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  1. Lol MM is one of my local friendly neighborhood game stores ( i live in stl). They're alright, I'm not the biggest fan. The other two stores w/in 25 miles don't sell armada any longer, they're actually starting to carry a pretty light X-wing load and one of them discontinued legion (too be fair that one's mostly a comic store but is HUGE into card games and was carrying a large amount of x-wing / armada stuff 2 years back). He really was, I've shopped with the guy for what feels like forever which is what's making this situation even more frustrating.
  2. Like the title says, go get a "cheap" ssd.
  3. I just don't get how all of this happened. It's been nearly a month into me trying to get a hold of him regarding this and the issue hasn't been resolved, it just boggles my mind at how difficult it is to get a refund for a product he decided to not provide. Apparently he's still going to be working, just no longer doing this store. At least that's what he said on the phone when I spoke with him.
  4. Update 2 Followed up with Neal today because I hadn't received the check yet, turns out he hadn't sent it out yet. He asked me to stay on the phone while he wrote it up and put it in the mail box. Here's hoping, but I'm honestly pretty doubtful though I'd obviously prefer to be wrong.
  5. Is anyone seeing the difference between the 70 euro one and the 55 euro one? it seems like the same listing.
  6. do you have burger kings over there? if so I think one of their crowns would be the perfect topper to lord over the minions of swiss.
  7. thank you Dras, so it just something they made up.
  8. There's a store up in IL that's hosting a tournament and they have it listed as an "Expo Championship", is that an official level of play or just a thing that store is making up? I keep forgetting the new terminology that FFG is using for their store championships.
  9. So, an update to this. I tried getting a hold of him a couple more times on the phone over the week. first try today i actually got him but it threw me off because he just answered with his last name instead of the store's or his first. I said "oh, i must have the wrong number" and hung up. Looked over previous emails and immediately hated myself, tried calling several times over the next couple hours, then once more about 30 mins ago and he answered again. I explained the situation and he pulled up the order info. He said he hadn't ordered the item (so i won't be getting that in the mail sadly) and that it was too late to refund the CC (I pre-ordered it on jan 2) but that he could mail me a check. SO, I "should" be getting a check sometime next week...hopefully. I'm about 96% this is going to have a good resolution but it's been kind of a nightmare. I'll update this again when i get the check or next friday with more info.
  10. You know I'm assuming that this would actually activate the squadrons and I don't think that's clear that it would on the reread. So ya, now I'm even less confident that it would be useful. I really want a wedge commander/admiral card that gives rebels something useful for squadrons like sloane for imperials ( i have no ideas what it would do, but that's my wish list item)
  11. I too suspect we wont' have the year long wait before the next xpac is out ("starting" with the release of the next set which is set for q4, though i wouldn't be surprised if that got delayed)
  12. I'm on the fence about how much that card would matter although Yavaris would enjoy it.
  13. I find most of the anakin prequel stuff to be more and more hard to deal with from a story telling viewpoint, i just don't like the character. The "modern/current" time stuff was fine with vader and thrawn but the Grysk are irritating the **** out of me for some reason. They feel like they're there to fill the void the Vong left and I get that people don't like the Vong but man do i have trouble giving a **** about the Grysk. Finished the book, Thrawn felt a bit hokey overall in this one (that last ship to ship combat really bugged me) but it's still a high C low B in my mind. I'm a little sad that neither of the sequels were as good as "Thrawn" was which I felt was a worthy successor to the Heir to the Empire series.
  14. maybe up the obstacles count by a third or so too because of the extra play area. (so 8 instead of 6)
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