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  1. All this talk of no FAQ had me confused until I took a closer look at the *cough* "current" one on the support page... "January 4, 2007" This is sad.
  2. I think we need to remember that the entire force of the blow isn't hitting the cover, the cover is simply reducing the damage that the target takes. If I was GMing with ThethatGuy's rule I wouldn't damage the target any way, since all of the attacks damage seems to have been spent destroying the cover. But that's just my take on it. BUT, with that said, as this a roleplaying game if I was in the OP's GM's position I'd have given the Krak Missile a chance (some sort of roll based outcome) of being blown out from under the Genestealer, dropping the bugger to whatever lay below... maybe a acrobatics/agility test on the part of the Genestealer to see if he avoid falling.
  3. Terraneaux said: Nimon said: Any subject can be a lore or a forbidden lore, the examples in the book for either are just that. There is an entire galaxy of information out there. Forbidden Lore:Deathwatch would be stuff like - Conspiracies/secrets with in the orginization. Lore: Deathwatch would be stuff like- famous battles, locations of kill-teams/logistics ect. When you have access to a Lore/Forbiiden Lore: Any you can pick up a new trained one. . 'Return to Duty' was errataed to have 'Forbidden Lore: Deathwatch +10' instead of just 'Forbidden Lore: Deathwatch' when I don't think 'Forbidden Lore: Deathwatch' is mentioned anywhere else in the rules. Nimon covered that... When you take the Forbidden Lore:Any advance you choose a Forbidden Lore, so you could choose Forbidden Lore:Deathwatch. Unless my understanding of the Lore advances are completely wrong, I'm not sure where your confusion is stemming from.
  4. Scratch that, clearing my cache and then attempting again cleared it right up.
  5. This looks fantastic, but your "Baptism by Fire" link seems to be down.
  6. Personally even in the TT game I model everyone (except scouts) in helmets. Partially because I HATE painting faces, but mostly because I can't get over the idea of "Hey, that guy not wearing a helmet must be important... *several dozen lasrounds plow into Captain soandsos exposed skull*"
  7. I know you guys just got your hands on the Rulebook, and I plan on getting mine this weekend, but this is the first RPG I have ever really had any interest in playing. I've dabbled with D&D but quit mostly because the group I tried playing with were a bunch of idiots. There is a group that plays Rogue Trader and the like, and I know the guy who runs it just got a copy of Deathwatch. I would like to start playing with them, but seeing as they are experienced players and I am a total newbie, I'm looking for tips so I don't embarrass myself.
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