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  1. I generally like Force Awakens, i give it WAY more credit than Last Jedi, but man i can't stand Star Killer base and this nonsense. There are countless ways they could have done this, I think they might have picked the worst. *I still enjoy the trench scene fine and the moment Rey force grips the lightsaber still brings a small tear to my eye(such good music)*
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only person this poster irritated. The idea of simultaneously viewing yourselves as the underdog while having won the last series blows my mind (rebels in modern times after having "won" the battle of endor and the battle of jakku)
  3. Imagine shooting 3 of these at close long range at an ISD, i can't help but think the ISD would melt before it even closed distance.
  4. Lol at this point they might as well just eliminate the area in general, "Now shipping" is like a 2 day notice.
  5. I don't really like 1 time use items either but d-caps is an exception and the reason: You'll be at long range when you use d-caps, you will then move after firing and they will also likely move after you fire making it "reasonable" that you're now within medium range where they wouldn't have an impact. Their goal is to, effectively, give an extra turn of medium range firepower and for 3 points that's a pretty solid upgrade.
  6. What are they specifically? At first i thought they were just 1 model representations, such as 1 tie instead of 3 but now im wondering if they're specifically 1 model units like the hawk. Any help is great.
  7. better to be more knowledgeable than right
  8. I'll take it, ty for the quick response Dras
  9. I could have sworn that there was a rule saying a huge ship can only ever shoot up to two times from one hull. I've talked to others and they've heard that rule too but I've been searching through the rules and can't find it and I don't see any topics confirming (confirmation bias and all I'm sure). Can someone link/reference the place that is or tell me I'm just 100% wrong? Look forward to either, thank you guys.
  10. Over 4 hours ( and a bad timezone change) to the nearest for me. /shrug
  11. ***Update*** So, it's 9/10/19 and the check arrived today. I'm honestly astonished that it came at all so I'm just going to be happy and content. it's now deposited and that "should" be the end to that situation. Thanks all for putting up with my whining on here.
  12. I've fought it twice so far, wrecked it both times. the first fight I only lost a tie to it (he flew the ssd and a cymoon, i hid from the cymoon on the other side of the ssd, it could never get into position) and the second fight i lost my isd and my flotilla but managed to kill it with one blue die to spare (two ties w/sloane in the game had shots left, managed to roll a hit on the first to bring it down so i didn't have to roll the second).
  13. That's probably a good idea, I'll give it a try to night.
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