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  1. I very much doubt that you should read that in such a way as to regard the military victory condition as 'loot'.
  2. I read a post on BGG where someone stated he had a chance to speak with Kevin Wilson at Strategicon, and apparantly the real reason for switching to Wu Zetian is that FFG's Chinese manufacturer said that China is not allowed to depict Chairman Mao in any demeaning form, including him losing the game. (I don't know how accurate this is though.)
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I've cut out Gathering at the Stones, 2x Fishers and 1 All are One. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I hope I will soon!
  4. I came up with this deck but I'm having trouble cutting it down to 50 cards. At the moment there's 56, and I can't seem to decide what to cut out. It has a lot of monsters that should be easy to bring out. There's cards to manipulate the discard pile, All are One and Speak to the Dead can drop in characters that can be retrieved with Ferocious Dark Young, Hungry Dark Young and Unspeakable Resurrection. It has strong character removal with a Cursed Skull and Gathering at the Stones combo, plus the Initiation of Glaaki event. Under the Porch can bring out Shub-Niggurath for a turn, who can then potentially spawn a slew of Dark Young characters. Gibbering Soul and Shocking Transformation enable you to find character you need. The Glaaki ancient one is the only character you won't be able to search for specifically, but All are One and Speak to the Dead should go a long way into finding that one. Or should I cut out the Glaaki cards and put in A Single Glimpse? Characters 32 3x Fishers from Outside 2x •Glaaki, The Inhabitant of the Lake 3x Many-angled Thing 3x Servants of Glaaki 3x Collector of Sacrifices 3x Ferocious Dark Young 3x Gibbering Soul 3x Grasping Chthonian 3x Hungry Dark Young 3x Priestess of Bubastis 1x •Shub-Niggurath, Dark Mistress of the Woods 2x •Y'Golonac, The Obscenity Events 18 3x All are One 3x Gathering at the Stones 3x Initiation of Glaaki 3x Speak to the Dead 3x Unspeakable Resurrection 3x Shocking Transformation Support 6 3x Cursed Skull 3x Under the Porch Total : 56
  5. No, they reprinted them in order, the first and second went on sale february 25th, the third and fourth went on sale march 24th and the last two packs went on sale april 20th. The first three packs are currently listed as being reprinted. As for the Order of the Silver Twilight, I can't really think of any essential card for the core factions, but maybe someone better versed in the game can answer that.
  6. The core set still has some of the best cards in it, so I suggest getting a third set. As for asylum packs, any of the new 3 x 20 formats are a good choice, they have recently reprinted the Summons of the Deep cycle, and I'm hoping they will reprint the Dreamlands cycle soon. Look into the Yuggoth Contract cycle as well, there's some really good cards in this cycle, with new versions of all the big Ancient Ones. Order of the SIlver Twilight mostly has cards for the new faction, so you can easily wait with picking this up.
  7. The original AA had a skill of 2, an arcane icon and allowed you to draw 2 cards after playing him. The new version has 0 skill, no icons and only gives you 1 card after playing him.
  8. I really like the Hastur faction, and I've combined it here with Cthulhu. The idea is to drive most of my opponent's characters insane, removing terror icons with Messenger from Beyond and Scotophobia. Victoria's Loft can keep them insane, while The Sirens of Hell and Wandering Inmate can remove them from play. This deck is weak in the combat struggle, but I think it should be able to remove my opponent's combat characters in the terror struggle. Nightstalker and Sleep of Reason add terror struggles in an attempt to drive more characters insane. Opponent's willpower characters should be the first target for cards like Deep One Assault and Deep One Rising. This is my first attempt at building a deck of my own, and I think this is a decent deck. But then again I haven't played this game a whole lot, so I could be wrong. I'm toying with the idea of switching out the Cthulhu faction for Shub-Niggurath, but I'd like some feedback on this one first. It only has 12 Cthulhu faction cards, so might it be a good idea to switch in some more, to make resourcing for Deep One Assault easier? 32 Characters 3x Deep One Rising 3x Silver Twilight Temptress 3x Bearer of the Yellow Sign 3x Demon Lover 1x •Hastur, Lord of Carcosa 3x Messenger from Beyond 3x Nightstalker 3x Thing from the Stars 2x •Victoria Glasser, The Society Hostess 3x Wandering Inmate 2x •Descendant of Eibon, Master of the Black Arts 3x Seeker of Mysteries 9 Events 3x Deep One Assault 3x Scotophobia 3x The Sirens of Hell 9 Support 3x Sleep of Reason 3x Victoria's Loft 3x Tcho-Tcho Talisman Total 50 Note: Crossposted on boardgamegeek.com.
  9. Can you check the Mono Syndicate deck by the way? As it stands there's only 47 cards in it, seeing as you listed Extortionist twice. Also, what card is Vincent Valone? Only card I'm aware of is Johnny Valone.
  10. I was actually thinking of coming over there, but I'm a fairly new player, and have only tried my hand at deckbuilding a few times as I'm still in the process of picking up cards. So far I've only played it casually with some friends, and not that often either. That, and it's a two hour drive for me.
  11. I'm actually looking for some casual play as well, region Genk-Hasselt (Limburg).
  12. Aye I know about that one, I guess we always just (wrongfully) assumed it was the same for skills, I have to admit I was a bit surprised that I couldn't find that rule mentioned anywhere.
  13. I'd like some clarification on skill allocation in Advanced Campaigns. More specifically, can heroes obtain skills that fall outside of the printed skills on their character sheet? The RtL manual says the following: Each hero player draws the skill cards indicated on his hero sheet, plus one extra skill from the skill deck of his choice. Heroes begin the campaign with only one skill, however, so each hero player then chooses one of these skill cards to keep and discards the others back to their appropriate decks. The traits shown on the hero sheets are unchanged in the Advanced Campaign. Does this mean a hero can, for instance, choose a Subterfuge skill card even though he has no printed Subterfuge skill on his character sheet?
  14. Drglord said: So as i understand and someone should correct me if i am wrong but shield applies after armor has applied and wounds (if any) have been dealt. But i still don't understand why does the shield say you cannot use this to cancel wounds that ignore armor. Or does that only apply to stuff like aura, pits and the like? A simple example is an attack that deals 3 damage and has 3 pierce and you have 2 armor can you cancel the remaining wound with your shield? From what i have read you should be able to do so since the warding in the text of the shield was meant to not be used for traps and the like. Yes, wounds that say they ignore armor usually are not wounds that you will receive from an attack. Wounds that ignore armor are suffered from things like traps, falling in pits, aura, and lingering effects such as Burn, Bleed, etc. The remaining wound from your example can indeed be canceled out by spending your shield.
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