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  1. Update to OP (9/2/19) Added the final AP for the Ered Mithrin cycle - Fate of Wilderland.
  2. 2019 update (altered the first post!) Was in touch with Asmodee in the New Year, just waiting om what they can find about the still missing items from above. Will keep updating as I find info and posting here ** There is still a copy of the Collectors Edition in Fanboy 3 (Manchester, UK) if anyone is looking for it.
  3. If this game is like Descent, which is what I have seen it likened to - the app for that is available from Apple store, Google store, Amazon store and Steam. That would be great if that is the case here, I'd use my Kindle fire.
  4. I'm really looking forward to this game! So much Tolkien love going on in the gaming world atm, it's a wonder to see
  5. timbolton

    Worse than I Thought

    Just food for thought - the approval process of LOTR LCG vs Arkham - I would presume is a lot longer for LOTR. I know other games based on Tolkien's work have really slow approval processes - eg Cubicle 7's The One Ring RPG (and 5e version - Adventures in Middle-earth). So in terms of new products and release schedule, yes Arkham will beat LOTR hands down. In terms of reprinting... hmm, not so good. We are still waiting for some products in the UK, still unseen in 2018 as yet. I'll get onto my contacts again. However, there were two copies of the collectors edition in a local shop (NW UK), one I picked up. Digital codes were inside the box thankfully and not an email sent to buyer.
  6. *Bump* I've sent an email to Asmodee to see the status of both - Attack of Dol Guldur (Fellowship/Gen Con 2017 Scenario) - released Feb 2018 5 Playmats released back in March 2018 Will update on the info I hopefully get back, they were good with the Treason of Saruman Nightmare pack
  7. *Bump* The Weathered Heath - is out! Added - The Woodland Realm (Fellowship 2018) Been a long wait for - Attack on Dol Guldur (Gen Con 2017). I may look into that, we really should have had it by now.
  8. I was on the pre-order bit of the website, trying to just see how much shipping would be to me in the UK. It didn't seem to update the expected shipping when I put in my address (and kept reverting back to the US for country). Did you directly pre-order through FFG? How much was shipping coming in at?
  9. *Bump* I've updated the original post, this should be fully up-to-date in terms of UK releases. Some items really should have been available now, but we know even when they are slow to come out, they are coming out (Isengard Nightmare pack was completely missed by the UK importer)