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  1. Thanks, I was going to do the dark windshields but laziness took over,
  2. Here is my squarden of X-Wings, minus one set who were missing when the painting started, they have since been found, so no worries! All I did was spray paint white, was black and put some red stripes on, blue for the cockpit and silver on the engines, over all took about 60 minutes (not counting drying time).
  3. Kansas City, MO but I won't hate on my KC KS counterparts.
  4. I think I am going to make these two changes to my game. It gives my pilot something to use his high skill for, let's him choose how reckless he wants to fly and could punish him for being too bold with system strain. In addition it hinders the gunners as well, which I think represents the maneuvers the pilot is taking during combat. Thoughts? Evasive Maneuvers -When using this maneuvers you may choose an amount of purple dice up to you skill in pilot, make a pilot check with that chosen difficulty (if destiny or other factors upgrade this, the chosen dice remain unchanged for the rest of the check). -If successful attacks against and from your ship use the same purple dice pool instead difficulty based on silhouette difference. If your ship is 2 sizes smaller than the attacking ship upgrade the difficulty of attacks directed at you by one step for each size difference greater than 1, if your ship is 2 sizes larger than the attacking ship, upgrade the attackers dice pool by one step for each size difference greater than 1. -If you fail the check, ships use the standard amount of dice based on ships silhouette, but the attacks made from your ship still suffer the penalty to hit. --Threats should be used to generally cause strain to the ship in this case showing the pilot pushing it past it's limits Gain the Advantage -The pilot would have to make the same check as above to successfully gain the advantage on an opponent.
  5. Well I always try to give my players a fairly straight up game, so if its in the book I try and abide by it for the session at least until the next time I can make a ruling and everyone can know how the game will go, Fearful Aura might sound like an aura but is so only in name, in the powers description it is all who look upon you, giving you a fear rating of 2, and since the power does not have a range its hard to say your feared even if you do not see the caster. And while weapon jinx can still effect multiple weapons so this can be quite a pain. I guess i'm looking for other creative ways to bring his powers in line with the rest of the party without making every other bad guy a blank.
  6. Hi everyone habitual lurker first time poster, part time GM here. I dont want start of complaining but I want to try and get a handle on the Imperial Psyker class and see what others do in my situation. My group consists of two RPG vets who are knew to DH, and two who have played before (one is also my wife) the party turns out to be two gaurdsmen, one psyker and a Metalican Gunslinger scum. We are playing the Tattered Fates mod, my friend who played the Psyker is a bit of a power gamer but always gets points for roleplaying his character well. So everyone makes it through the beginning ok, but when they get gear and the drugs wear off, my psker player really seems leaps and bounds ahead of the others. He is rank 4 and I watched his roles, he ended up with 55 WP I believe, a 42 Toughness and I had given all the players roughly 700 thrones so he had full gaurd flak armor. His character only had 9 wounds but using the opponents just out of the book it was fairly difficult to harm, this would not have been an issue though. The issue stems from I was able to put 13 opponents up against the group at once, using the killer template, and just by using the minor power Fear Aura was able to fear most all of them (actually when he rolled he should have had a fear rating 5, but I capped him at 4) and incapacitated most of the enemy. In addition to that, every enemy we come against he is able to first jam their weapon, then uses blood boil on them to subdue the biggest threat. Now part of this may be my fault for letting him take the Templar Elite Advance. Now I know the Warp Pehnomona should help balance this out, and I stopped letting the player use fate points on his focus power test just to try and tone him down a bit, but I find that the Phenom table and even the Perils table do not keep him from frequently using his power. What gets me is that low level powers like Weapon Jinx can effect multiple bad guys with no save for them, so they lose their weapons, but when its so easy for the pskyer to use fear aura and pump 3 or 4 dice into it so that they have a fear of 4 they can subdue entire rooms, and using battle cants they are able to warn the others ahead of time. So one of my questions would in battles do I add more enemies, do I give them resist fear, or psykers, do I use GM magic to make them pass tests? If I more bad guys how do I balance it out for the regular gun toting Joes in the group. Two side notes also, does anyone feel with SP weapons getting the fire selecter and most getting full auto that besides reliable they really are better weapons than the Las weapons? and secondly when starting at say 4 or 5 how do you handle the characters wealth? Thanks for any and all help One good note is at the end of tattered fates my players all have a healthy respect for their lack of Lores and Skills, several preparing to run adepts, clerics and techpriests in our next game.
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