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  1. remeber if you are a Dust Elite member you get a discount.
  2. I have to say it is going to be Japanese. In the Sourcebooks they are in there own section, even though they are aligned with the Axis, they are their own force. If you look at Dust model stuff they have their own Decal Set, there is no Decal set for British, just Allies. In the Sourcebook They have many pics of different troops, walkers, and Heros. they will be their own faction.
  3. can anyone tell if the allied flyers are 2 or 3's I was hoping they would be threes since they take up to squares. I can't make out the thumb nails on the premium pics
  4. would also be intrested in the Manfred Head.
  5. I have some sturmpioneer heads that I would be willing to trade for field cap style heads ( spotter or stefan ).
  6. thanks for the nod. Good trade!
  7. you can get the rattle cans from FRP games and I am sure the Warstore. It is under the flames of war line.
  8. I have 6 Legion heads that I am willing to trade away for either commando heads or german field cap heads ( like stefan or spotter )
  9. Listed as on the dock now. so, should be available in the next 2 weeks
  10. Does anyone have the PSD files for SSU Flyers and a Axis PSD file in their box. I was going to try and make some Dust Models ones, but I only have PSD file for Allies.
  11. FRP Games show that the new Items are in stock
  12. IMO I think this unit is a more balanced unit than heavy laser grenadiers and have a higher survivabilty. If this unit is attacked by a flame type weapon you are only going to take 1 point of damage rather than a possible loss of unit. Also with the mg-44 it gives some balance gainst armor 2 troops.
  13. Not on there anymore? that was a quick turn around. glad you captured when you did.
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