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    Babyblue reacted to Hijodecain in Elves! Moar elves!   
    Till now I've only seen as evidence one interview 6 to 8 months ago where a dev says there will be no need to collect other factions than yours to get copy of all generic cards, point to this argument. On the previews we have seen till now some generic cards that are going to be included in core game and in some expacs, also this looks like a point to the previous argument.
    We have not seen (I'm not sure 100%) any card shared between 2 expacs from different factions in the previews, so point to the oposite argument. Historical background from FFG points also to this argument (Armada and X-Wing).
    Anyway only core has been released, so let's wait to see what happen when the first expansions will be released.
    Am I confortable at this point about this topic? no, I'm not. Till now I've seen no irrefutably evidence (any word written on FFG page or forums by a FFG dev) of this as the way to go in this game. So I'm going to be careful and not been emphatic about one argument or the other.
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    Babyblue reacted to vilainn6 in Future of the Game   
    The fact that you become agressive is a sign you agree with me despite dont wanting too. That's cool that you hate Destiny. I dont like that game either but Hawkman 2000 question is a pertinent one. 
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    Babyblue got a reaction from maxam in Street Date April 13th   
    And it's listed as in stock today in one store and ready to order in another. I'm in Norway. 
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    Babyblue got a reaction from maxam in Street Date April 13th   
    And it's listed as in stock today in one store and ready to order in another. I'm in Norway. 
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    Babyblue got a reaction from maxam in Street Date April 13th   
    Just wanted to confirme that my local store listed it as 13th april today. 
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    Babyblue got a reaction from maxam in Street Date April 13th   
    Just wanted to confirme that my local store listed it as 13th april today. 
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    Babyblue reacted to pstalker in FFG Distribution Information   
    For those of you that had Audio issues / don't feel like listening to it, here are the highlights:
    -Awakenings was in production since June, with heavy production issues. Awakenings would've shipped around October or so to reach stores in Dec 1 (assume production continued up to Nov or so before shifting to SoR).
    -Awakenings original print run was the largest print run of a game in FFG history
    -Pre-orders were abysmal. It sounds like one store (guessing Team Covenant) pre-ordered more boxes than all but one of the DISTRIBUTORS did. FFG thought the game was DOA.
    -SoR went into production in Nov/Dec.
    -After game took off, production team was working with China factories 24/7 to increase production lines and multiply the amount of production they could do
    -Reprint of Awakenings is NOT a small reprint. It's a "huge leap of faith" and a gigantic print. Will it satisfy demand? They don't know, due to the game being a "runaway train"
    -SoR print run was also increased big time due to the demand for Awakenings
    -You will be able to play with just SoR cards
    -SoR releases in waves, just one print run (assuming they are still printing more SoR for later waves of SoR)
    -Set 3 will be available in early fall
    -Holiday = Base set. Always will be in print in both starters and expansions to get people into the game
    -Preview event for set 2 didn't go how they wanted, they planned not to do it due to logistics. When product was being loaded on ships, they realized they had a brief window to air ship a tiny amount of product for preview events. They decided some product will be better than none. They weren't able to do the preview event to their standards and FFG apologies for it and says it's the last time something like that will happen.
    -Starters in store on March 30th - they were headed for mid April, but they managed. New reprint of starters already happening and starters will be printed until Base Set (Set 4) comes out
    -SoR was going to be smaller at first, but they have ramped it up and is significantly bigger than Awakenings
    -1-time reprint of Awakenings is because demand caught everyone off guard. Numbers in November was a pathetic
    -SoR Preview Kits are being re-printed and will be allocated so stores can host "launch" events with the promo cards and their Wave 1 allotments of SoR
    -FFG says Set 2 is very balanced and it's a good entry point
    -Only 160 / 162 cards in SoR
    -SoR shipping in 2 /3 waves
    -Future starters may be tournament legal (30 decks) and they may evaluate not incentivizing players to buy 2 of each (hello Force Throw / Mind Probe)
    -SoR print run "dramatically" bigger than Awakenings (which itself was the largest print run that FFG has ever done)
    -FFG does have rights to Episode VIII and plans to exploit those rights
    -Customer service on messed up dice / cards / mis collation will be changing. Announcement coming soon, tons of product being sent over for that purpose
    -More quarterly kits coming --- store championships, nationals and regionals coming soon too
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    Babyblue reacted to RookiePilot in SoR Event is going to be very limited...   
    Might we tame the vulgarity and sexual innuendo?  The same points can be made in a much more civil manner.  These forums are not restricted to adults, you know.
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    Babyblue reacted to Buhallin in SoR Event is going to be very limited...   
    Asmodee presentation at GAMA, video floating around.  They basically acknowledged a massive screwup with the prerelease event.  So the white knights can just sit down for a change.
    They also said that the initial run was determined well before the preorders, which knocks down that little excuse, and that the print run was very, very large - to the point that they were freaking out a bit over the low preorders.  So it looks like everyone got that one a little wrong, if in different ways.
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    Babyblue reacted to TylerTT in Team Covenant weighs in on if the game is dead.   
    The only thing to fear is fear it's self. I'm selling mine off but that's for personal reasons. 
    No doubt FFG is losing sales by not having product available. So it's not dead or dying it's just got a cold.
    I think the current meta is balls awful for players without product at MSRP. A game that was too expensive to build basic decks with at MSRP is bonkers at anything higher. 
    Its a wonderful game and I hope to see it flourish in the future.
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    Babyblue reacted to Hawkman2000 in Team Covenant weighs in on if the game is dead.   
    Admittedly, I didn't watch the video. Because I think a group that's as involved with FFG would never say anything against any of their products. TC made a nice bit of profit off their SS . Why would they bite the hand that feeds them? 
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    Babyblue reacted to Buhallin in SoR Event is going to be very limited...   
    I'm sure everyone will be completely convinced that the former "Launch Parties" that provided alt art cards and 3 boxes of unreleased boosters is completely different from the "Prerelease Event" that provides alt art cards and 3 boxes of unreleased boosters.
    Totally different things.
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    Babyblue reacted to soviet prince in Prediction Based on Current Buisiness Model   
    seriously ppl need to stop, this is a serious complaint that 100 percent legit
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    Babyblue reacted to DailyRich in Prediction Based on Current Buisiness Model   
    Which is what made Magic such a huge hit early on.  It was a relatively cheap add-on to whatever else you were buying at the store that day.  It got people hooked.  It didn't assume right out of the gate that people were just going to be snapping up booster boxes left and right.  Hell, they still don't assume that.
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    Babyblue reacted to DailyRich in Prediction Based on Current Buisiness Model   
    Then explain to me why stores that DID pre-order weren't even receiving the full amount they ordered.  If so many stores weren't pre-ordering, shouldn't there have been sufficient stock for those that did?  Wouldn't my local store have received more than one copy of each starter? 
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    Babyblue reacted to Hida77 in Prediction Based on Current Buisiness Model   
    I think the fact that they came out and did a second run of Awakenings "but this is the last time guys!" kinda says it all don't you?
    They are essentially saying "yea, there isn't enough out there, but this is our last mulligan; from now on, it is what it is".  The general concern is that if they continue to have shortages release after release what that means for the player base.  I, personally, seriously doubt that they will get it under control by SoR, which leaves me to hope that they get a handle on it on the xpack after that.  But I do think if we go 1-2 releases after SoR with no/little improvement, that the player base and the game on the whole will suffer as a result.  Whether that is true or not remains to be seen.  I think a lot of the knee-jerk is that the single largest complaint about the game is the shortages.  I think we can all agree if they can get a better handle on how much to produce (even if it is only a single run) then the game will be just fine.  The article they posted, however, doesn't give me that warm fuzzy "everything will be fine" vibe.  It kinda felt like "we have gotten a ton of complaints so we are fixing it this one time, but never again!".  That is not exactly what the people who can't buy product currently were hoping for.
    Honestly, I don't know if the marketing/PR team at FFG just doesn't understand or what.  They would have done a lot better by saying "we recognize that our first run did not meet the demand and as a result we are doing another print run to try to fix that issue.  Going forward we have adjusted our processes to try to better anticipate and meet the demand with our print runs.  We do not generally plan to do multiple runs going forward, and it was our intent to only do single runs, but we recognize that the game has been vastly more popular than we anticipated and are trying to rectify that discrepancy.  We expect to be able to meet the demand going forward, but will constantly re-analyze if we were successful in our later releases." Or something like that.  The difference is you can read that as FFG recognizes an issue and are trying to fix it, but are hoping to avoid doing this in the future.  Whereas the current article reads more like "we are doing another run because of all the complaining, but this is the only time we will ever do it. Get used to it". At least to me.
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    Babyblue reacted to KrisWall in Prediction Based on Current Buisiness Model   
    I actually have a full playset.  Two of everything, plus 3-4 of the cheap generic Characters.  I also have about 30-40 extra rares and legendaries for trading later on.
    I was fortunate to get in on day one and pre-ordered two boxes before release.  I then pre-paid for another 2 boxes when the second wave of product hit. 
    In other words, I'm good.  I don't need any more product.  What I do need is people to play against.  I can get new people interested in the game by running a demo with two of my own decks, but I can't get people to buy in if they literally can't buy product.  My experience thus far is that the entire local Destiny community is the same 15-20 people spread across a half dozen stores with no variation in decks since most people only have enough cards to build one or two different lists.  It would be great to have new players or existing players with more deck options.  Both require available product.
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    Babyblue reacted to KrisWall in Prediction Based on Current Buisiness Model   
    #1 - Tons of people HATE Magic the Gathering.  It's flourishing with no problem.  Ergo, your comment is likely false.
    #2 - It's stagnant because it released, grew and then hit a wall.  It is no longer growing.  That's sort of the definition of stagnant.  The game has stalled and is showing no forward progress.  When was the last time you saw a new player walk into a store, buy a starter and some boosters and start playing?  For me, it was release day.  Those same few players snapped up every subsequent product release.
    This game clearly has production issues.  Not acknowledging that is a little bizarre. 
    Hopefully, FFG will resolve these issues.  Many of us are hopeful, but not optimistic, due to FFG's historical inability to gauge customer demand.  By telling us that they're doing single print runs, broken down into multiple waves of shipment, they're effectively saying that they're going to come up with a fixed number of boosters per expansion and if that's not enough...  tough.  They're not going to make more. 
    Lack of availability will kill a game like this.
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    Babyblue reacted to dpb1298 in Prediction Based on Current Buisiness Model   
    Chill. I'm not being negative, I'm being realistic. The game's current state and outline is not conducive to growth. Stock will be bought and hoarded by flippers and people will make a mad rush on product early on ensuring that stock doesn't last all four months.
    Also, a game is stagnant if no one can buy it. That is just a fact.
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    Babyblue reacted to Buhallin in SoR Event is going to be very limited...   
    This.  This is an important thing.  When people were uncomfortable with last week's announcement, many of us said it came down to how well you trusted FFG to estimate demand and deliver to cover it.  This is a glaring announcement that they can't estimate demand, can't cover that demand, and honestly couldn't care less whether they do or not.
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    Babyblue reacted to ReaverRandall in SoR Event is going to be very limited...   
    my store was on the phone and sending emails to FFG Direct and their other distributors within an hour of the announcement.  if  that's not on top of it i don't know what is ...
    there was such little product the distributors didn't even bother to create a listing on the site. they are basically having to draw names out of hats to see who gets the kits...so imagine 30 shops want to get the kit while the distributor only has 3 avail and no more information avail on if there will be more...
    pretty messed up
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    Babyblue reacted to Buhallin in SoR Event is going to be very limited...   
    I swear, they could announce that the dice are made with ground up kittens to give them that shiny feel, and you'd think it was awesome.
    An event to promote the game shouldn't require stores to react within an hour to be involved.
    Even ignoring that, this is awful, AWFUL PR.  The biggest running theme with this game right now is that FFG can't produce enough.  A lot of people are seriously worried about this, and it's basically creating chaos around the game.  People are exiting because of it.  And now they run a promotional event, where the primary theme is going to be that only about 1 in 10 that wants to run it will?
    They're basically putting out a press release that says "Worried about availability for Destiny?  You should be!!"
    And while the hardcore fanboys like you may think that's just awesome, it's not going to do the game, the players, or the shops any favors.
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    Babyblue reacted to soviet prince in FFG shortens again   
    man people on this forum drive me insane with there FFG does nothing wrong attitude reminds me of when a kid get's in trouble and the parents blaming there actions on a lack of sleep. FFG did fail they played it way to safe and treated this game like there other lcg's instead of distribution needed to run a successful ccg.  I played many games that have just started there CCG and this one is the ONLY one with this problem I never once could not get product when I wanted one for personal use or for a tourney prizes NEVER.
    "you can just play with the other versions of the same character"
    this is irreverent because the same version is not the same card, it has a completely different effect. the lucky ones who got product will have an advantage over everyone else that did not receive product. ppl suggesting otherwise clearly has no experience in playing in big level tourneys.
    " it is, what it is"
    so if I come to your house and steal your wallet it will be fine right since it is what it is.  just accept what your given phy dont work for me.
    "you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything"- Aaron tippon
    so instead of burying our heads in the sand like a cowardly ostrich we need to call a spade a spade, like it or not this has hurt the game it may not kill the game ( I do believe it will survive for at least awhile) but it stunted the growth of the playerbase and it is not what it could have been.
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    Babyblue reacted to Mace Windu in FFG shortens again   
    You talk as if you think that what has unfolded was deliberate from FFG.
    Realistically I can't see how the current state of supply would be the intended outcome at this point from FFG, no company wants to leave money on the table as they say, there was nearly $50,000 worth of unfulfilled box orders on Miniature Market alone. You could justifiably say that there is literally over a million dollars' worth of stock that could have been sold by now if FFG had it to sell.
    No, this is not the intended way that any company wants to sell product, as a company you always want to provide sufficient product on anything you sell that’s not a limited edition  product. As far as I'm aware this is not at all intended to be a limited edition product and if it was I probably wouldn’t have gotten into the game.
    Also the possibility of Awakenings Darth Vader becoming like Black lotus is highly unlikely, I remember when VS. was at its peak  with 10k events every other weekend it felt like, and a friend invested considerable money in playsets of  Fizzle and Hulk Smash hoping they would be the next lotus, sadly for him that never eventuated.
    Destiny as per the virtue of FFG OP events not offering money for prizes (yet) has mount Everest to climb by 1 legged man before it can be in the same leagues of Magic.
    Remember folks Collectable =/= limited edition, as some on these boards seem to think.
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    Babyblue reacted to Mace Windu in FFG shortens again   
    Actually I think it would have the exact opposite effect, some acknowledgement of the immense popularity of the game and it far exceeding their expectations and that they are doing everything they can to remedy the problem would be far better than the completely stoic lack of acknowledgement right now.
    What they have done however is roll out spoilers and preview content for the next set as if everything is completely all right, and that just doesn’t sit well with many.