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  1. I get both your points. I don't play competitivly at all, but there is no denying that those players bring in a good amount of cash and for them waiting is not an option since by then the meta has changed. I don't see why it has to be either variety catered to the unit or giving every faction the neutral cards. Nothing is stopping FFG from adding 1-3 extra cards, and it's not like it's a huge expensive component.
  2. Don't think the problem here is this spesific card, but the fact that one neutral card is (so far) shown in just one faction box despite what the developers have been saying. Sure, it may show up in other factions later, but we all know that if a really strong card is put in one faction and doesn't show up until a year later in another faction that developer promise is worthless for competitive players. Realisticly though, I don't see them adding "all released neutral cards" with the launch of every new faction that is put out in the future.
  3. And it's listed as in stock today in one store and ready to order in another. I'm in Norway.
  4. Just wanted to confirme that my local store listed it as 13th april today.
  5. Here's what we do know. Miniature market has 470 outstanding preorders of the Awakenings display box. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1719385/update-miniature-market-availability-hint-its-not And coolstuffinc is not taking preorders for SotR because of delivery problems with Awakenings.
  6. Or like me live in a country where stores do not take pre-orders at all. What really bugs me is that future base sets will be availible for a year, while the Awakenings base set has had an availibility of 1-2 weeks. First run sold out in a day, the second sold out in 2-7 days. To the OP, you might have missed the part where retailers only got part of their order since FFG couldn't deliver, so yeah, the fault lies with FFG.
  7. I should have stated quality compared to cost. I'm willing to pay top dollar for interesting, fun to paint minis, not for standard skeltons with no options (not even for GW ones, wich cost about $2 per mini). I have a low impulse controle and might end up getting a core, but I reserve my judgement of the gaming system if or when I have played it. So far it just remindes me of X-wing.
  8. For me the differance comes down to quality. Would I buy any of those for just the joy of painting them? Yes, I would and have. Would I buy any of the Runewars ones just for the joy of painting them? No, not one of the announced ones.
  9. If you just want colour, spray 'em (+1 for army painter). If you want som detail quickshade or a wash. Want some more add a quick drybrush (google it). You may then find that you now want to do some more and then you should check out Sorastro. There is a techinque where you can quickly get detail using just two primers and spraying at an angle, but don't remember the name of it.
  10. I have to agree that the price has cooled me on the game. The minis are your standard fantasy types, nothing special about the sculpt, no extra bits to change them up, and the quality and detail is not as good as GW (in my opinion). I was willing to look past the dull minis and give this game a shot, figuring the more interesting stuff would come around later, but not with such a high entry price.
  11. Thanks, Julia, we'll try that then. You also partially answered my next question, replayability. I restarted the Innsmouth scenario 2 more times, with and without the first edition stuff, and the map and story stayed the same. So no replayability for this one? Rising tide seems intriguing though....
  12. You may be right. I expected it to be Mansions of madness with an app and some tweaks. In the original the intro gave you a clue where to go next. You followed it, got a new one etc etc. Meanwhile some other stuff happened, either by time ticking, or by the "evil" player messing with you. Haven't played every scenario, but Innsmouth is just searching every nook and cranny looking for stuff. (Not giving anything away, they say so in the intro). There is no clever little clue or hint, and for me that weakens the imersion. Will the last 2 scenarios suit us better?
  13. Hi, JuliaYes, we started with the easy one. Today we went with 2 investigators each and Innsmouth. We lost after 3h. Again there was very little detective work. I would rate this scenario lower than the intro one. Ah, well. 2 to go. Maybe I'm just too set in my ways to appreciate the changes. Surprisingly I like the app though. Does the app adapt to the number of investigators? I assumed that it did, but the 2P game felt very simmilar to the 4P game.
  14. I guess for me investigating is following clues and figuering things out, not just stumbling around til you find the thing you're looking for. Felt more like Scooby Doo than Miss Marple. In the old one you were given a clue, followed a lead and had to work to get to where you were going. Now you just check doors til you find the right one. Although this might be because we were playing the easy scenario. Again, I'm not saying this is a bad game, just miss a few things from the old one. After the inital playthrough I do prefer the first edition, but that may change. Need to try with more players, the conversion kit and some of the other scenarios.
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