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  1. MILLANDSON said: Diel Ulricsson said: Furthermore, if I remember correctly, there is an old Black Templar Chapter Keep in the sector, set up during the Angevin Crusade. I forget its current status however. I think it's basically locked down and staffed by servitors to keep it maintained, there aren't any Black Templars there now. It's on Cloister, and the Core book gives a very brief bit of info on it. It's currently occupied by a small order of monks, who really don't want to be there if the Black Templars come back.
  2. While I'm of no means bereft of ideas to work with for the upcoming game I'm running, I was wondering if anyone anywhere ever saved the player made material from the Black Industries website, specifically all the stuff that people made for the various worlds of the Calixis Sector? Kinda like what they have here. Except on the BI site, a lot of the various planets had links where you'd find expanded information contributed by the fans. If anyone knew where that might have ended up, it'd be really appreciated, as I was thinking of looking it over for additional ideas.
  3. According to some spoilers, they've been told that all these men and materials are going to the Margin Crusade, which actually disapeered about 20 years prior.
  4. Aenir said: I was thinking of running an adventure (if there are Dark Angels in the party) where a member of the <Censored by the Inner Circle> is spotted, does the party member go for the honor of the chapter, or stick with the kill-team (Not that innovative, I know) I can see the gears working there, but honestly I think the Inner Circle would order marines seconded to the Deathwatch to suspend the hunt for the fallen as long as it would interfere with their mission. They may be able to get away with being contrary little bastards when it comes to coordinating with other Imperial forces any other time, such as in the case of the Siege of Vraks or the 13th Black Crusade, but in the case of the Deathwatch not only is the Dark Angel likely to be on his own, but membership is a big matter of honour. And running off in the middle of a mission is exactly the sort of thing that is going to reflect very badly on the Marine in question, and his Chapter. If he survived it, I could very much see the Deathwatch shipping him back home in disgrace. So they probably just relay any information they come up with back to their Chapter. Because even if a kill-team managed to capture one of the Fallen, he's the prisoner of the Deathwatch, who may not just hand them over to the Dark Angels.
  5. While I suppose there's nothing stopping from attaching them to their armour, but the Mechandendrites we've seen in DH and RT are both installed in to the person, which is the sort of thing that would get in the way when trying to put your Power Armour on. And honestly, I don't see them having much use for a Marine anyway.
  6. Again you're assuming that they're stuck using current levels of technology just because of some cosmetic similarities between weapons. That's like declaring the G11 isn't a more advanced and complexed rifle than the M16 just because it does the same thing (IE: shoot bullets at people you don't like). Despite that clearly not being the case.
  7. Also, I don't imagine picking the exact spot you exit the warp is easy, if at all possible. If so, if you happened to exit 'next' to the system, instead of 'above' or 'below', shifting your position to you can come at it from either of those directions would just take you longer, since it shouldn't be particularly hard to fly around the planets in the first place, it's not like they move very fast.
  8. Kage2020 said: And double the cost?With that said, despite my lack of desire in a physical copy of the product* I almost bought one the other night for the potential re-sale value. Despite the somewhat shaky economic foundation for that, I also felt... morally corrupt for some strange reason. Weird world that we live in! * This is due to preference and not some form of passive-aggressive criticism of the game, so don't even go there. Now I'm going to get back to counting how many threads are essentially covering the same topic! Kage Weren't the DH and RT Collector's Editions something like $120? So not quite double. And it looks like this larger supply is going to kill the eBayers anyway, so good call on that. I'll admit I'd been thinking the same thing because I'm almost broke as it is, and needed the money. I still would have felt like a skeev for doing it though. But in the end I decided not to.
  9. Firebreak said: I was thinking of having the crusade "hire" a Rogue Trader to fly around the Death Watch team. He will of course think that they owe him a favor or two in his own endeavers. I am really looking forward to throwing charismaticly difficult RT at the team, a good guy that just pushes their "friendship." Trying to blackmail and/or manipulate Space Marines? I can't see that not ending badly. lol As for the Deathwatch and starships on the whole, I could see them having a decent number of ships for their own use, mostly frigates and destroyers, with an occasional Strike Cruiser that probably gets used as a mobile command base more than an actual transport and warship. And then I imagine that they have the authority (through ancient oaths of fealty and obligations, etc.) to request transport from the Imperial Navy and friendly Marine Chapters. With a Rogue Trader doing the job from time to time as well, because they're the most convenient. I'd imagine Rogue Traders don't like having Space Marines around too much though. For all that they might be god and king on their own ship, noone really wants to piss off a bunch of Space Marines, they're kinda strict about loyalty to the Emperor and so-forth.
  10. Of course, such tampering need not be malicious either. What commander wouldn't want a team of Space Marines to help them in their next battle? The Lord General commanding that piece of the crusade could see to it that the ship the Deathwatch Marines were on was 'accidently' detoured toward a different battlezone than the one they were originally intended to go to.
  11. Not necessarily a bad thing, though. I remember grumbling about how both the RT and DH collector's editions sold out before I even knew they had been put up for pre-order, and while I had been checking the website almost daily for Deathwatch, I can feel for those who would hate to miss out on such a cool piece of lewt because they were lagging behind everyone else a bit.
  12. And yet I've heard other people saying that it sold out in only a few days.
  13. The reason I see it being not included is the same as the Sister of Battle not being in the Dark Heresy core book. It's not really a standard career. And even with 400 pages to work with, wordcount is always an issue when it comes to writing for rpg books, so something like that can be set off to the side in an optional supplement, instead of taking up space that could be used for more important things. Wanting more time to work on it might have been an issue too.
  14. According to the old Battlefleet Gothic articles on the subject, Space Marine vessels tend to have very small crews anyway. With the only actual Marines on board being the officers, and some Techmarines working with the Mechanicus adepts assigned to the ship. The rest of the crew being made up of a combination of Chapter serfs and servitors. I'd imagine you wouldn't find too many Dark Holds on a Space Marine ship, or if you did they would be referred to by a different name anyway... Practise. I always wanted to start up a Space Marine fleet, but it suffers from the same problems as a lot of the specialist games, that being lack of players.
  15. Well, some of us don't have the book yet, do I didn't know that regular Marines could invest that much in stealth related skills and talents. But it's certainly nice that you can. So I suppose you'd simply represent a Cyrus-type character by giving him armour and dumping XP in to the right traits. I can still see Dreadnoughts and Chaplains though. The former because it's possible that your character could be so seriously wounded that it would be a viable alternative to just delivering the Emperor's Mercy. You'd likely need a high Reknown for it though, since it is something they reserve for great heroes. Chaplains I could see too, probably as a whole new career, because of all the reasons stated above and because Chaplains are also great leaders of their fellow Space Marines, inspiring them to great feats of valour and hatred of the Emperor's enemies.
  16. Doesn't one of the preview adventures, or antagonist books, have Space Marines in it somewhere? Loyalist or Chaos. If they're listed as being 'average' Marines, as opposed to veteran or some such, they could be used as a good basis for comparison.
  17. The Frateris Templars weren't even equiped to the same standard as the Sisters of Battle. They were essentially Imperial Guardsman with a different name, from everything (admitedly not much) that was written about them. Perhaps there were a lot of priests and other religious leaders around to make them extra fanatical, but that doesn't make a real difference. And in case it needs to be said again, the Chantry Guards of the Temple Tendency are merely their spiritual successors, not literal.
  18. It almost seems like a few folks are feeling a little sore that the Deathwatch CE isn't more 'eclusive', with the large number of copies of it. But considering the books in the 40K line of RPG's are selling like deep fried crack, I don't think they're going to be too numerous in relative terms. So I'm not too perturbed by it, it makes it easier for people who actually want the book to own to get ahold of it, as opposed to the people who just want to sell it on eBay for a huge markup.
  19. God ****... if I had the money... but I already broke the bank ordering the Deathwatch CE, and 1 out of 3 isn't bad... I wll have to remember that though, for the future when I again have more money than brains.
  20. Blood Pact

    Canon Question

    It's a good bet that they don't get to publish any new fluff for 40K without the people at GW looking it over and approving it. GW is pretty possessive about its IP, and the integrity of it. And as for the number of Marines in Deathwatch, it doesn't concern itself with the 1,000 limit because it's not an actual Chapter.
  21. Terminator Armour can be requisitioned, but you have to have a ton of Reknown for it, according to earlier spoilers. As for Scouts, I could see them being an elite rank, like the stuff you find in the Inquisitor's Handbook, or from the upcoming Into the Storm. You take it in place of the standard rank and it represents that you're a veteran sergeant who's dedicated to guiding the neophytes on to become full fledged Space Marines. It could even be a rank 1 alternate. But personally I just can't picture how "Scout" could work as a whole career (specialty) like Assault, or Techmarine does. I would expect to see rules for Dreadnoughts and Chaplains in Rites of Battle though (and the Scout thing too). They're the kind of things that could definetly work in a book like that, as they're cool but non-standard.
  22. Cailieg said: Thank you Blood Pact. I wrote that for a signature a few years ago, when the MMO world was still convinced girls did not play games like Everquest and WoW. Though I have since moved on from my MMO addictions, the little rhyme/poem stayed with me.On the topic at hand though; as a female gamer who chose to create an alternative for Females playing in my Deathwatch games (read NOT Femme Marines); I do have an opinion on this matter..... http://loscuatroojos.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/muscle-woman.jpg This is why we do not have Female Space Marines.... it is not the sexy masturbatory fantasy some gamers wish it were.....assuming they don't get implants they look like skinny Male marines with flattened pancakes on their chests...... Alexis *smiles* Well you're welcome. Not to seem like too much of a 'white knight', but I've always been annoyed by the way so many guys act over the internet. It makes us all look bad, and can keep the gaming community from diversifying like it should. And yeah, yeesh, that is overdoing it quite a lot with the body building imo, and I usually appreciate a woman who's strong and athletic. I don't even comprehend why guys go to such extreme lengths like that. Though having female Marines be a little feminine wouldn't be bad. I'm still a red blooded male at heart. And a friend of mine is going the female Marine route, we were talking about it earlier today too. Using the angle provided by the two mystery legions. With the explanation that it was the 'beta test' before the all male legions were made. Her idea was a lot more fleshed out, but I wasn't taking notes at the time.
  23. Yeah, let's avoid the spoilers. Some of us have been really **** slow in working out way through the Horus Heresy series. Though my exuse is that it took forever for me to get ahold of a copy of False Gods, and I'm incredibly picky about reading a series in order.
  24. Not all of the people proposing it are like that, but it does veer in that direction more than a little.
  25. Out of all the signatures I've seen on here so far, Cailieg's is my favourite.
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