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  1. Thank you, I play with 2nd edition rules but I got how to handle Bobo, thank you!
  2. Bobo is the big bad, it's on disguise and it should be the last ugly surprise of the scenario. But then comes the wizard player, with a big spoiler potential called "witchsight" (or magical sight). Am I missing anything specifically written for this spoiler? How did you handle wizard players and Bobo? Thanks!
  3. This particular forum? Nothing! The loss of tons of good stuff from BL forum? How hell yes: that was a blow! It would be a pity to lose anything in here too. And with GW whims it happens every time. The only wfrp forum that survives the extinction events are those created by the fans. Regarding FFG: there was a licensed rpg called Anima, time ago. Can you find the dedicated forum? I can't, I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong places.
  4. We'll see the answer. Personally, if I were FFG I wouldn't keep an entire forum session for a products I'm not licensed. I can't see much hope for this forum. As I said: it was a mistake sticking in this forum after the experience with BL forums. It was a matter of "when", not "if" this forum would someday close. Unfortunately the 3rd edition rage on StS probably was responsible of the desertion.
  5. ... Considering the loss of the license it seems this post deserves an Up! If only the admins would be so gentle to provide us with a backup of these subforums...
  6. Oh you are already doing it enough don't worry...
  7. "Did you find WFRP lore somehow lacking of the possibilities to play elves and dwarves in their classic careers? Or a human-centric background is part of the WFRP tone in your opinion? If so, was it a precise design choice or there were never time to add other races books?". Note: yes I know that 3rd edition has opened to the dwarven careers. "How do you see the evolution of WFRP in all those years? Could you expose yourself saying pros and cons? Things you like most and things you like less. One thing I like for example is that it evolved in a more detailed way: wizards are no more the copycat of D&D wizards; another one is that the fluff of the enemies has evolved in a more defined way, now you don't find dungeons with greenskins, vampires, undead and chaos warriors like if it were Hero Quest; On the other hand I don't like the weight that the miniature game had in the later editions. It seems that many -in particular non humans- careers have been shoe-horned in the typical WFRP atmosphere and are now mandatory in order to make the game appetible to the fans. This opinion leads me back to the 1st question, since those careers are usually non-humans and are typical of semi-heroic miniatures, and are a step away from careers like rat-catcher, protagonist, bailiff, etc.that are common professions of normal, non-heroic people ...". This is not a question but I'd like to express it: the new Enemy WIthin is the best thing I've read about WFRP in years (and I've read quite everything so far). The tone, the atmosphere, the plot and the great evil schemes: it's mature and never banal, I consider it the apex of the WFRP history in a evolutionary term, and, sadly, it has truly been: the final bang! Thanks for everything you've done for the Old World! I second the question about The End Times. Thanks!
  8. Thank you for your mini review! Do you think it would be feasible to play with 2nd edition rules? Would I need 3rd career tier PCs?
  9. Gosh...broken link. Do you remember anything about Tomb of Thieves?
  10. Sorry for the necromancy but those links are not longer working. Does anyone have Fragment of Twilight parts to share please? Thank you!
  11. In alternative, I like also: Rune of Grudges: On the first round of combat, the wielder of a weapon bearing this rune can nominate one enemy as a free action. For the remainder of this battle, the wielder can re-roll all missed attacks made against his chosen foe.
  12. Hi! In the adventure I read the following stats: Damage Rating: 5 Critical Rating: 3 Group: Ordinary Encumbrance: 4 Korden’s Hammer is of superior craftsmanship; its wielder adds Δ to the dice pool of all attacks made while wielding it. Against Daemons, Korden’s Hammer inflicts +2 damage for each fortune point spent to enhance the attack’s dice pool. How cool are this stats in the 3rd ed. ruleset? I play 2nd edition and tomorrow I would like to throw my group in Eye for an Eye. I thought something similar for the 2nd edition: Gromril made: +5 WS and +1 damage Master Rune of Skalf Blackhammer: Any weapon bearing this rune counts as having the Impact Quality and gains a +3 bonus on damage rolls. Curse of the ancestors: if used without the intention to bring it back to its Karak the user loses 1 Fortune Point every X days if he fails WP test with cumulative malus. (this will help me to throw them in Harrowers of Thane in the future). What di you think? If any player knows both 3rd and 2nd ed rulesets I will be glad if he would like to suggest a rune (the ones from Realms of Sorcery) THANK YOU!!
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