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  1. Would love an official answer on the first question since it has came up in other posts aswell
  2. Your cavalry would take hits, the same problem existed in Battlelore but the developers said that it was meant to be like that. Its an extra danger for troops that you send around the back to take enemy units from behind and ths a balancething since its so powerful to do it.
  3. The way we played it after reading through the rules a few times to get the wording correct. You roll the attackdice as normal and then for each flag you roll an extra dice, after that you do the flanking reroll where you choose one symbol and reroll all dices of that symbol. No extra dice for flags this time around.
  4. My eyes are hurting after reading your post... 1) When a hex have a token of the same level as its Burnvalue you remove the firetoken and put down a devastation instead, thats what the rules say. 2) Also stated in the rules, your randomize one of the 1-6 tokens and then the fire spreads depending on number and how its stated in the Battlebook for the mission you are playing 3) Again, stated in the rules (did you eve read the rulebook? ^^). Flags count when counterattacking and the unit hit will retreat and thus break engagement 4) Question has been asked before but no cler answer from developers yet
  5. myrm said: Grandmikus said: Is the theme of the series Good vs Evil or Stability vs Revolutionism or maybe Savagery vs Civilization? Its an illustration of power in politics - who wants it, why they want it, what they do with it and how it affects them and those around them in both real and perceived terms. At least that was in the first two or three books, which is what I have read. All books released so far are like that. Another very important teme in the books are the different lifetragedies and how war destroys whatever it touches. What I love most about the boks is how its not one character that takes the plot forward but everyone and everything ha their part in the big whole.
  6. HearMeRoar said: Sounds good..but I have to wonder then about the cards that say "order leader and adjacent units" or just "order two adjacent units" and even the ones where it says to "order two units, one gets +1 die, other +1 movement" it seems that those atleast would be restricted to the exact wording on the cards...but then if the first cards in question are the "order (up to) 3 units"...I'm not so sure what makes it different. We've tried the game both ways...and they are both enjoyable...although obviously more difficult and restrictive if you have to follow the cards exactly by the printed orders. anyway glad to hear some opinons on the matter. Would really love a clarification on this from Robb or someone else since it pretty much makes it 2 different games depending on how you play it. Which cards are up to and which are not? We made all cards say up to, even the order 2 adjacent units and order 2 units with +1 atk and +1mov where we could choose which bonus we wanted if we ordered 1 unit. But some cards feel just wrong that way while the order 3 units card is rpetty much useless lategame instead of being good always.
  7. Ajes said: He is one tough cookie then, green units can never hope to capture him! Thanks for helping out. Wait until you play with Gregor Clegane in a red unit with capture 4, THATS impossible to capture.
  8. Was playing the game for the first time yesterday and some questions popped out right away. Maege Mormont flipability: Its clearly says that she gets to make two attacks instead of one this round, not turn as on most other flipabilities. So if someone use a flagtoken to rally her and hits again with another order, will she get to hit twice? Doesnt seem plausible since she will be commited but the card clearly says round and not turn (and the rules clearly say that round = gameround and turn = taking turns to play ordertokens and leadershipcards) Addam Marbrand outrider ability: His ability says that he can ignore all forms of movement restrictions as long as he ends the movement in a legal hex. Does that mean that he can move right through friendly and enemy units as long as he ends up in a spare hex behind him? The wording says he can but we tried playing it as that and that made the ability just retardly good. The wording is clear but its not clear what counts as movement rextrition since the term isnt use anywhere in the rulebook. The closest thing we can find is terrain movement restrictions and that would be a lot more balanced so would need a clarification on that
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