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  1. I've found no indications or further posts from the main team, but there is at least one thread I've seen on further modifications, stat blocks, and suggestions for running Singularity based on actual play experience. It has some pretty good commentary, but nothing like a full next version or sub-hack. https://www.reddit.com/r/genesysrpg/comments/at8fof/running_a_mass_effect_game_using_singularity/
  2. Jareddw, thank you for the input. I've been working with Atrusino on the conversion (currently on hold due to real life) and in converting and revising the skills I used your suggestion as one of the potential conversions of the LUG engineering skills--actually my favorite. There were multiple competing factors that made the engineering skills difficult. The number had to be reduced to better fit with Genesys' usage of broader skills and to avoid a skill tax on engineer characters. On the other hand to fit the setting there were many different actions and activities that fell under engineering as an general field so you had to avoid making Mechanics too powerful and/or broad in scope and since skill-based encounters were a greater focus the number of skills with their associated cost had to be balanced with that in mind. Lumped into this was a skill called System Operations, which covered using and manipulating various systems on a starship. The solution I like most so far (although am not attached to) is to split engineering into two skills: Mechanics to cover repairs and smaller scale alterations (an EPS conduit, a sensor pallet, personal equipment) and Engineering to cover manipulating and creatively using whole systems and new designs (rerouting the EPS grid to distribute an overload, altering the sensors to detect a new phenomenon, designing a starship clasd upgrade). Any and all feedback would be appreciated as this area is still under development and, honestly, Icm still unsure about this solution.
  3. A little, although likely more soon as a friend of mine is about to start a campaign on there. Just have to re-enable some notifications.
  4. No problem--I'm just glad to hear anything on this. The desired focus on that sweet, sweet Spacedock definitely increases my interest, too. I'd argue for the Genesys-style talent pyramid as it offers greater flexibility in mechanical reflection of narrative character development and diversification. With a Career/Specialization you technically can get to ideal talents quicker, but only so long as they fit within the Specialization's take on the concept. Changing or expanding focus by getting an additional Specialization has an effective surcharge to get access to the new talents and you possibly have to purchase an additional set of undesired lower-level talents to get to the ones you want. Having more freedom in talent selection makes it easier to represent having a dedicated side interest (e.g. Picard's deep interest in archaeology) or a change in focus either in the past (Sisko having started as an engineer and gone back to that in the wake of Jennifer's death or Garak going from Obsidian Order spy to skilled tailor and merchant exile) or during the course of the campaign(s) (Worf going from conn operator to security chief to the more command-focused strategic operations officer). Also, on a practical level, I'd argue the less structured talent pyramid better reflects how the ICON System did point buy: you start with templates but can go wherever you want from there. On a tangentially related sidenote, no matter which way you decide regarding Specialization trees there are talents from the three Star Wars core books not reprinted in Genesys that I think may be worth bringing over.
  5. I've collected a bunch of them for both Genesys and the antecedent EotE/AoR/FnD variants (most of which were basically species only with the Force as special powers) and I agree Singularity is the best by far. If you wish I can dig up links to the various others I've found, but I'd recommend sticking with Singularity or using that as the starting off point for your own Mass Effect Hack.
  6. I've been GMing in the FFG system for several years and have played a few times, too. I also have access to and a deep love of the LUG Star Trek RPG so I definitely would be interested in assisting, but I do not know if I qualify as sufficiently "more experienced." Still, I will offer whatever help I can. There is only mild self-interest in this as I've also been kicking around a Star Trek hack for Genesys ever since I was part of the Modiphius Star Trek beta test. My more experienced players kept giving a response of "So in Edge..." and, in all honesty, I at least partially agreed with them in the great majority of cases. I'm still stealing the social conflict rules, though.
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