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  1. Dang, dude. This is why I play at home and friendly games only. This guy is playing his list the way he wants to play it within the rules of the game and people don’t like it so they change the rules? Lame. Congratulations, Mitch. You found a list you love and you play it well. That’s X-Wing, baby. Maneuvering for advantage is a central part of the game. I’m sorry that you have to deal with these poor sports.
  2. Thanks for the input all. My first go-around with this game I had a lot of quality issues and had to contact FFG frequently (IE my Imperial Raider came with a bent wing and I had to argue with them to replace it and make my case as to why it was not acceptable, they didn't accept it based on the photos despite the serious bend). That was years ago I was hoping that these quality control issues had been resolved. Hopefully going forward they are, as there are so many cool new features on the newer ships like the B-wing moving wings and rotating cockpit, but I see even on Crabbok's videos he gets lasers that are off-skew on some of the new products. I contacted FFG support rather than try to resolve this myself. I know these miniatures aren't crazy expensive compared to other hobbies, but I expect to get the product I paid for to a high standard of quality, and I will never be okay with ships with crooked lasers. PS. Where in the heck are the x-wing forum avatars? I can't find my precious ships to set as my little picture. PS Again. Where the heck is Tycho this edition?
  3. Hey all, Been away from x-wing for a long time after selling my collection and now I’m slowly getting back in with 2.0. Got my core set today and one the x-wing’s lasers is just off enough to look a little funky. Now I don’t really think it’s quite off enough to justify contacting support, but I’d like to fix this off-kilter laser by just a few degrees if possible. Does anybody have a simple and effective method of slightly correcting a slightly off laser on an x-wing? Thanks for any help!
  4. I am considering jumping into RW because of the Legion announcement, actually. While I love SW, RW seems to me like the better game. I will buy into RW in the next month or so and I do hope that it doesn't die. My hope is that people who play Legion might turn to RW to scratch their fantasy rank and file itch. While the minis may not be up to GW levels, the actual game seems better to me, and I hope that it lives long and prospers.
  5. They both simplify movement and employ maneuver templates, although in different forms. That matters a lot to me, as AoS/40K RAW movement is a pain.
  6. They share some mechanics, but mechanically, I actually like the way that Runewars works better in many ways. I'm still excited for Legion.
  7. For what it's worth, I did not seriously consider Runewars Minis until the Legion announcement. Now, in anticipation of Legion, I've researched Runewars Minis and think that it's a better game than the GW stuff, so I'm in the process of moving over from AoS / 40K to Runewars / Legion right now. I think GW minis are better, but it looks like FFG is making better games.
  8. You can bet your midichlorians that there will be ewoks eventually.
  9. I don't mind the game being at a different scale and its own thing, but to be fair to the people clamoring for it, it's an understandable desire and even a reasonable expectation to a degree. Perhaps not to the degree that they are becoming angry over the scale difference, but then neither is it reasonable to use this kind of reductio ad absurdum to argue against their hopes. I think that the "sides" of this both need to calm down, understand that each side is reasonable in its own way and logical in its own way, and be a bit less dramatic in their discourse.
  10. I think it would be great if they stuck with two factions and brought in scum and villainy as mercenaries for either side.
  11. They should definitely at a minimum include enough dice so that whatever character or ship or unit rolls the most of any given particular type of die can roll all of those dice at once.
  12. I'm going to wait and watch and see. I would love to get into a good SW miniatures game. Thing is, IA Skirmish does a great job of capturing the feel of SW with its emphasis on small groups and individuals. I'm not too interested in the ground troops of Star Wars, for me it's about the characters (even made up minor characters like Terro). So if Legion looks like it's going to have a heavy focus on characters, I'm excited to jump in. If not, and it's an emphasis on the faceless core forces, then I'm not all that interested and will be content with IA. Time will tell which is the case!
  13. I have played since the beginning and have had several problems throughout the game's lifespan. -Tie Advanced with a crooked wing had to be replaced -Tie Interceptor missing one of its laser cannons had to be replaced -Two Lambda shuttles with faulty wings had to be replaced -Z-95 with a crooked laser cannon had to be replaced -I'm sending in my YT-2400 because its cannon is mounted at an angle instead of pointing forward -I'm hoping to get my VT-49 replaced because it sits crooked and looks bad due to the faulty peg slot Several of my old X-wings came with lasers at odd angles but I forgive that because it was early in the game's life. Both of my Epic ships had minor problems but I had a good deal of good will built up toward FFG in general for replacing previously faulty ships so live with those minor faults. I have high standards for the quality in this game. I don't have time to create miniatures as a hobby and so I pay a premium for the pre-made miniatures in this game and don't mind at all, assuming that they're crafted well. By no means or measure are my other ships perfect. One of my A's has a crooked laser cannon, one of my HWKs has an incorrectly mounted tail, one of my Ys has crooked engines. But the issues are minor enough that I usually live with them just fine, except in the cases noted above as being replaced. Usually FFG does a good job of taking care of issues that I have with quality when I send in. But I have absolutely had to send in, and right now FFG is telling me that my VT-49's problem is a minor inconvenience. This might be true if I had bought a miniature that I was expected to work on before it looked good on the table, but I didn't - I bought a pre-painted and pre-made miniature that is supposed to look good next to everything else that I have on the table, and instead it rolls to one side because of its size and the faulty peg slot. I am frustrated but have sent a follow-up request further detailing my position that it is not a minor issue and am hoping for the best. I do worry about continuing to buy into this game. I have had consistent major quality issues in my miniatures, but that's always been taken care of so far. If I run into a wall and those quality issues are no longer taken care of, my faith in this game will be severely shaken or extinguished. Which is a shame, because I do love it. But I do have a budget, and I have to consider what I spend money on well. I have no room to blow money on a product that may or may not ultimately function as intended.
  14. I had this problem with both of mine. I'm sending the YT2400 in for replacement on Monday, but that's for a crooked cannon. Hopefully they will replace it with one with a good peg slot. When I asked for replacement or repair for the VT49 peg problem they told me that the problem was within their tolerance, which frustrates me because I paid 40 bucks for the thing and it sits crooked to one side on the table. I'm not sure that FFG understood that the crookedness was the problem, their reply was all about keeping the peg attached. I move mine by the base so keeping it attached isn't the problem. The peg just goes in so poorly that the ship sits crooked. It disappoints me that they still have these quality issues. I have had to get at least one ship replaced in every wave besides my two Epic ships. Their customer service is good but I am going to be significantly frustrated if they don't replace this VT so that it looks good. I don't have the time to modify it and premade minis is part of what I love about this game.
  15. Anybody down for playing in LA-Riverside vicinity this Sunday? Been a while and I need to play this game.
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