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  1. *Bump* I've sent an email to Asmodee to see the status of both - Attack of Dol Guldur (Fellowship/Gen Con 2017 Scenario) - released Feb 2018 5 Playmats released back in March 2018 Will update on the info I hopefully get back, they were good with the Treason of Saruman Nightmare pack
  2. *Bump* The Weathered Heath - is out! Added - The Woodland Realm (Fellowship 2018) Been a long wait for - Attack on Dol Guldur (Gen Con 2017). I may look into that, we really should have had it by now.
  3. I was on the pre-order bit of the website, trying to just see how much shipping would be to me in the UK. It didn't seem to update the expected shipping when I put in my address (and kept reverting back to the US for country). Did you directly pre-order through FFG? How much was shipping coming in at?
  4. *Bump* I've updated the original post, this should be fully up-to-date in terms of UK releases. Some items really should have been available now, but we know even when they are slow to come out, they are coming out (Isengard Nightmare pack was completely missed by the UK importer)
  5. 4 May 2018 - OP updated Added the first three Nightmare Decks for the Dream-Chaser cycle - The Drowned Ruins A Storm on Cobas Haven The City of Corsairs Added the Special events (POD) - The Wizard's Quest (Gen Con 2018)
  6. Thanks to Cardboard of the Rings on a Facebook post, we have the title of the FFG LOTR LCG Gen Con 2018 pack - "The Wizard's Quest" https://www.gencon.com/events/128973 I've added this to the OP.
  7. Update 9/4/18: added "The Weathered Heath," the first AP for the Ered Mithrin cycle.
  8. Update: I've have a reply to my query regarding Poros and the playmats. The Asmodee representative explained they have had some unexpected delays in getting the stock across and hoping for the end of April for Poros. They also expect the playmats to reach stores in the UK but said we should let our local stores know there is demand. Really appreciate they are getting back to us, and so quick really (Fri-Mon the office would have been closed). I'll keep my eyes on the Asmodee weekly updates to see if Poros drops.
  9. timbolton

    New Core box, and more

    For some reason I was thinking this online book was possibly replacing the FAQ, but maybe we'll have the "Learn to Play", the "Rules Reference" and "FAQs" together.
  10. timbolton

    New Core box, and more

    So is the Learn to Play booklet going to be tiny you think?
  11. Just went back to Games Lore - they have "Expected 02/08/2018" - http://www.gameslore.com/acatalog/Games_Haradrim_Cycle_386.html Not sure if that is UK or US date format - 2nd Aug or 8 Feb - it's still on pre-order. I presume Asmode will be on close-down today, so it'll be next Tuesday or later when I expect to hear anything by the earliest (and I expect later tbh)
  12. timbolton

    New Core box, and more

    That ruleset mentions "Online only" - sure this for the physical LOTR LCG or the new digital game? Scrolling through, perhaps it is the former. Also, it's not the full rules system - Page 2 of the Rules Reference. Also note the info at the bottom of the cover page - So this is the second part of the rules, not the only part.
  13. Asmodee's latest New Releases PDF (2 April 2018) has the LOTR LCG core set in the Restocks section, RRP at £36.99. This must be the previously reported new (smaller packaged) version of the core set where the threat tokens and other boxed items are reportedly smaller. Anyone remember the original core set price - wasn't in more in the region of £50? I've tidied up the OP btw, some outdated info near the top I hadn't kept my eye on. Should be all good now
  14. Just edited the OP, Treason of Saruman Nightmare Pack is out. I've also added the Mats (which may or may not come out in the UK). Still waiting on news of the two in the above post, I have contacted Asmodee and they have replied back to say they are looking into both Poros and mats for us
  15. Ah wait, you mean the 'main' Treason of Saruman and not the Nightmare version right? Nightmares are print on demand, so in theory don't go out of stock. In theory we should be seeing two releases soon (fingers crossed) since both have been released in the US now - The Crossings of Poros Attack on Dol Guldur (2017 Fellowship Event Scenario)