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  1. Awesome...had looked through that, but must have missed it. Glad that's all settled.....now back to kick some more Stark A##
  2. Guess it certainly can be viewed different ways....I really hope we get an official ruling though. My group has actually had more fun with making the cards restrictive...makes it very important to hold onto the right card each turn and when to use the right token.
  3. lol..well I'm just glad it wasn't as stupid of a question as I first thought it was.
  4. Almost positive it wouldn't be your full turn, as it's neither a token use, or an order card.
  5. Sounds good..but I have to wonder then about the cards that say "order leader and adjacent units" or just "order two adjacent units" and even the ones where it says to "order two units, one gets +1 die, other +1 movement" it seems that those atleast would be restricted to the exact wording on the cards...but then if the first cards in question are the "order (up to) 3 units"...I'm not so sure what makes it different. We've tried the game both ways...and they are both enjoyable...although obviously more difficult and restrictive if you have to follow the cards exactly by the printed orders. anyway glad to hear some opinons on the matter.
  6. Such an awesome game, but we ran into a small dispute when dealing with Order cards that read along the lines of "order 3 units" and such. If a commander only has 1 unit near him, or no units near him...he is still able to use these cards...and affect up to 3 units (in this case, 1 or 2 units)? Or is the the card only useable when there are exactly 3 units to affect? Thanks for any help...it seems so basic but just wanted some clarification on it.
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