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  1. I wouldn't be "sensitive" if people hadn't been throwing around accusations of chauvanism in previous threads, and were serious about it. I do agree that these threads are stupid though, and that if people want to make up female Marines for their home games they should go right ahead and do so, no harm, no foul. It's changing the fluff to accomidate the option that I'm against, especially because there are plenty of options to include female characters in a Deathwatch game somehow.
  2. Ahh, should have known I had it wrong after I glanced at the other material. Thanks for the correction, I hate to spread misinformation.
  3. Not to mention, that again this is the future, they could have solid rocket fuel that works just fine in a vacuum, assuming it's even solid. Hell, we might have something like that now for all I know.
  4. Really Kage? You think GW is watching threads like this, and will be inspired to change the fluff to allow female Marines because of them? I thought you had more sense than that. It is a minority Jack. I can count on one hand the number of women in my area that play 40K or Fantasy, not for lack of trying from the guys at the local GW store. And to others, making female Marines isn't too **** likely to increase their profits by great amounts, and its quite niave to think so. And Eponral specifically, I really don't like your implication that people against female Space Marines are misogynists. And if you didn't mean it like that, then don't throw the ******* word around. Because I sure as hell am not going to tolerate being called that, a chauvanist, or anything else, just because I like the fluff the way it's written!
  5. From the Into the Storm spoilers I was kinda surprised to read that Orks get Unnatural Strength to start with, since it just seems at odds with what you'd logically extrapolate from the tabletop game and Inquisitor (old I know, but the stats aren't a bad basis for comparison). But then, the Freebooter starts out the equivalent of a Rank 5-6 DH character, so I suppose he's not a standard Boy, like the NPC's. And glancing at the NPC section of the RT book, the one they have there doesn't have Unnatural Strength anyway... or maybe I'm just remembering the **** spoiler thread wrong. As for Genestealers and Orks, they look about right actually. Creatures Anathema only gives Unnatural Strength to Nobz, which seems right to me. While Genestealers just get Unnatural Agility, which also seems right because they're known more for being quick and agile, and sneaky (and still have pretty good S and T anyway). It's their claws that were what made them really dangerous afterall, and Space Marines are still definitely superior to either. Still wouldn't want to fight a Genestealer in melee though.
  6. I didn't know there was a "Hatred (Pre-Release Book)" Talent! >.>
  7. I'll likely read and digest the info from my copy, using it to learn the game, and probably pick up a .pdf to use while actually at the game table. Or a big knife, to cut off the fingers of anyone but me who touches it. lol
  8. If you'll note my first post, the question pertains directly to the Rogue Trader CE. While I could have asked in the DW section of the forums (it's not like most people don't have an interest in all three gamelines), it seemed I'd be more likely to get an accurate answer over here.
  9. i finally quit all my dithering and put my order in Brother Jonas Hanazrias of the Black Templars reporting for duty! They're a popular Chapter, but they were my first 40K army, back before they even had a Codex of their own (I thought they'd be easy to paint, lol).
  10. I thank you both for your feedback. While I suspected thar because it's a game where you play the Marines, it would be more popular than Rogue Trader, I also hoped that the higher price would help slow things down, making it last relatively the same time. In the end though, thanks to your feedback, and a quick call to Border Services who informed me there was no duty fees on books, I put my order in. A shiny new copy of Deathwatch CE is on its way to me... yaaayyy! If I had to choose one CE to have anyway, I think I would have chosen this one anyway (with the DH book a close second)... though I'd still love to have a copy of the DH and RT collector's editions.
  11. I can't believe I didn't think to ask this here first... But can anyone remember, even roughly, how long it took for all the copies of the CE to sell out during pre-order? I'm looking at getting the Deathwatch CE, and the duties for crossing the US-Canadian border are making the prospect of ordering rather unpleasant. Sure, the occasional copy made it on to the shelves of someone's FLGS, but not on mine, and the owner is out of town so I can't get them to put the order in for me until Tuesday. And I'm worried that Tuesday might be too late, so I was wondering if folks could help me out and give me a basis for comparison?
  12. Thankyou again. Man, do I wish there was a ticker, showing how many were left.
  13. Huh yeah, I forgot to mention I'm Canadian. But thankyou anyway.
  14. I'm trying to decide between ordering through my FLGS or pre-ordering online... But the store owner isn't going to be back in town until Tuesday, and I'm afraid these will all be sold out by then. And on the other hand, I'm worried about whether I'd have to pay import duties on the book if I just ordered it right through the FFG website. If it was made in the US then it's no problem (it still might not be a problem, but I'd rather not go to pick up my package from the post office and be surprised with another $100 added to the bill). Edit: Anyone remember how long it took the Rogue Trader CE to sell out?
  15. I've always seen them referred to as Campaign Studs myself.
  16. Presuming noone here has seen the CE of the new Bog Red Book... The parchment is going to make the inside look real nice, espcially the artwork. A local had a copy and was showing it off.
  17. Well, like I'm planning to do, you could see if your FLGS is willing to order in a copy, along with the rest of their order from FFG.
  18. It's soo beautiful... I hope there are some left by next Wednesday, my FLGS owner is going out of town, and I wanted to pre-order through him (save on S&H).
  19. Hand loaded. And an excellent piece of equipment too, from what I've been told. If anything undebatably good could be said to have come out of the war in Afghanistan, the large number of much needed acquisitions by the Canadian Forces is one of them. Hell, before we picked up the new Leopard 2A6M's (which even surpass the Abrams, whoo hoo!) we were still using the old modified Leopard 1's, so it's really given us the chance to get ahold of a lot of modern heavy equipment, without it taking so long that it's obsolete by the time we get it. It's kinda embarassing when you consider that we were pretty much the first ones to use innovative stuff like rails and digital camo. But I digress... Models, like artwork and fiction, are made to be gool and aesthetically pleasing. Just because the Steel Legion looks like its using an RPG-7, doesn't mean the weapon is only that effective (though with the way the Russians have been modernizing them...). And as Polaria said, the Imperial Guard is a monstrously huge armed force, the Imerium really does need to equip them on the relative cheap. Manpower is the one resource that it's never going to run out of, making it the smart, albeit inhumane, choice.
  20. So lemme get this straight, you're basing your judgement of the level of Imperium weapons technology on the size of the blast templates and what the models are holding? Must I really point out what's wrong with this idea? Also, the mighty Abrams tanks still uses human loaders, as well as the artillery pieces fielded by more than a few modern armies (Canadian Forces to name one). So, so much for WW2 era technology. They even think they're faster than an autoloader, and provide benefits like it being impossible for a jam, and no need for a complicated mechanism to facilitate what kinda of shells are being loaded
  21. I'm afraid I just can't trust that picture, not only because of its age, but also because it's just... not very good. And I would hardly want to guess at the thickness of their armour based on that. As for Bolter shells, all I have to go by is what is says in the Lexicanum, which is the most up to date source we have anyway. I'd still say it's a comparison to put them on about equal terms with a .50 cal, Tungsten or no. But to give the benefit of the doubt, we could say they're the same as Kraken rounds then, which still just have a Pen of 8. Oh yeah, I'd also say they do less damage, about 'only' as much as a Heavy Stubber, considering that they don't explode inside their target, like Bolt rounds.
  22. Though it should be noted that the interfaces used in Titans are really on a level of their own, and the little MIU's used for Power Armour or fire little hands-free weapons are nothing in comparison. The unit in a Titan has been described as melding together the Princeps and Machine Spirit in to effectively one being.
  23. Nah, Bolter rounds are 'only' .75 calibre, but that's still half again larger than what the M2 fires. While Heavy Bolters fire shells that are a whopping 1.0 calibre.
  24. andrewm9 said: Sisters still perform purity sweeps through all Imperial Organziations (including Marines) at the behest of the Ordo Hereticus. Their remit from Sebastion Thor allows them to police the Ecclesiarchy without needing to go the Ordo Hereticus though they are alos beholden to the Church. That must make things complicated. To quote the codex ," These and a thousand other duties are entrusted to these most holy servants of the Emperor." (Witch Hunters codex (printed version) page 11) Yes, and the Space Wolves Codex demonstrated just how well that sort of thing works when the Space Marines don't feel like cooperating. These guys kill Inquisitors for snooping around too much, so it's a pretty good bet that these sorts of thigns are only tolerated at their sufferance. BaronIveagh said: The .75 HEDP round typically used by bolters would be stopped fairly effectivly by composite armor with an anti-spalling layer (which might explain how occasionaly gaurdsmen survive being hit by it too). A tungsten core kinetic penetrator will more then likely do just that as it's no more then half an inch thick according to most sources. Even figuring future super materials make it stronger, composite armor tends to have greater volume but lower weight then a comparable amount of metal. In power armor, where the device itself carries the weight, not the person, the only reason to use composits is to provide greater protection from shape charge based weapons or to increase the physical strength boost given by the armors servos. While this would make the armor more agile, it also reduces it's effectiveness per inch of thickness. This issue is actually what gave rise to the MK III "Iron" armor, as fighting in confined areas was negating the benefits of the increased agility. That's better... And they've since replaced the "Depleted Dueterium" inside bolter rounds with Depleted Uranium, which makes a hell of a lot more sense, and would finally explain where a lot of a Bolter shell's umph comes from. And DU certainly can be compared to tungsten when it comes to effectivness. While as for the protective qualities of Power Armour, well unless it's inthe Insignum Astartes somewhere (which I don't have) or maybe even Deathwatch, the fluff doesn't give too much information on just how thick it is, aside from "thick ceramite plates". But given the immense strength of the Space Marines, and the armour's own power, I don't think it would be out of the question to assume that they can really pile it on, and that the torso is where the thickest armour would be found (probably a lot thicker than half an inch, but unfortunately it's all guess work either way here).
  25. Wow, 250 seems downright tiny for a Heavy Bolter's ammo capacity.
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