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  1. Fluff-wise there is such a thing as an indestructible bionic... Granted very rare, as in unique... Warsmith Honsou has one for a right arm for example.
  2. Well.. Common sense and precedence state both. But +1 Range is inherently way better than +5 BS, in most cases.
  3. By the same logic inanimate objects should not get hurt at all since, like you said, they have no souls. The warp generally has trouble affecting something with some sort of soullessness, Nulls for example. Although over time even Nulls and inanimate stuff start to warp under the Warps influence. And if the power affects physical matter just looking away will not really do much... Flesh is physical matter as much as metal and wood is.
  4. The greatest ruling that I ever had to make for my players is that Held in my Gaze neither Holds people, nor is it a Gaze attack as defined by Lidless Stare. Anyway you're correct, there's nothing stopping a Bloodthirster from being just as Bloodthirstery at tearing people apart, however if it is held in place (perhaps by a helpful TK Astropath) or just cannot deal damage then Warp Instability is almost certainly going to insta-kill it. Also a bolt shell is super ineffective against your average TK-Astropath, unless its psychic defenses suddenly stopped working of course... Well, nowhere does it say it functions like Lidless Stare, unlike say Scourge of the Red Tide which should not function like Lidless Stare on account of it affects things which does not have eyes. But Held in my Gaze is then practically useless against daemons. Since most daemons are threatening enough in the "rip you limb from limb" department as they are in psychic might if not more so. And good luck in holding a WP 70+ with Wounds in the near 200s and a massive strength/toughness with any TK Astropath for so long they actually get banished by Warp Instability, even boosted by Held in my Gaze. Especially with Daemonic Presence still being a factor as it is a passive ability that is always on and therefor not at all affected by Held in my Gaze. It still has some limited function against psykers... but nothing other powers cant do just as well, for example Lidless Stare... or a Heavy Bolter, or two... or a Null Rod... or a Pariah...
  5. What I am more interested in currently is how people interpret "Held in my Gaze". At one point it says "locks a creature in place", suggesting immobile... And yet a way such a creature can escape the gaze is moving out of range or LoS... And yet it also states that the "lock" only affects psychic powers and daemonic presence. The second trait is a passive that is always on anyway, so no idea what the hell they mean by that... And also the very effectiveness of the power comes into question when most daemons are known for their "rip you limb from limb" mentality over having a scary mental arsenal. And of those that have a scary mental arsenal, few are incompetent in the physical violence department anyway. That is unless this power actually locks a deamon in place, making it unable to act at all. Against roughly "human" psykers its still awesome since it cripples them... but then again so does a bolt shell.
  6. Like someone said, Navigators have longer natural lifespans than humans... Perhaps even functionally eternal, though I doubt that. Lifespans can still be extended via juvenat treatments if thats not the case. The eventual fate of all Navigators is still the same, barring turning to Chaos and daemonhood, and that would be either death or the worst possible version of spawndom imaginable - a self-aware chaos spawn.
  7. It really isn't.The average imperial citizen has Fel 30. Fel 23 is not exceptionally bad, any more than Fel 37 is exceptionally good. Also worth keeping in mind is that a rules-wise, a character with Fel 23 and training in the relevant social skill is as likely to succeed as someone with Fel 46 and no training. And most people aren't trained. Yes... The Imperial average is generally between 25-30, as per Dark Heresy descriptions of various levels of characteristics. Scores above 35 is actually exceptional in the Imperium. And you have to remember that that 25-30 is for an average factorum worker or some hive scum. To put it in perspective, the average Ork Boy has 21 Fel... So 23 Fel is really really bad, especially in RT where the standard bonus to each Characteristic is +25, which signifies the exceptional characters one plays in RT. 23 Fel is bad, just as having say 23 Int would describe a character who is exceptionally dumb even by Imperium standards. But playing a char like that can also be rewarding. Roleplay trumps rollplay... Unless people feel like cheesing away their weaknesses that is.
  8. BC also holds Double Headed Chain Great Axes, Chain Hammers... Chain Halberd is 1d10+3, Pen 2 or 3, Tearing... Think that is about as close as one gets, or that Hammer of the Emperor stuff...
  9. Bolt Pistol with Vengeance Bolts, or possibly Organgrinder... Vengeance Bolt Shells +3 dmg and Pen makes that puppy hit harder than a Plasma Pistol, and is way cooler. Best quality plasma stuff dont Overheat so, also a good choice. I do like Ripper Pistols I also love the very solid Hecuter Autopistol from Dark Heresy.
  10. The Norsemen actually found North America some 400 years before the rest of Europe... On my groups vessel a trip from Footfall to Damaris would on average produce around 6 Encounters, 18 days of Warp Travel... Average rolls being max amount of DoS, Navigator is just that good and that is at rank 3.
  11. One itty bitty problem here... Severanus would have no idea what a Daemon Weapon is, if things are as they have been told that is. If he knew nothing of the Heresy and his beloved Primarch and Legion going all Traitor he would still be in the glorious Imperial Truth days. Ergo, the God-Emperor is no god cause the Emperor said so and he yelled long and hard on the dudes who invented the Lectatio Divinatus(ie the Imperial Creed, religion bit), those dudes were Lorgar and his Word Bearers(you know, the most fanatical of chaos worshipping traitor astartes), for even coming up with such a stupid idea. Daemons and Gods do not exist, such things are just pure superstition which should be stamped out with Bolter and Chainsword and replaced with the Imperial Truth. Imperial Truth = Mankind is superior Science and reason ftw Religion is bad Xenos are bad - Short version, but still partially the opposite of how the Imperium turned out... Just as planned, by Tzeentch. //And once more I did not note the start date of the thread...
  12. Fel 23 is really really bad. Its a human with the manners of an ork, in this case. And sadly not a character that any sane Rogue Trader or some such would bring to a gathering of nobles or to any other place which requires "civilized" behavior. But there are social situations which are not based on social niceties after all, Intimidate is a good skill for such occasions. And like others mentioned, Peer and Good Rep talents can provide a certain boost with certain groups where your character is more at home.
  13. Not read whole thread yet... Not that its overly long, but the bed beckons... I've not yet seen a reason to not go for the 22 PF, 70+SP at start... We made 7 PF of the core book adventure without really trying very hard. 5 or so Endeavors along and the group is probably at 70+ PF easy. If a group is really going all out munchkin they can all start as Child of Dynasty and get +3 SP per character... This would even let em start with a Grand Cruiser and soon stomp everything flat and get rich very quick. Although I do believe that any sane GM would try to curb stomp this idea in their players before it gets a good hold.
  14. I find that PF should have a point of diminishing returns. When you are at RAW 90 PF adding another world to your empire will hardly raise your wealth by an awesome amount. Where said point of diminishing returns should be, and how it would work is another matter though. Havent given it much thought, mostly since my group just started RT again recently after not playing it for quite a while.
  15. Well, in the evaluation talent and willpower goes kinda hand in hand. If one imagines that those weak of will have either succumbed to their psychic potential and gone mad, dead or some other more horrible fate before they even get to Holy Terra... Cant really cite the fluff where my impression of various psychic strengths come from, 17 years of being a 40k fan means alot of fluff getting absorbed , but if one considers the situation of most astropaths... Being locked in a casket and fed nutrients through tubes and often coming to a messy end due to strain or images to horrible to be seen, being combined into choirs to reach their potential, one can conclude that most astropaths are not very strong. The transcendants being a very special case, as they are allowed to walk around and do stuff, speaks more of their freak strength and talent among their kind. Well, I might be wrong... But it does make sense, at least to me And as for one topic... Tau in the Expanse. Why not, if one can explain how they got to the other side of the galaxy. Plenty of great ideas here, no need for me to repeat em
  16. Any race with a warp presence basically uses their own version of Astrotelepathy. Only the Imperium, as far as I know, radically specialize most of their psykers or rather cripple them. But even then Librarians of the Space Marine chapters can send and receive Astrotelepathic messages, just not quite as well as proper Astrotelepaths. But then again, most astropaths are nothing more than glorfied long distance cell-phones with dubious connectivity stuck in a casket for most of their short and horrid lives. The Transcendant career in RT is an example of a very powerful psyker that probably would have become a Sanctioned Psyker instead had the proper range of their talents become more apparent before being divided into what psyker goes where. Weakest = Food for Empy Moderate = Astropaths Strong = Sanctioning or "specialist training"... specialist meaning groomed for Inquisition. Very Strong = Sanctioning or sacred bolter shell through the forehead
  17. The simplest way was to increase the dmg of all macro-stuff by 12 in Mathhammer right? Torpedoes as well? And do away with stacking dmg for the same batteries/broadsides...? Simple = better
  18. Thought that Void Kraken were real space critters, ergo not at home in the warp...?
  19. Remember that in the official time RT and DW is set in the Imperium doesnt even know what a Necron is and have probably not encountered a major force of Necrons at all. Look at the adventure "The Emperor Protects"... In it the Necron stuff the players encounter is not openly stated as Necron stuff, indeed there is little in the way to figure out what xeno race built all those thingies, other than players recognizing it - which still does not mean that their chars know what the hell it is. And the PCs in DW are Deathwatch marines, ergo xeno specialists. As of 817 M41 the Necrons are mostly still napping in their tomb worlds... But then again, as GM your power trumps canon //The Necrons were not officially involved in the Gothic War... Although the mysterious destruction of several of the Blackstones could be their doing.
  20. Had a few thoughts with regards to avoiding the gaze of a Navigator... It would make sense that anyone who actively attempts to avoid the gaze of a Navigator suffers a few penalties when it comes to attacking said Navigator. Sooo... Here's my thoughts. If an NPC or PC declares that he/she/it avoids the gaze of a Navigator they are fighting, to get that +30 bonus, they should get a -30 penalty to all WS and BS tests against that Navigator, and to any Evasion tests as well - since they are actively trying to avoid a part of the battle field. Also, reflexively avoiding the gaze without forewarning should most likely expend a Reaction. The penalties can be voided by the Blind Fighting talent and/or possibly Unnatural Senses at GM discretion. Also being Blind makes you immune to Navigator Powers that rely on looking into the Warp Eye, unless you got some funky warp sight power like Astropaths.
  21. Something bothers me with this Power... It explicitly states that a scouring tide of warp energy jets out from the eye of the navigator, powerful enough to sear flesh from bone and even warp bulkheads and other inanimate objects. Yet one can look away and suffer no ill effect... No sense made... At Novice level, maybe it could make sense that one could look away and not take damage... But at Adept or Master - hell no. Why? For one, chairs, bulkheads, dressers and doors do not have eyes and should never ever take damage from this power, yet they do. House Rule time, my proposed change to make it make sense... Instead of Opposed Willpower being rolled, the Navigator rolls Willpower as normal opposed by Agility(as Wind of Chaos in BC). The power has a range of Perception Bonus x5 and hits in a cone just like a flamer. and to make a little more sense when it comes to cost... Adept: Navigator takes one wound and if they fail by one or more degrees they take 1d5 Fatigue as well. Puts it in line with Master level... Anyone have thoughts with regards to this power? Perhaps better than mine...
  22. There is absolutely nothing that says you cant have Squats in your games... Since there is no "official" date set for the start of BC as far as i've gleaned unlike DW and RT for example(both set around 817M41), and the 'Nids probably didnt nom the space dwarves until say between 730-810M41. And then you have the effects of the Warp as well, unintentional time travel is just another risk of space travel in 40k. Or a badass daemon does some magicky thingy which sends your chars back in time, or you find some archeotech stuff which does the same. Or you gank ol' Empy and he is instantly reborn into his old kickass space nazi self, and after thanking you for finally freeing him from that **** Golden Throne he then proceeds to lay the beatdown of the ages on your sorry behinds.
  23. Rites of Battle methinks that is... It has the custom chapter creation in it, which includes gene-seed troubles...
  24. Been toying with the idea of making a character with this trait somehow... Like Tamurkhan the champ of Nurgle, see Forge World... I would probably have it like when the parasite first attacks its victim you have a chance of removing it via attacks, for say a turn or two as its written, then it burrows inside and takes control. And then you cant attack the parasite directly, once its attached itself. Although this is clearly one of those traits one has to be creative with and work together with the GM and the owning player quite a bit to work something interesting and cool.
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