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  1. kenshin138 said: Its detailed pretty well. However, there are no rules for them; they exist as RP tools only. But I got the impression that many of them were elaborated on, purely as fluff? Like an explanation of the Crux Terminatus, laurel wrathes, and other sorts of decorations you often see on models.
  2. HappyDaze said: I also got the impression that, at the beginning of the campaign (prior to PC intervention), the Imperium is losing ground in the Jericho Reach. I think a more accurate appraisal would be that the crusade is at a turning point, when it could fail or succeed, depending on the actions of those members of Deathwatch who operate within the Jericho Reach.
  3. Voronesh said: Plus if i want to run around in Power armor and Boltgun and chainsword, DW isnt really the answer, i only get huge amounts of rules (well the game that started with DH really has hit its limit there). PLus all of the sudden Marine weapons do more damage than normal ones. Since im form the Tabletop game first and the RPG second, that kinda stinks. It really gives me that bad taste in my mouth, since i cant sick my Chaos Space marine renegade chapter on any RT group ever. Yeah theres 5 Khorne berzerkes from that boarding torpedo on your ship, yes the horde rules are in effect, and they just killed a few hundred armsmen in close combat, what do you do? Heh DW rant off ^^. I'm afraid the problem is with you, not the game. You're assuming the tabletop stats are a good basis for the RPG rules. They're not, simple as that. Space Marines are toned down for balance reasons, because it makes the game less fun to play when you only have one or two tactical squads taking on a whole IG army. If you're having a tough time with Space Marines slaughtering your mooks, then maybe you shouldn't fight them. Because how can you not expect 5 Khorne Berzerkers to kill a few hundred armsmen? Luddite said: Um...except this is exactly what Terminator armour and storm bolters were devolped for...cramped fighting in the volatile environment of a starship (boarding actions) and particularly inside space hulks....not to mention their compliment of support weapons - assault cannons, flamers and on the original terminator armour rapid fire grenade racks... Unless of course terminator armour can survive rupturing a plasma coolant duct (which they can of course, being developed from civilian industrial armour capable of surviving orbital micrometeor strikes, and working inside plasma reactors). Terminator armour isn't really meant for repelling boarders, it's meant for boarding someone else's ship and making a huge mess of everything you come accross. They don't really have to care if they puncture a bulkhead, or make a power conduit explode, the armour they're wearing will protect them from whatever the danger is, and the ship is full of enemies to begin with, the more they kill the better. If they're capturing it, for some reason, then they can repair everything later without too much trouble. On the defence, I'd imagine Astartes vessels tend to be made of stern enough stuff that a boarding action isn't likely to cause any serious damage.
  4. I have a feeling it might have something to do with the secrets and relics of the Deathwatch, their record "keepers", which means they might be a Librarian only kind of thing (since Librarians certainly won't be able to become Chaplains).
  5. So I've been reading a lot of 40K novels lately, and they've all been really helpful, though the ones focusing on Marines have done the most of course. I was wondering what other sorts of inspiration people have been able to find, not just from Black Library stuff, but other sources as well, and what they've done with it. For a couple of the things I've latched on to, it's mostly been the small things, little details that add a lot of flavour by the way they emphasise that the Astartes are a warrior fraternity who take their heritage, as well as their honour, very seriously. Flight of the Eisenstein mostly in the form of how wargear was treated. We've always known that the Space Marines 'recycled' their equipement, passing along Bolters and Power Armour as old bearers died, but something I never would have considered before is how the names of all the previous bearers would be engraved in to the casing of a Bolter, as noted by Captain Garro, when he is issued a replacement, and spots a the name of a recently fallen Battle-Brother from his company. Or how wielding the power sword Libertas is considered a great honour in and of itself, far beyond the raw might of the weapon. While another example is Helreach, which I just started recently, and how it never occured to me that some Chapters of the Space Marines might ise a term like "Knights" for their brothers. Not to mention the insight it would give in to the Black Templars themselves, as a Chapter.
  6. Two major points here. The Inquisition doesn't recruit insecure little children who are prone to throwing temper tantrums at the first sign of difficulty from someone else. Because really, that's what some of you are saying here. That if a bunch of Marines, Deathwatch or otherwise, disobey an Inquisitor, they've just sentenced themselves to the most severe of reprecussions and probably death. I'd like to think Inquisitors have much more important things to be doing than punishing everyone in existence who ever slights them, because it has to happen a lot more often than their reputation would seem to indicate. Especially because they either need to have some method of handling things right on hand (and obviously the Marines can't really have any backup of their own), or they need to hunt them down later with the requisite resources needed to take down a small team of Space Marines. That's a lot of effort and risk to go to just to soothe a bruised ego. Which brings me to my second point. the unlimited authority of the Inquisition is more theory than practical, when it comes to dealing with certain groups. They play off their reputation and the fear that they can instill upon those they're dealing with, which isn't always as successful against some as it is against others, like regular Imperial citizens, or the Guard. While an Inquisitor can theoritically bring their power to bear against anyone, the reality of the situation is that if anyone goes after one of the High Lords of Terra without the backing of the Inquisitorial Representative, they're going to end up facedown in a ditch somewhere, dead, with their pants around their ankles just for added insult. That's an extreme example, I know, but we have more than enough canon examples of Inquisitors being brushed off to believe that they really have the authority to boss around, or punish, anyone they want with impunity. The FFG books that discuss the relationship between Rogue Traders and the Inquisition, for example, and our very own core book which says that the Deathwatch is the ally of the Inquisition, and not their subordinate. Let's see, in the Anphelion Project, a 'mere' Captain of the Red Scorpions basically tells off an Inquisitor and sails away, refusing to waste the lives of his Battle Brothers against the Tyranids on the planet. Hell, it's not even a new phenomenon, the 3rd edition Space Marine codex has a small but relevant blurb in it on the subject. An Inquisitor makes a general call for help dealing with a planet that is about to secede because of a worldwide conspiracy involving the governor himself as well as prominent ministers and officers within the planetary government and defence forces. A Strike Cruiser of the White Panthers chapter arrives arrives and he explains that the situation as well as, outlines a plan to eliminate the governor and other high ranking figures involved. They thank him for bringing the heresy to light and proceed to implement their own plan. The Adeptus Astartes are infamous, among all the myriad number of Imperial organizations, for being extremely independent minded and willful. They follow their own chain of command structure, to the point where unless they voluntarily place themself under someone else's authority, it's practically impossible to order them around. The most reliable method of controlling them is appealing to their honour, as it's often the case that their Chapter will have sworn oaths to some effect, tieing them to another group by ancient obligations. Like how most Chapters deal with the Mechanicus Forge Worlds that supply them materials, or the Navigator houses who pilot their ships, honour bound to come to their aide if they call. An Inquisitor can't reliably expect a Space Marine to just do whatever they're told, because he's an Inquisitor, unless that Space Marine has been told by one of his own superiors that the Inquisitor is in charge. And intimidation is hardly a good alternative afterall, for as the saying goes, "And they shall know no fear".
  7. Those Dark Angels certainly are.. umm... 'special', aren't they? >.>
  8. Well, I would imagine it's something of a two-stage system, with a conventional charge like a bullet handling the initial launch, while the rocket kicks in and keeps it from losing velocity over long range. So that it will still punch through someone at close range, or rather punch in to them and let the mass-reactive cap do its job. Which is another part I forgot, I would imagine that another aspect of the Astartes Bolter being more powerful is that a whole lot more work and quality is put in to their ammunition. And on an overall related note, I'mpretty much of the same mind Siranui in their post at the top of the second page.
  9. borithan said: According to the 4th edition Space Marine codex Space Marine bolters are .75 inch. According to Dark Heresy "normal" bolters are also .75 inch. Yet Space Marine ones are bigger (consequently they must be longer... which is not a solution I like. The Desert Eagle and the Barrett both fire a .50 round, but one of them will still rip your arm off if you don't brace it before firing. Just because the rounds are the same size calibre doesn't do a thing to keep the Bolters that are used by the Astartes from being more powerful. While Bolters don't fire bullets per se, and are more like gyrojets, I think a heavier (much heavier) firing charge and warhead could account for it easily.
  10. It seems to me, that the core of the work is probably very much The Art of War in form and length, a flexible treatise on the principles of Astartes warfare, written by Guilleman himself. While the full work is a collection that includes all sorts of examinations and discourses written by other commanders over the millenia, all compiled together to make up the larger body of knowledge. Owing to the fact that it's been 10,000 years since it was written, and that the galaxy is a huuuuge place, I would imagine that the Codex Astartes of each chapter is largely unique. Though I'm also sure some the more famous and genius individuals to contribute will have had their wisdom spread beyond their own Chapter as well, particularly in the case of the other Primarch survivors of the Heresy. This makes me wonder, do those Chapters that don't follow the Codex still have a copy of it for reference? And if so, does the wisdom of their luminaries find its way in to the collections of other Chapters? For example, will the Imperial Fists, let alone the Salamanders, have accounts from Sigismund after he became High Marshal of the Black Templars?
  11. Well, when playing a Techmarine, a combi-tool is a must, plus I usually take a few more doses of repair cement since it's my job to keep my Battle-Brother's gear in top form. And I usually grab a chainsword too, since it suits my Black Templar's desire to rend the Emperor's foes in to gory little pieces.
  12. Blood Pact said: Rrrr... **** delayed holidays, I'm not going to be able to pick up my package until Wednesday!Luckily Christmas was good to me, but **** do I want my collector's edition. Part of me even wants to head over to /tg/ for an unboxing. Collector's Edition copy #614 is not in my possession!
  13. Rrrr... **** delayed holidays, I'm not going to be able to pick up my package until Wednesday! Luckily Christmas was good to me, but **** do I want my collector's edition. Part of me even wants to head over to /tg/ for an unboxing.
  14. I just ran out and checked the mailbox, finding a slip telling me at I have a package waiting at the local post office (it's past midnight right now). **** do I wish I had checked it earlier today, so I could have picked it up before the post office closed. Oh well, there's always Boxing Day.
  15. Actually, the idea that a starting Deathwatch Marines is some kind of veteran is a misassumption that has been perpetuated with some unfortunate zeal. The Deathwatch will take a full fledged Marine of any level of experience, though it would be safe to assume that being fresh out of the scouts, or an important member of the chapter command, are very rarely called upon. Rather, the Deathwatch are looking for those Marines with 'something special' about them, an extra added quality that makes them stand out from amongst the ranks of their brothers, without going in to too much detail as to what they're looking for. It'd be safe to assume that a Deathwatch Marine needs to be the kind of person who isn't too rigid in their thinking, and has enough tact not to just blast away every time they think they're looking at anything vaguely hostile. Various specialties need not be restricted to veteran marines either, save for Chaplains who are a bit of a special case. Techmarines and Apothecaries are stated to have been singled out early on for their added proficiency, while Librarians pretty much join as Librarians. I think it would be a safe bet to be able to make a game using standard Marines with the basic character creation options found in Deathwatch, only needing to hold back the specific Skills and Talents that are tied to membership in that organization. Also, the term "veteran" deserves some added discussion of its own. Any fully fledged Space Marine is going to be a veteran, having spent years fighting the Emperor's enemies as a scout, while those who are considered Veterans on the tabletop are likely better considered to be those Brothers who have spent over a century as a marine. The greater ages that a Space Marine can achieve, as well as just what we're judging (namely that of gigantic supersoldiers who are practically the best humanity has to offer) should remind people that this is something of a different scale we're working with. While 20 years of service is quite a career for a soldier in a modern military, I'd hardly consider it that long for a Space Marine.
  16. Space Marines are one of those pesky independant groups within the Imperium, who don't seem too likely to tolerate any BS from the Inquisition over commandeering their ships.
  17. On the discipline of the Sisters of Battle. Remember that these ladies go through the same school system that produces Commissars and Storm Troopers, namely the Schola Progenium. Which is like a military boarding school crossed with an orphanage. The Sisters, while they are fanatics, have more than just excellent equipment going for them. They are brought up in a highly disciplined environment and have training to go with it. While equating the Black Templars with that sort of pin-headed thinking is arguably even worse. They're not the only Chapter that favours melee, being fanatical doesn't make them automatically stupid, they're still Space Marines.
  18. Well, the Deathwatch book explains that they like to work in secret. So they wouldn't be parading themselves around in front of the crew for the Rogue Trader's benefit, and they certainly wouldn't appreciate any ship-wide announcements about it. For example, in the book it talks about how only the highest echelons of the Achilus Crusade actually know that the Deathwatch have a presense in the Jericho Reach. And of course, the more rogue of the Imperium's Rogue Traders don't like having Space Marines around because if they're not on their best behavior, bad things could happen. And Space Marines aren't really the type of 'people' that you could arrange to have an accident, and who wants to have even half a dozen angry super-soldiers rampaging through their expensive starship, making their way to the engine room or bridge?
  19. The Great Drone Uprising will be amusing as **** to see. And you just know it's inevitable.
  20. The issue here is whether it should apply when you're deliberately taking a duplicate Talent when the path gives you the option not to. And taking the same Hatred twice, so you can worm your way around the rules and get Talented, well seems a bit skeevy to me. And I'm playing a character with a rather similar Origin Path myself. A veteran soldier from Cadia (Chaos), who was shipped out to go fight a war against a Waaagh! (Orks), and had the bad luck of being on ships that were frequently attacked by raiders (Void Pirates).
  21. So we can start the 8-10 week countdown for the CE as of right now?
  22. The way I see Culexus is that while they may be Untouchables, they're dialed up to 11, which means they're more powerful than the package you can buy at character creation is. Whether this could be represented with some kind of Elite package or rank is up for debate, but I'd argue that becoming a potential Culexus Assassin means you're even more unpleasant to be around than a normal Untouchable is. As for other Assassins, well I think the RPG games provide us with fertile ground to sow the Vanus and Venenum Temples. Make them something that wouldn't really fit in to the battlefield of the 41st Millenium, due to the styles of combat and murder that they focus on being unsuited to it, but would be great potential in an RPG format. I could see (and would definetly want) a future book that covered Assassins, the nobility, and high-level politics within the Imperium. As those three would seem to go together very well, considering assassination is a popular political tool within the quasi-fuedal structure of the Imperium.
  23. ShatterCake said: I'm hoping he can pull it off, 40k has a lot of stuff to cover. Maybe I should post a full transcript of the video. Putting the vid up on YouTube (or somewhere) would be very much appreciated too.
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