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  1. That's one of the few things that has always bothered me about the OT: non-Jedi characters armed with melee weapons (Imp. Guards, Gamorreans, Weequays). Given the choice between a sharp stick and a good blaster, why on earth would anyone select the former? Today elite soldiers used to be pretty competent both in unarmed combat and with knives and other edged weapons. Live by the Solo... Then he died by one... so nevermind.
  2. Blasphemy you speak... I already had to come to terms with FN2187 resisting all of the training Troopers go through, brainwashing, etc. Royal Guard traitor????
  3. Have we ever seen Vader in a hood? My thoughts exactly which is why I went with agent of Vader. And honestly... I am more interested in the Imperial officer in the white uni lol. By the rank, he's an Admiral... Thrawn possibly? My first thought was Tarkin, but the hair is way off... and if they went to that much trouble finding a Mon Mothma look-alike, I don't see why they wouldn't get a Tarkin one as well.
  4. So the kneeling figure in the black cloak, are we to assume its Vader? My buds and I are debating, I went with "an agent of Vader" possibly... but it could be him so who knows.
  5. Absolutely, at range 3 against anything else its a decent advantage.
  6. You're a 40k fan I'm assuming by your pic... so just apply the same fiscal reasoning you would when buying GW stuff... lots and lots of money; upside its not nearly the same amount of money for X-Wing stuff however
  7. Word of advice: don't play Y-wings you will never look at them the same if you accidentally pull of a front to back block... Lol word.
  8. Oh that you're not going to see Everyone remember that feedback array is range 1. A human centipede of Z-95s is going to be the most trivial thing to avoid and pick apart if it decides to do nothing but caterpillar towards you. So remember that feedback hurts them just as much, so while a poor lil Blue-Squadron B-wing might get zapped to death it'll also be going 8 total damage if it takes nothing but feedbacks. There are tons of ships that are more effective to simply shoot than feedback (general rule: 2 agility or less unless it's down to 1 hull and you have a deep paranoia of dice...) You also really don't want to be feedbacking every turn if you can help it. I mean, most recently I was doing that all the time because I was up against Whisper, Soontir, Saber (i.e the most ideal targets possible) but by the 3rd round we both realized that I had actually done more damage to myself than my opponent had (combination feedback and asteroids, we need a scum Fly Casual which would be Fly like you don't give a ****) Thankfully, none of them shot at Xizor And that was my issue lol... Z-95s swarming, blocking, etc. I'm all for... the butt humping daisy chain of feedback love; I'll pass haha.
  9. In a tourney setting obviously I'd have no choice but to play... but if you're "that guy" in the LGS, I would simply say the "juice ain't worth the squeeze man" and find someone else to play against lol. lol, you're not going to play with another player because they use a valid, legal and common maneuvering tactic that's been around since X-wing day 1? lol. And good luck using Shuttle effectively without it. 1 Shuttle I can see, heck 2 even... 7 Z-95s daisy chaining across the table butt humping each other... not so much and I know I'm not the only one who thinks this lol.
  10. In a tourney setting obviously I'd have no choice but to play... but if you're "that guy" in the LGS, I would simply say the "juice ain't worth the squeeze man" and find someone else to play against lol.
  11. Having been to Warhammer World in Nottingham and seeing the corporate offices, etc. I have to say I don't openly root against GW because most of the people I talked to were awesome. Fanatical, would probably be the best word to descibe some employees lol. While I was there, I voiced a lot of the major concerns Warhammer players have for GW... the overwhelming response; "that's the cost of doing business in this kind of model"... Hopefully PP or FFG does overtake GW... then, maybe then it will force some serious "re-branding."
  12. I bought one mainly for the AT as I am a giant ***** for Interceptors lol... but I will definitely be picking another 1 or 2 up.
  13. Because they're all obvious tautologies. Every single one of them can be followed up with "Well, duh." Obvious to whom??? Military leaders even today forget the teachings on Sun Tzu...
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