two below and lets see how it grows.
  10. Thanks for sharing and nice use of roll20. Significant work adding in the rule handouts, I have a few key tables loaded as handouts for the same reason, but you take it a degree farther. Keep up the great work! I am running an online game with some remote friends and we have just kicked off Dark Pursuits, though this time around I am leveraging Realm Works for the majority of the game information and roll20 for the tabletop. PS: Was geekily excited to see the Character Sheet that I helped write in use.
  11. ::: Sigh ::: I'm on it. It doesn't help that I have been on a Dresden File's reading kick lately.
  12. The solo Assasin story line that Lynata suggested is interesting as well.
  13. Dammit ThenDoctor... now I have to go and write a plotline for this.
  14. I will add to the roll20 ring... it does have a group finding, and currently has a Modified DH2 Character sheet that includes all buttons needed to roll and play... just need to add role-playing.
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