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  1. Ah wait, you mean the 'main' Treason of Saruman and not the Nightmare version right? Nightmares are print on demand, so in theory don't go out of stock. In theory we should be seeing two releases soon (fingers crossed) since both have been released in the US now - The Crossings of Poros Attack on Dol Guldur (2017 Fellowship Event Scenario)
  2. Thaeggan, I would assume USA already had it in - in the UK & Europe we have to wait some time after the initial US release for Nightmare packs. They are print on demand, is shipping to you from FFG's shops within the US too much? It is for UK shipping.
  3. Mine arrived today! Great teamwork Alex, we got there in the end FFG have just said The Crossings of Poros is out, I'll keep an eye on Asmodee's website for what is released in the UK next week.
  4. Yep, just opened up the upcoming list and saw myself. Nice to see they stuck to their word, I was (almost) ready to throw in the towel and order direct from FFG.
  5. I've updated with the following information - The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat is now released in the UK. FAQ 19 has been added. The next deluxe expansion, The Wilds of Rhovanion, has been announced, link added. The digital Lord of the Rings Living Card Game has been announced, section created and link added. FFG have gotten back to me regarding the missing "The Treason of Saruman Nightmare Deck" saying they hope to get it into the Europe in January 2018, fingers crossed!
  6. So the following is out in the UK shops now - Mountain of Fire Saga Expansion Nightmare Deck: Flight of the Stormcaller (Dream-chaser cycle) Nightmare Deck: The Thing in the Depths (Dream-chaser cycle) Nightmare Deck: Temple of the Deceived (Dream-chaser cycle) So after them, it's Nightmare Decks of various products, the last two adventure packs for the "Sands of Harad" cycle and the "Attack on Dol Guldur" Gen Con pack. Oh and that pesky Nightmare Pack for "The Treason of Saruman" - I think I may try and contact Esdevium games regarding that one, Gameslore still have it on pre-order, but now it's getting stupidly late and being bypassed by lots of other Nightmare Packs.
  7. So the next weekly release schedule from Esdevium games has been posted (pdf link) and "Mountain of Fire" is expected 5 Oct, still no "Treason of Saruman" Nightmare - seems the Wizard is playing hard to get.
  8. 16 SEP 2017 Updated OP with current info - 3 new nightmare packs (the Dream-chaser cycle) and a new FFG page for the Attack on Dol Guldur GenCon/Fellowship pack. "Treason of Saruman" not appearing for the new Esdevium releases for 18/9/17 (PDF link). One week left of September for them to hit their September target for it. Fingers crossed!
  9. 26 AUG 2017 Updated OP with current info - currently 5 packs expected - 2x APs, 1x Saga, 1x Nightmare and 1x Special Event (POD).
  10. Grey Havens Nightmare deck is now out. Looks like Alex's good work is about to pay off... Nightmare deck of the Treason of Saruman has been updated on Gameslore's website to say "Expected Sep 2017." Fingers crossed it's incoming! https://www.gameslore.co.uk/acatalog/PR_The_Lord_Of_The_Rings_LCG_The_Treason_Of_Saruman_Nightmare_Deck.html
  11. So the Nightmare Pack for "Land of Shadow" is out ( I received my copy from Gameslore) and according to the release schedule of Esdevium Games, "The Black Serpent" will be out this week.
  12. I think at the time I emailed Esdevium and they had said something about delays, will check my email and FB accounts, see what was said.
  13. Hi guys, sorry, I somehow missed people posting in here. I've updated the first post with the most up-to-date info I have. We are still looking at the Nightmare Pack for "The Treason of Saruman" being not available in the UK, months after it shipped to shops in the US. I fear you may have to order that one through FFG's online shop, but shipping outside the US on that is atrocious. I'm using UK-based shop "Games Lore" for checking availability, so if you do see it in a UK store, please let me know. We may see the Land of Shadow nightmare deck this week.
  14. 11/04/17 Added "The Mountain of Fire" LOTR Saga Expansion info - it is the "the sixth and final The Lord of the Rings Saga Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game"