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  1. dominosfleet

    The SSD?

    I think Dras is right, It's clearly going to be released on April 1st.
  2. dominosfleet

    The SSD?

    We'd heard some rumblings in late nov early dec that it might have gotten pushed back into very late Q1 or early Q2. There wasn't really any substance to those rumblings so they were taken with salt but right now it seems like that's the most likely timing. FFG has missed targets before, especially with armada(although, as Dras points out, it was largely due to a massive explosion in China) so I wouldn't get my hopes too up. late march is my "goal" currently, I've paid in full on thewarstores site so I'm just waiting for the box to show up on my porch.
  3. dominosfleet

    New factions

    ya, probably too harsh. Whatever, they are targeting the largest demographic they can but a large portion of that demo has never been a fan of star trek so trying to draw them in with "EXPLOSIONS!!!!!1!" is only going to result in driving out fans of the older series while attracting fair weather consumers who are only interested in a visual spectacle that doesn't have too much to think about. For what it's worth I like that star wars is using a more diverse cast, it's the right way to do it and Rey is a GREAT protagonist with a fantastic actress helming her, they just really could use some better writers. Edit: If they could figure out a way to add supped up space cars that jump from ship to ship out the space windows with Vin diesel driving one I bet that would sell so many tickets to "2 star 2 trek 2 furious".
  4. dominosfleet

    New factions

    That's the thing, I like 7 fine up to the star killer base point. Even then it has one of my favorite moments of ANY star wars movies (Rey force gripping the saber out of the snow, i get a small tear every time). I think Daisy Radley does amazing, Poe was fine in the first as a weapon/tool (reminds me of wedge, but his ability being more prominent), Adam Driver was great then got better in TLJ, and Finn was fine too. But some of the stuff is just so poorly done it's like they've never read/watched any star wars media before writing the script. It reminds me of how much I hate the new star trek movies (beyond has grown a little on me but I think that, at least in part, has to do with how much it's failed because they tried to sell star trek to a transformers audience and those people are too stupid to enjoy anything that isn't 96% explosions).
  5. dominosfleet

    New factions

    The more disney canon that's added the less I like star wars. Don't get me wrong, I was never much of a fan anyway but gawd if any of the "star killer existed first" stuff is true it's some of the worst stuff I've seen added to any canon. I am amazed how poorly disney is doing with this sandbox.
  6. honestly it was nice they finally dropped an article about something, anything, this past week but ya we havn't really had any new info aside from that in over 6 months. /shrug I have no idea what they're doing with the game and mostly gave up expecting anything.
  7. muse on mini's did some great stuff on mouse pad for warmachine, i think if they'd just done the terrain in mouse pad instead of cardboard it would have been fine, no wobble.
  8. I understand people wanting this but I'll take 2d terrain any day over 3d, I've never been a fan of having to move things out of the way for the game. Lol to the point where I'd almost prefer the station / asteroids / debris to be built into maps.
  9. part of me lol'd a bit that not only did they get the at-st expansion but ffg released a broken version of it as terrain before we got a new release.
  10. dominosfleet

    Grimdark in the Star Wars Universe

    I honestly don't know nearly enough about them, what was so bad about them?
  11. In the most recent "What other factions" post that was made someone pointed out that the mouse killed the Vong and wouldn't be bringing them back. We talked a little about why that was true, i suggested because of grimdark in a disney (sued) environment, someone else suggested because of more fantasy / less sci fi nature of star wars itself (I agree that the vong are very alien, but I think they might have a fantasy counterpart in maybe the drow, or mordor orcs). Anyway, my question: What room do you think there is for Grimdark in the modern star wars context. I would consider Knights to have gotten pretty grimdark: Malak kills every man, woman, and child in a city by shelling(lasering?) it from orbit, the mandalorians start a war specifically attacking civilian targets to get the Jedi into the fight, Lol you can literally use a wookie to kill some of your cohorts (in both games). I'm curious if this universe has any room for that type of story telling anymore, and if people would want it. Would the fanbase even like it if there were stories that were more 40k and less "put hope in the script 37 times per page". Personally, I'm torn. I like 40k lore more than star wars lore, but I think there's room for both. Just curious others opinions.
  12. dominosfleet

    New factions

    I get the feeling that the looming threat described in the new Thrawn books may end up being them but that's only speculation and, I'm sure, wishful thinking. Like others said, the Vong finally started taking Star Wars into a more "Grimdark"™ direction and you're right that there's no way the mouse would take it there.
  13. dominosfleet

    New factions

    pretty much my thoughts too. The flying wing was WAY too big and I would have LOVED them to have justified the new fleet / resource capabilities via a star forge instead, that way they could have pulled in some old cannon back into the universe, instead there doesn't seem like there was a lot of thought on how the FO get's it's manpower/resource capability or why the republic is so battered and unwilling to act against the FO. Whatevers, I give 8 a lot of leeway (I'd just prefer Johnson to not direct another movie). I love 7 up to the death noun is introduced and even then I'm generally ok with the character development (I get a small tear in my eye EVERY TIME I see the snow scene where Rey force grips the saber) throughout that film.