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  1. Down, subtlety is about people seeing and knowing you, whether it's the fake name you're using or not, they will recognize your face, unless you are in disguise when you do it.
  2. Ouroboros13 I completely agree with your statement. And to add to it I say never forget about location modifiers and the Commerce roll, because if there ain't no meltaguns on the planet then no you can't beg, borrow, or steal it, and if you can't find someone who has one then you can't get one. And as a an extra bonus; The way I personally run it in my games, which even my most greedy players agree is a fair way to do it, is that any item with a total modifier to the test that would be more than -60 in theory (i.e. -50 for Near unique, -30 for best quality but +0 for location and +10 for Commerce roll would be a -70 in theory even though the game only allows for a -60 total to tests) is impossible for that character to find, period the end I don't care what you do. Now I will note that this is total modifier, so after you include bonuses or penalties from the Commerce test, and location modifier, and things like Peer or the Administratum background bonus. So if you are supremely connected, a shrewd trader, and on a forge world that specializes in arcane weapons then sure you can find that best quality grav gun, but can you buy it? Which comes to the other thing I house rule on the subject, if the total negative for an item (before modification) is higher than your Influence then you cannot burn influence to Requisition it. So for example a grav gun is extremely rare (-40), best quality tacks on another (-30), so if you want to be able to buy it without having to Test by burning Influence then you have to have a 70 or higher influence, because I'm sorry but you need some SERIOUS clout to be able to get something that precious just by calling in favors, putting yourself in debt to a person, or even throwing around the "do you know who I serve" bit, people have to know and respect you a whole lot before they give up what is most likely an irreplaceable religious relic (because priests of Mars are weird) of such dire potency and rarity. So that's my two cents, and how I try to keep the game balanced through what I see as simple and intuitive rules.
  3. I like the other role bonuses. I don't feel they are a cop out, I feel like they make you an expert in an area of focus, someone who in a pinch does not fail at something is awesome, not to mention as a GM, knowing that I can throw some horrendous **** down the pipe at my players and at least once a game they can always come out on top. A hellish (-60) lore test to figure out how to finally kill off this demon that has been plaguing a hive? Sage has that **** on lockdown, with likely 4 or more degrees of success to boot. Need to scare the piss out of a planetary governor? -60 intimidate test, hierophant go get em. Now not only does it mean that one rough obstacle doesn't completely shut an investigation down, it also means that a player gets to shine in a situation that none of the other players could, which as long as such things get spread out evenly by the GM makes everyone feel like a vital and useful part of the group, everybody gets their moment in the sun, everyone gets to feel like a badass who makes a difference and saves the day. I especially love the chirurgeon's bonus because it means you never have to accidentally murder a party member by ******* up a medicae roll to save them, and it means you can reliably pull people back from the brink of death and dismemberment no matter how hard the test is, and not only does that make you as a player feel awesome, it also makes everyone in the party your best friend. It is a great ability.
  4. I don't have a problem with other bonuses ala mystics or the forge world bonus, I can see that Move and Shoot could be better without it breaking the game as things stand, but I don't think it needs for it to be for it to be playable. On top of that, it is the only role bonus, aside from mystic, that doesn't require a fate point. And if you played a Warrior would you build it completely about Expert at Violence? What happens when you run out of Fate points? Or you need to heal? Roles help define your character but they are not all your character is or ever will be. I like move and shoot. Could I like it more? Yes. Could I like it less? Definitely. I can see your point, but I think you are making mountains out of mole hills. I think Move and Shoot is playable, useful, and decently well thought out, but I don't think it's perfect, I think if could use a little something to make it stand out from the MIU, and make it more distinct from Hip Shooting, because as it stands those two things do kinda replicate some or all of it's effects.
  5. There were opinions on the rules buried in there. I don't think the ability really needs to be replaced. My point, I suppose, was the ability basically gives you a slightly toned down version of a rare cybernetic or tier 2 talent for free, and that if it is used correctly by a wily player (the sort desperadoes seem like they were written to be played by) then it can find almost infinite use, and it never loses it's utility, because it means with no talents at all at, bare minimum, on the first turn of combat you can draw your weapon, move, and shoot, and any subsequent turns you can move, shoot, and still have an action to do something else like: sleight of hand to steal an object, use an auspex to find a target or objective on the other side of a wall, use the Command skill to boost your allies, reload a modded weapon, simply Aim at someone, and so so much more, once you start adding talents into the mix really the only limit is the player's imagination and what the GM will allow them to do. A free half action in combat to add on top of a mobile fighting style in very nice, and starting out with a free version of (admittedly discluding the Two-weapon fighting stuff) Hip Shooting **** sure ain't bad either. It pretty much ends up meaning that even in the midst of a furious fire fight a desperado always gets a shot off, can almost always be in cover, is very hard to run down, and can achieve secondary objectives like stealing artifacts and such without ever having to give up contributing to the fight. I think in general people like to complain too much, and jump the gun on things. Either run a game with a smart player running a desperado or play one yourself for a full adventure or two before you start throwing things out wholesale. It's a good ability not because of what it gives you, but because of what it doesn't cost you. Now as far as Move and Shoot versus the MIU Weapon Interface, well I don't have much to say, cybernetics give free action attacks, all but one of the mechandendrites does as I recall, in Deathwatch the servo arm did, so there is a precedent, but cybernetics come with downsides, like you have to acquire, them, have them installed (which takes you out of the action for a bit and can, if your GM runs it this way and the Npc makes a bad roll, cause crippling wounds to your character), they are noticeable, and now you are cybernetic (which means haywire fields can really suck for you), and you better be treating that nice piece of venerated technology well in public lest the Red Priests hear of it and come to give you a talking to.
  6. Having run a few games with psykers in them let me toss out my opinion. The old psychic power system was a **** mess. because something everyone seems to have forgotten is for every 9 you rolled when activating a power you spawned a psychic phenomena, meaning you could conceivably spawn as many as you had Psy rating on any given roll, and if you want to know something that was a real headache it was dealing with, looking up, rolling for effect, rolling for random variables like distance and time of the effect, and applying more than one psychic phenom at a time, and how dead it likely meant the psyker was. DH2 is infinitely better, only ever spawning at most one at a time, well per psychic power used anyway. Now as to why someone might push..... have you read the powers? Molten beam at psy rating 4 has a minimum damage of 18, at 6 if you pushed that minimum is now 24 then Pen goes from 8 to 12 and the range from 20 to 30 meters, that's a pretty big **** difference, and then powers like gate to infinity are all based on psy rating, what if you need to go further than you can without pushing and you need to do it now? What if you need to make sure the Bloodletter goes down before he rips out your or your closest ally's heart? What do you do when when you only have one shot and you have to make sure that shot is a killer? You push, because when the effect is more important than the chance that you might miss you go balls to the wall. I run pretty rough games, so pretty much from session 1 my psykers know when and why to push, what the risks are if they do and what the risks are if they don't, and most choose to lose a little control for that extra power when the situation is truly dire. And as for the mechanics of how it works out, I think it's perfect. It's the power versus control issue, hold the hammer higher up on the handle and you control it better it hits where you want it to every time but it loses most of it's strength, hold it on the end of the handle and you hit as hard as you need to every time, but you lose the control to actually hit the target every time. Now as for the psychic phenomena I think it works right when pushing, you are reaching into the warp extra deep for more power and if you can't control it all you get is a big bag of crazy energy instead of the effect you desired, so yeah lore wise that is precisely how it should work. Now it makes warp conduit not worthless, but awesomely powerful and a huge gamble, fates of the world kinda thing going on, where you are willing to drop all of your fate points to make an effect happen, when you can possibly get your psy rating to levels like 17 (or 19 if unsanctioned) for an effect.....yes you can summon up the kind of powers that can save or **** a planet, your chances are slim for success, but real world changing power like that should that be difficult to do, and carry with it both a pressing need to be done and game changing consequence for failure. It is a difference maker and should never be done lightly, or often. Edited for clarity
  7. Yeah the MIU does somewhat make Move and Shoot obsolete, but I'd like to take a moment to rewind this a bit. As an old hand at gunslinging in Dark Heresy, I'm gonna have to say that Pistol class weapons are a lot more viable than I'm seeing people give them credit for. Being both a GM in a few games and a player in two others I've seen it from both sides, and any GM worth their salt will play their antagonists like they would actually behave. Gangers run from the guy with the autocannon, then they dump a ton of trash on his head when he chases them down the alley, they charge the sniper, they keep their distance and shoot at the guy with the flamer or the nasty looking swords......or the rabies foam dribbling from his lips. With a gunslinger they don't have a lot of good options, if they run there's a good chance you're faster, if they close with you then you shoot them, if they keep their distance you still shoot them, if they charge you shoot them. with hand cannons loaded with the right ammo you do damage almost on par with a bolter, you get two shots a turn, and if you are out of your standard range then there's a good change you have a lot of good cover between you and your opponent that you can get to via Move and Shoot whilst still taking pot shots at them and closing the distance. In the new system if you pair that with a high agility, and Inescapable attack then you're probably going to be laying down a lot of hurt while not receiving much, couple that with the fact you can still use a lot of skills or other non-attack items like a Auspex if you only half action move and gunslingers become very dangerous and very hard to deal with if they think on their feet. One of my favorite things to do with my formerly Scum Metallican gunslinger/ currently Hive world outcast desperado is getting in fights with snipers, duck and dodge through debris all the while closing in and then getting into grips with them, my gunslingers favorite place to be in engaged at melee range. The Sniper assassin who plays with us on the other hand usually whines because its kinda hard to set up clear sight lines in a crowded hive, and the fact that once a heretic turns a corner he spends the rest of the fight trying to reposition and get a clear shot while I can run someone down, shoot them in the back and break into a door or pocket an artifact in a turn. Mobility is strength, and so is adaptability, granted anyone with a good requisition roll could be doing the same thing Crisis does via the MIU weapon interface, they still wouldn't be doing it with the same style and attitude, and they still probably wouldn't be as good at it, and a good roll on a Haywire effect sucks a lot more for someone who has cybernetics than it does for a dude who just has guns, because hand cannons can still crack a skull open pretty effectively even when muscle powered. EDIT: Also pistols are lighter, can be wielded in melee without having to change weapons, easier to conceal and therefore can go with you into a lot more places, they look a lot less conspicuous and threatening than a dude walking around with two autoguns (which means they're a lot less likely to blow your cover and destroy your subtlety) , are generally cheaper, and the humble stub revolver (at least the way anyone sensible runs it) essentially has a built in fire selector because you can spin the chamber until the bullet you want to fire is lined up, meaning you can keep 3 manstoppers and 3 tox rounds for instance, in case you need to drop heavies in armor or dangerous folks who look like they need their blood replaced with a hefty dose of deadly venom, so by and large pistols are much more utilitarian. A lot less full frontal assault, a lot more every day walking around casual violence.
  8. So maybe I missed something, and currently in the game I run I'll be using common sense as a guide, but I like to be sure about things. The things in specific I'm talking about being Ogryns, armour, and Ripper Guns in melee. Nowhere that I have seen in the core book (the only one I actually have) discuses Ogryn and armour, as in do they get the standard stuff their regiment gets, does it fit them, or how much more it would weigh if the first two things were true. Now to me it seems like a silly assumption that anyone in the guard would be sent into battle unarmoured, I mean sure they're bid 'ol abhumans and nobody (who hasn't been saved by one constantly) likes them, but they are still a resource, and a powerful and fairly rare one at that. So I assume that the Ogryn get a up-sized version of the standard stuff for their unit, and because of their height and bulk I'll just also assume that double the standard weight is appropriate. Also just for kicks I'd drop the availability of any armour sought through Logistics by one degree as well, because less of it is made and it's made out of more stuff than other armour so it's more expensive. Next the Ripper Gun, such a lovely piece of brutality given loving form to bring joy to all the little heretics and witches. It says in its description something along the lines of "it counts as if it were a Warhammer in melee combat" which is all well and good until one stops to think that Ogyrn don't get Low Tech weapon training for free (unless their entire Regiment does). So for simplicity's sake I just count the melee aspect of the Ripper Gun to do damage and have penetration and special qualities like a Warhammer but it's actual class to be something along the lines of Melee, Heavy. Alright so any help, useful info, and/or pointing out how I missed several posts in the same vein would be appreciated.
  9. Not sure how "on topic" most of this will be but here goes anyway. I don't believe that the Ultramarines need any real "fixing", unless you count codifying their stat bumps instead of giving them two picks, and maybe giving them a bump to tactics rolls instead of more cohesion as squad leader. I think they are favored enough, even reading about them in the books just irritates me, they are the much lauded glory boys, everyone thinks the sun shines our of their asses, and everyone heaps every possible praise upon them, which is why I can't stand them, they are every **** who has ever gone through life doing just well enough to get by but is somehow much beloved for no discernible reason, feeling (because they are told) that they are always right and that no one else is, or ever will, be as good as they are, they are every ******* who thought that just because he is well liked that he is better than everyone else. The fluff does it, their crunch does it, GW in general does it, and obviously FFG does it. As a concept they just grate on my nerves, and rules wise I think they got a little bit more than anyone else, I especially hate their bonus cohesion, because apparently just by dint of being made with Guilliman's geneseed they are better with group dynamics and bonds of trust than any other space marines especially say...the Space Wolves who are nothing if not tight knit and great at working in teams (and no this isn't me fanboying the SW's its about me hating how "obviously superior" the UM are treated as being), It annoys me because they really are the Favoured Sons, in the rules, in the fluff, and apparently even by the writers. But I, as a person, have a problem with obvious favoritism (most likely because none of it ever comes my way, and I understand that may be a little petty of me, but I'm ok with that), which is why I also have slight issues with Tech Marines, they get a whole bunch of unique and powerful things, and they get a lot of them for no real cost, which I understand it fits in setting but it doesn't mean that it doesn't bother me at least a little. Which is why as a side note I have a running policy in any game I run that if someone plays an Ultramarine Techmarine I will kill them, I let everyone know that when they're rolling characters, but that kind of unabashed cheapness just bothers me deep down in the core of my being, where a ball of solid hate is surrounded by a outer core of liquid hate. Sorry to rant/ramble....but I think there was a valid point in there somewhere.
  10. Page 36 of the Deathwatch Core Rulebooks under Deathwatch Training heading.
  11. Just a note or two. Deathwatch Training was left off (I don't know whether or not that was on purpose) and Performer has many variants like Pilot or Forbidden Lore. Otherwise great job man.
  12. Zap, Doc didn't say that it was ONLY for the setting, he said it was tied into the setting, with talk of specific politics and people and whatnot, which the book is, it has lots of mentions of Calixis type things in it. But like all of the FFG 40k stuff it can easily be adapted for use outside the specific intended setting.
  13. Not to pick a fight or sound dismissive, but how many Codeices would you have to buy to get that much info in the Table Top game? Likely somewhere around 7 on top of the base book. There likely will never be exhaustive lists like that, but FFG gives you a lot of the iconic stuff that you should be able to kitbash it to create the more esoteric stuff.
  14. Just for the sake of full disclosure, my previous post was a clarification. Kain seemed to be of the mind that anything not specifically mentioned or noted in the setting didn't exist there, and I wanted to point out that the white space does actually already exist, and then because I doubt Kain was the only person who read the books that way I made a suggestion that it should perhaps be stated explicitly somewhere in the rules. Oh and I also agreed with him on the inconsistency of the weapons tables, which still vex me.
  15. Kain, I'm right there with you on the weapon stats issue. Its very strange to say the least. And as for the white space thing, I think No_1 has pointed this out a few times, but whether or not it was said clearly I guess is up in the air a bit; the Jericho has a lot of while space already (though I guess it would do well to be pointed out in a book somewhere) because the maps in the books are of maybe 1/100th of all the actual planets in the Reach. So you've got wiggle room if you like the idea that's going on in one of the Salients but you don't see a setup for the exact mission you want to run well just make up a name, pick a spot on the map, and create your story. Or if you are feeling tricksy pick a spot between two of the Salients and drop some real real madness in there, or if you want to include some of the off-the-beaten-path stuff go to the far North or South of the map and maybe put in that forgotten Exodite world you've been itching to use. It's all there for you to play with, but it isn't ever officially stated, which it should be.
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