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  1. It's a different game of course, but to reinforce his point, in Deathwatch a White Scar can take a trophy rack. If he hands a trophy of some kind on that rack, he then causes Fear in those enemies of the same allegiance as the one he took the trophy from. Which is the kind of thing that in no way should grand immunity to fear.
  2. I don't think the above case would count anyway. Since the big bad in that novel had super mind-control magic on his side. Possibly absolving them of the sin of treason, but not any of the other ones that accompanied it. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't count those Sororitas that went on to technically leave the order. Like by becoming an Inquisitor, or more rarely a Rogue Trader. Another possibility would be those who weren't full sisters when they fell. Technicalities all, of course.
  3. That was an early argument against the way Exalted 3rd edition has been going. Namely how they're largely dumping the whole mechanics in favour of new ones. But they made a good point. While it makes porting over older specialties (or whatever) very hard, it also means that the flaws and mistakes inherent to the old system are removed. Since at the end of the days, the system is supposed to more or less work without everyone having to houserule everything to fix all the problems that have been discovered over the years. I also love how it's set in an all new Sector, meaning we don't have to suffer through paying for piles of reprinted fluff. While there is nothing stopping them from eventually releasing a book, or two, that details mechanics of things from the Calixis sector.
  4. Putting the sniper on the firing line with everyone else isn't really the best tactic anyway. If you're playing a scout too then you can use that stealth to move on to the flank and attack from that direction, negating the cover they're using against the firing line and picking off more dangerous enemies that might be 'screened' by mobs. Or cutting off the escape of a high value target who might decide to flee if the fight turns against him. I remember my first game of Deathwatch, which was playing as a Black Templars Techmarine, and one of our first missions was to kill a governor who'd turned to the Tau's side. In hindsight a scout/sniper would have been handy for hunting the little twerp down. Though having my Black Templar suggest we crash a system defence ship in to a hive city was fun to (even if I didn't get to do it).
  5. In this case, it'll be a Space Marine dealing damage comparable to an OW weapon specialist with a long-las. Sorry if it sounds like I'm bashing you for the choice, I'm actually bashing the rifle itself, as FFG seriously dropped the ball on it. I especially love how they spent half a page building it up as the ultimate sniper rifle with a ton of built-in customizations, but when you actually parse it for rules it comes out as a slightly better scout rifle with a bog-standard scope. Except when I'm using the sniper rifle, the idea is to be stealthy. It's not an opportunity that comes up much, which is why it won't be the only thing they can do, either. It's easy to forget but the Ultra's other boon over the Stalker (aside from Felling) is that it's incredibly silent, with a -20 to Awareness and you can only hear it at half the normal range (I forget how far that is). You need to use Stalker shells with a Bolter (admittedly, they're good) if you want to be discreet. Because people exploding all over the place will tip someone off. Acids and fires aren't really subtle either.
  6. Cause I think it's cooler, and I'm already playing a Space Marine. I'll mathhammer to the wargame.. Also, the character is a White Scar, I'm still going to be charging things on a bike from time to time.
  7. More than a decent chance by my estimation. Because, while obviously there are point disparities with every combination, the Strike Cruiser being 15-35 points more than any of the Light Cruisers... But any way you look at it, it is a straight advantage for the Strike Cruiser. So remembering that no ship as a weapon range longer than 30cm, and that Shields and Turrets are equal in all cases except the Dauntless, with its Turrets of 1, here's the exact Breakdown for armaments compared against Light Cruisers... The 145 point Strike Cruiser possesses broadside Batteries of 4 on each side, its prow Bombardment Cannon (equal to, and arguably better, than a Lance) of 3, and a Launch Bay that can supply 2 Thunderhawk squads at once. The 130 point Defiant class has prow Lances of 2, and two Launch Bays totaling 2. It's clearly outclassed in firepower. The (120) Endurance has Lance broadsides of 2 each, and a prow Battery of 2, with 2 Torpedo tubes also on the prow. Not bad, but still can't hit as hard as the Strike Cruiser. The (120) Endeavor is in competition with the Dauntless as the closest in firepower. With Batteries of 6 on each broadside, another Battery on the prow for 2, and rounded out with 2 Torpedos. But close isn't enough. Lastly the (110) Dauntless provides the most punch at the cheapest package of all the Light Cruisers. With port and starboard Batteries of 4, equal to the Strike Cruiser, and prow Lances of 3. But without any launch bays or additional armament, it still comes up short. Rounding off all this is the reminder that in every case except the Dauntless the Strike Cruiser is 5cm faster, and of the 5 ships listed above it has 6+ armour instead of 5+ on all sides. And being a Space marine vessel, it also averages +1 Leadership over the Imperial Navy. So while the point values don't match up in any of the above cases, the other math proves that the Strike Cruiser outclasses all of the Navy's Light Cruisers. Why I also say it's no easy fight for any of the Navy's full cruisers (at which point the smallest point gap is about 35 above the Strike Cruiser). (note: dice are random as hell of course, but when doing these little theoretical exercises, I always assume everything comes out perfect average. That is, of the 2 Thunderhawks a Strike Cruiser can launch, one of them will always pass the 4+ roll to stay. If 18 spare marines are shooting at something, I assume 12 shots hit, 6 wound against T4, and only 2 armour rolls fail.)
  8. Except Battle Barges aren't slower or less maneuverable. You're the only one saying that, and there's nothing to back you up. The picture that Lynata put up last just page proved that. This link proves that. Your own quote hardly backs you up, saying, "There was a whole bunch of political wrangling, and everyone just dis/obeys the edict to some degree or another anyway." http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m2350031a_BFG_Imperial_Fleets.pdf And http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m2360395a_m1280005_BFG_Ships_of_the_Gothic_Sector.pdf Battle Barges are faster than some of Battleship classes that the Navy has, while no Grand Cruisers or Battlecruisers are faster than it (ie: they're the same speed). They're actually slightly less defended, with weaker shields and point defences, but they make up for it being heavily armoured all around. And their weapons lack range but not punch in the least. See Grendel, the thing about planetary assaults is that all to often any planet worth assaulting is going to have at least one, and more likely a combination of the 3 main types of anti-starship defences. Ground based, orbital based, and other ships. So while the Space Marines starships are supposed to focus on ground assaults and other support roles for the actual Marines, they still actually need to fight other ships, and be good at it, to perform their primary role. Also, what isn't included in all those raw stats, is that Space Marine fleets also get bonuses toward hit and run attacks, boarding actions, and planetary assaults. And their attack craft (Thunderhawks) only have a 50/50 chance of being removed after attacking ordnance or other attack craft. So yeah. And here's the thing about the Strike Cruiser. Sure it only has 6 hitpoints and 1 shield, but compared to any Light Cruiser in a one on one slug-match, it's going to burn them from stem to stern, no matter the circumstances. While almost every full Navy cruiser is going to limp away from a fight with one, if it walks away at all. Since at that point, we must remember that not only is it just as well armed in some cases, or close to it, but also faster and more maneuverable. And balancing out the deficiency in shields, more or less, is the 6+ armour on all sides (broadside being the important one). I'd give the Strike Cruiser even chances against any of them.
  9. Huh, I'd never thought of the special rounds before. I'd still rather have the Ultra though. And at the same time... daaaamn.
  10. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/79710-white-scars-and-their-primarchs-curse/ I think you'll like this. It's some thoughts I had after reading First Found and the Horus Heresy novella Brotherhood of the Storm. There's some spoilers there too, but since the book is a limited edition (you can might be able to buy it in e-book format) that shouldn't be too worrisome.
  11. That's my plan. I'm making a tactical marine that's focusing on driving atm (ravenwing veteran), so I've invested everything I had into being a good driver (maxed out agility) and shooter (maxed out BS, Bolter Mastery). I was just thinking about what role to fill when I'm not driving/shooting from a bike, and I was a bit worried that I'd be slightly behind every other party member (ranged focused techmarine, devastator, assault marine and apothecary). With its flexibility and general lack of restrictions (having access to most Talents and Skills that Devs and Assault do) I've always thought about the Tactical similarly. I have a White Scar scoutmaster (as in, a Sergeant who works with the Scouts) concept I'd love to play, and it works perfectly as just a Tactical specialist, as opposed to modifying the Wolf Scouts, or making up something new. And 1,000 for Ravenwing isn't that bad, considering that a signature piece of wargear (the bike) would be about half that amount. And I know Rites of Battle was from a while ago, but I thought the Ultra Mk.IX rifle was pretty much the top of the line for sniper rifles in Deathwatch. Even though it doesn't get bonuses for being a Bolter.
  12. While you can't tell from Lynata's picture, since it only details the Battle Barge, the ships of the Adeptus Astartes are on a whole 5 cm faster than most of the equivalent ships (people often say the Strike Cruiser would be classed as a Light Cruiser, but it's just too heavily armed and armoured). The only other exception is the Cobra Destroyer which moves 35 cm like its Space Marine torpedo boat counterpart. So that's some pretty good rules support for the idea that their ships aren't sluggish. I forget, we still haven't seen stats for Space Marines ships in RT, have we? I do recall reading in BF: Koronus that Navy ships tend to have Best quality components. For Space Marines, it seems like it'd be the rule.
  13. So... a cool tale, detailing some of the history of the Deathwatch. A Story hook for a new adventure. And statlines for relics. So just why the hell are people bitching and moaning again? Oh yeah, cause it's the FFG forums, and no one can ever be satisfied.
  14. A mistake to many people make. The 'Big 4' aren't the only warp entities that can be classified as gods. It's oldschool cosmology that they aren't and it's never been specifically retconned either. That Khaine is even Khorne has always been plays off as a big maybe. Gork and Mork have never actually been in doubt, while the rest of the Eldar gods (ie: not Khaine) only marginally moreso. Each 'warp deity' is a product of the belief system that gave rise to it, like Vaul and Isha are results of unique elements of the Eldar psyche, as much as Khaine is. Even the Emperor could possibly ascend to 'Chaos God' status if his soul came untethered from his body. He was already a gestalt-super-immortal-psyker to begin with. As for where Gork and Mork came from? I imagine it was an entirely unintended effect of the Brain Boyz losing control of the hordes and the Orks themselves adopting a belief system to explain their origins. Much like the Eldar did, forgetting it was the Old Ones who created them to be soldiers against the C'Tan (or whatever in the newest ed). And as for why they don't fall. As others have said, the Waaaagh! energy generation by large clusters of Orks could have a dampening effect on the powers of Chaos. And the fact that Orks don't want anything that Chaos has to offer. He can always find a good fight, and he doesn't fear death, or injury. Even back then it was a very rare occurrence for them to fall.
  15. Untouchables and Pariahs are just two different words for the same thing. It's not new fluff for psychic blanks to have varying grades of power, and if you'll take another look at it you'll all see it too. And that the variance of power runs the gamut. The powerful ones get snapped up by the Offio Assassanorium when they can pull it off, because they're the ones whom the power manifests so strongly that they can snuff out the very lives of psykers, in addition to their abilities. It's not binary, where all blanks have the exact same suite of powers, immunity included, though I'd imagine most have that one. But then I wonder about that again... Culexus Assassins, the poster-child of the untouchables, is not immune to psychic powers. These are tabletop rules only, and I am loathe to apply them as anything other than a rough advisory guideline when it comes to those things (unlike those who rant about Bolters and Power Armor not all being equal because they are on the TT). So maybe not -all- of them should be immune, at least. That said there's plenty of good reasons for making untouchable something other than a single purchase at character creation. Like that it kinda sucks to have to spend all your starting XP on it. Likewise the simple fact that people got used to psykers 'growing more powerful' proves that a similar system for untouchables isn't out of the question. As with psykers, no one wanted to have to roll a die (or whatever) to determine what their PR would be forever.
  16. signoftheserpent said: Did Tome of Excess get lost at sea or something? That eagre to declare that you're not buying the book, or anything from FFG ever again, for the umpteenth time, eh?
  17. bogi_khaosa said: It's not the worst thing in gaming history. It's just indicative of a larger pattern. No, it's really nothing. But you and others can't let that go. And that's the worst part. Because most people who want to play Gaunts Ghosts (or whatever famous regiment) in Only War don't care one bit if it's over the standard (recommended, SUGGESTED!) point totals in the core book for regiment creation. And as I said last post, they would be sorely dissapointed that they did not live up to expectations, especially if it was just because they ran out of points. The only reason anyone seems to be picking this specific scab is they didn't anounce that they were ignoring that detail.
  18. Frankie said: Blood Pact, I don't think I'm exaggerating or saying I'm never going to buy another book again. That doesn't change the fact they clearly didn't have an editor look through the book long enough and some things are unbalanced or referenced in the book but not even there. Then I wish a lot more people would complain about that. Instead of pre-generated regiments being over standard point totals, like it's the worst thing in gaming history.
  19. bogi_khaosa said: Well, I don't have HotE so can't comment on that, but I think part of the problem with FFG products is that a) they break the rules without saying so and b) this appears to be done out of carelessness, not out of intent. It is the latter that is offensive. That is, not that the rules are broken per se, but that they are broken purely because of lack of quality control, by accident. And I'm used to sitting back and watching these threads turn in to overblown rants about how awful the book is. Often these points are based on exagerations or misunderstandings of what's in the book. But that doesn't stop people from going off on a stupid rant and declaring that they're never going to buy another FFG book ever again (every ******* thread about a new released book). To the point where the criticism goes past being constructive, and really just comes off as bitching. Which is why I've avoided these threads since the Mechanicum book came out, since complaints about that book were often quite silly and unfounded (the accusations that the Tech-Assassin was way OP, and stomped all over existing specialties, being the best example). (and I think I'll go back to avoiding them now, as nothing has changed, based on my obvservations)
  20. Frankie said: Yeah. You remind me of some people who deliberately avoid playing humans in fantasy settings, since it just sounds mundane. Personally? I tend to enjoy playing "Normals". Only War appeals to me not for the Ratlings, Ogryns, Psykers, Priests or Tech-Priests, but the fact you can play Imperial Guardsman. I call bull, not even gonna try to be polite on that point. I play humans all the time too (plus the occasional tiefling or super-human), when it comes to fantasy games and such, but I still like the idea of playing all of the above in Only War. Secondly, Ratlings and Ogryns have ONLY EVER showed up in the Imperial Guard Codex, so why they shouldn't be included in the Imperial Guard wargame is going to require a lot of explaining from you. While the three (I notice you don't include Storm Troopers there, even though they're technically the same) remaining have been showing up in IG codices since 2nd edition (well, maybe not tech-priests), not to mention fiction and so on. So the idea that they're auxiliary personel attached to a regiment (or raised with it in some cases) isn't wildly off fluff, like at all. Speaking of the Codices, I'm reminded of the Doctrines rules from the 4th ed Guard Codex (we're still using the 5th ed book, so it's relevant). How a created regiment could only ever have 5… and then they filled four pages with famous regiments from throughout the Imperium, and their Doctrines, 5 out of the 12 have more doctrines than the codex allows. That's reason 1 why I don't care about the Renowned Regiments in Hammer of the Emperor not conforming perfectly to the regiment design rules. The next being Rule #1 of roleplaying, that you can change whatever the **** you want (the addemdum of course being that noone else is required to like your changes, but I digress) from how it is in the printed material. Which they did. Frankly, I'd be more annoyed to find that they crippled a regiment that was supposed to be one of the greatest, and has a long and storied history of proving that fact, simply because it goes over the amount of points that are reccomended by the core book. Frankie said: That feels like a cop-out to me. Part of the appeal is being able to create your favorite canonical or made up IG Regiment, and it's really disappointing to see they couldn't flex the system to make it possible. If you need erratta or a ton of houserules to 'fix' something than it gets a bit silly. Tell me how you give a system enough flex that it can be used to make a Regiment that has 10-20 years of heavy combat experience, like the Tanish, or a more ordinary run-of-the-mill regiment, like the kind you read about being decimated by some alien horror somewhere in the fluff, or even a fresh and green one, full of new draftees, without running in to problems with the system-as-is? Set different point limits for different levels of experience/fame for a regiment? Because that's hardly a fix to you're complaint, it's just writing down what they've already told you that you can do. Which is not comply to the default number of regiment creation points, if more or less would suit your purposes better.
  21. I'm suddenly imagining Toon Town as one mind's perception of The Warp, and Eddie Valiant as an 'astrally projecting' psyker.
  22. Probably just an author, thing. Sabbat Martyr was pretty old, even for being one of the middle Ghosts novels right now. The Dark Eldar that appears in the book, is one of the old style Mandrakes, as opposed to the 'shadow-demons' we have now.
  23. Now that I think about it, the Gaunt's Ghosts novel, Sabbat Martyr mentions Lightnings being used as void fighters, as well. And those only seat the pilot as well.
  24. "So yes, it's an astonishingly dangerous gun, but certainly not the kind've thing you'd want to bring to every engagement. Lascannons don't mean much when there's 200 Orks charging your position. BYE" Unless your game's Blood Angel goes in to the Black Rage, then pass it to him and watch the greenskins go flying (because he's using it as a club).
  25. It will be a good day when my group's Drop Infantry get valkyries. My Storm Trooper is going to love using the side-door Heavy Bolters.
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