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  1. I don't know if this helps, but in my understanding corruption does not prevent a defending unit from participating in combat. Since Bladesinger enters play "declared as a defender", I think it can participate in combat, corrupted or not.
  2. Question 1: If a have a Great Cave Squig in zone where I have a development, when the Great Cave Squig's forced ability triggers, can I chose to deal damage to a unit I control or is this option only available if I have no development to sacrifice? Question 2: Can Roving Goblins be scent on a quest where a unit is already questing? (Considering it is the first Roving Goblins I play) Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi to everyone, My question is: are Epic Spell. cards, Epic. cards and Spell. cards, or neither? Usually, different traits are separated by a comma, so in order for Epic spell cards to be both Epic and Spell, it should be written: Epic. Spell. But at the same time, an Epic Spell. being neither Epic., nor a Spell. makes little sense. If you wonder why do I care, here is the answer: I want to use "Blessing of Asuryan" to return Epic Spells on the top of my deck and then play "Comet of Casandora".
  4. Hi everyone, I played single set since the beginning, and when FFG decided to include 3 copies of every card in the battle packs, I was very happy. I asked them if they would sell a deluxe expansion including all the missing copies of the cards from the Core Set, Corruption Cycle and Assault on Ulthuan. They answered me that such a product would not sell since players of WH:I focus on playing rather than collecting. Their answer surprised me. I'm a single set player and I only play occasionally with friends. I would still be glad to pay to get all the cards. Every time I build a deck I need some cards I don't have. For now, I just write the name and cost of the card on a paper that I insert over an unused card in a protective sleeve, and I'm tired of doing so. I wanted to ask you guys what you think: would you pay for a deluxe expansion including all the missing copies of cards? Did you all buy other Core Sets and battle packs the get the cards you needed? What do you around the problem? Maybe, if we are numerous enough, we could get FFG to print the expansion we want.
  5. Hi guys, I'm having a hard time determining wether some events in the game are one or many triggers, especially for cards worded "When one or more..." Exemple 1: I have 2 Helbane's Raiders in play and, at the end of a battlefield phase, I have two Shades that survived combat. Q: The two cards my opponent has to discard from his hand, are they discarded at the same time (since they were discarded from simultaneous actions), so each Helbane's Raiders would trigger once, or are they discarded in sequence, triggering my Helbane's Raiders twice? Exemple 2: I have The Glittering Tower in play, and 2 Initiate of Saphery, which each has 2 damage. It's the beginning of my turn. Q: It is clear that my first Initiate of Saphery heals both Units, triggering the Glittering Tower twice. However, what happens with the activation of the second Initiate of Saphery. Are my units healed twice of 1hp, or once of 2hp? How many damage would the Glittering Tower deal? Exemple 3: I have a Garden of Morr and a Dwarf Ranger, and two other 2hp dwarf units in play. The opponent plays a Tzeentch's Firestorm and destroys my two 2hp dwarf units. My Dwarf Ranger then activates twice, killing 2 of my opponent's units. Q: How many tokens do I put on my Garden of Morr? The two units killed by the Firestorm is one event for the triggering of Garden of Morr, but what about the units killed by my Dwarf Ranger? Thank you for your help.
  6. Is it possible to redirect damages that are self inflicted? I play a HE/Lizardmen deck and I want to use the Temple Guard to redirect to a Carnosaur R the damage that a Dreamer of Dragons dealt itself paying the cost to activate its ability. The trick is that if I pay only 1 ressource for the Temple Guard's ability, I could activate twice the Dreamer of Dragons' ability to trigger twice the savage ability of the Carnosaur Rider. 6 damages for 1 ressource is one hell of a deal. Since the Dreamer of dragons card text says: "This unit takes1 uncancellable damage..." instead of "is dealt 1 uncancellable damage" I don't know if the Temple Guard ability is triggered. Is it right to say that If the damage can be redirected, the Dreamer of Dragons' ability would not be activated since the cost wasn't paid (it did not receive the damage)?
  7. I'm not a really experienced player, so maybe you won't find this information useful, but here it is. My group decided to play with only one copy of every W:I product. Since we don't have all cards in three copies, it is harder to choose a winning strategy and it forces that strategy to be more general. Instead of building my HE deck specifically for the Bolt Thrower (of which I have only one copy), I built it to develop an overwelming ecenomy. Than I looked for a way to turn this ecenomy into victory. The bolt thrower IS one of the answers, but not the only one. I added to the deck Runesmiths, Marvael's Legacy and Flames of the pheonix, all of which can give me victory if I have a strong economy. Ultimatly, it may be worthwhile to put a single card in a deck. The bolt thrower gave me many victories, but it's not my only option.
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