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  1. Hey Everyone. I tried searching to see if there was another post about this, but couldnt find any so id ask here I have been looking at the Y wing bomber and is curious as to it being described as carrying Proton bombs but the stats for them are absent as far as I can tell. I have found the stats for proton bombs in the Stay on Target book. I just wonder why the Y wing dosnt have them in their stats like some of the other bombers have and how many they should be carrying?
  2. Hey Elurindel Thanks for the answer I agree that it conflicts slightly with The Lord of lies. But I would say The Lord of lies gift is more powerful. You can appear as anyone, gender and looks have no meaning. Whereas illusion of normality is only your former appearance so people would know it was you if they had seen your previous form Also it requires a -40 psynisciene roll to see trough The Lord of lies gift, while the illusion of normality is a challenging psynisciene test where the difficulty drop by five for each gift. So it would stand to reason the test would be like +60 psynisciene test since it's not just a corrupted human but a freaking daemon prince So I think The Lord of lies is more hard core version while for a daemon prince the illusion of normality is just a thin veiled disguise
  3. Hey Everybody I have a small question for you when you ascend to daemon hood you get the option of keeping your gifts, but I was wondering how does Illusion of normality page 295 core book work. The gift says that most appear in then form you where born in. So is it as awesome at it sound, this daemon prince that in reality is the size of a tank and weighs many tons, appears as a regular sized non corrupted human or space marine? May the gods help and poor soul that looks upon such a creature with psynisciene
  4. Lunatas post is very good. The concept that Valkyries can descend from orbit is quite awesome but I imagine that the imperium prefere to set up a base of operations on the ground before making great drops
  5. Hey everybody i have a question regarding the extra stuff for the standard kit with the 30 points. in the bottom you can buy the favored weapons, I believe that this dosnt make the favored weapon into the main weapon. But rather gives the squad a single weapon to use between its members and not that each member gets one. Am I right or wrong cause I am kinda unsure about it?
  6. Footfall is a void settlement and the rough estimate of void unit is around 100.000 km. For a human sized construction to reach that size would be extreme. While I believe footfall is large I don´t think its is nearly that big. I would guess if we think it as a series of interlocked astroieds it might reach the lenght of 1000 km maybe 2000 km
  7. Hmm I sat caculating the size of Q-Class Transport, and its bridge have I calcuated to be about 200 meters wide, 75 meters long and about 50 meter tall. They are incredible huge, but there are also the command bridge, where all the information is filtered trough and given directely to the captain and the chief bridge officers. So while the bridge may be incredible huge the very core might not be that big, most likely like a CIC
  8. Adaras


    Hey Everybody I looked around on the forum for it but couldn´t find a thread about it, so here I go Daemonhood: What book do you think it will come in (the rules I mean) will it be like Black crusades Inquisitorshandbook/intothestorm/ritesofbattle or will it be in a book more like Ascension?
  9. Adaras


    Hey everybody. This question has probaly been asked before but I feel like I need to ask it anyway. I really love Eldar and now that you are able to play both Kroot and Ork. What are the chances Eldar player character will be a reality?
  10. Heeey Everybody I have been wondering, Holocaust is very very powerful power. It does exstreme amount of damage. Now it says the each round that it is surstained it gives damage to the psyker. But does that also include the first round? If not then the psyker can just stop using it, and then spam it the next round. I just think it makes sense if it hurts the psyker even the first round, it is also described as using the psykers soul as fuel. What do you guys and girls think?
  11. Hey everybody I was reading in Radicals handbook that there are more powerful version of the Untouchables, and that such nightmarish individuals will be covered in a future release. Has anybody heard when we might be able to see these monsters?
  12. Hey everybody. One of my playes have had the misfortune of playing a tech priest and have recieved the mutation of the Wyrdling so now he is a psyker which is kinda scary I think. Since the whole tech priest thing distance itsself so far from psychic stuff what to do?
  13. Hey everybody Merry christmas and happy new year to you all I just got the chance to read blood of martyrs. I had hoped that Sisters of battle got an ascension carrer, but alas it was not so. So I was wondering what would be good for a sister of battle in Ascension?
  14. Thanks you guys or girls it helped me alot
  15. Hey everybody I have a little question, I can´t find anything that states just how big Port Wander is? like size, how many kilometers across how many people are inside. Have anyone found or does anyone have a qualified guess? Thx
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