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  1. Updated version with some grammatical errors corrected. Thanks to Kasatka for the help. PDF download link:dl.dropbox.com/u/3257818/cybernetics_character_creation_Ver2.pdf
  2. I'm glad that you liked it. And yes you are correct that English isn't my first language (but to be honest, I speak it more than Swedish). I originally wrote this for my group so some things might have been badly described. I did though, run this past some English friends and none of them pointed out anything specific so I would appreciate if you could give examples to what could be amended in the tables to make it easier for future users.
  3. ****! Isnt the link working? Is htere any other way to share PDFs in the forum?
  4. I'm about to start a new campaign with my group and we all agreed on that there is a great lack of cybernetics for starting characters. To quote the core rule book: "Bionic Implants and cybernetic augmentation are a fact of life in the Imperium". My last character did have some cybernetics but not until I reached inquisitor level and chopped to pices by a chain sword. Bionics and Cybernetics can be a great advantage for players but also a very good mood setter I think... Also new characters need every help they can get So I took it to me to create a system for starting characters to acquire some cybernetics from starts. If people would like to have a look through and feedback and generally just sat what you think about the system. Many Thanks Dowload link for the PDF: dl.dropbox.com/u/3257818/cybernetics_character_creation.pdf
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