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  1. By the God-Emperor that is some the most unbelievably beautiful art i have ever seen.
  2. Quite Impressive and a unique departure from the norm in terms of art style i like it.
  3. By the Golden Throne those are beautiful do you take commisions?
  4. talsine i like your idea that would definetely get my attention. But it does bring up some good points so far we have only seen things from the imperium's perspective why not the Eldar or the Orks hell i would check it to see things from the Tau's perspective.
  5. I just came across condundrum i'm making a Adeptus Sororitas with the Schola Progenium home world both give training in the language (low gothic) does that stack to give the +10 or not i've drudged through the books and can't find anything to help me.
  6. Thank you that helps clear up alot of confusion i was having.
  7. I would love to see a sequel i think the special effects were better than the first D&D movie and the acting was more down to earth and realistic in my book.
  8. Dear god what i would give for a sequal.
  9. Two of my fondest memories are at the expense of a friend of mine. I was running Tomb of Horrors and one of the other players convinced my friend that the squares in front of him weren't trapped and got his character to walk across the trap. My other is my friend's reaction to his character who had died during a fight getting all his stuff stolen by another player, the player then had everything on him swiped when he walked through a portal and was teleported back to the beginning of the dungeon. i actually feel sorry for my friend but **** it was funny to see his reaction to what happened.
  10. I'm just Starting in the game and just putting together my first character and i'm confused if you get a advanced skill as a basic skill does that mean your automatically trained in it? please someone help this rookie out.
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