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  1. My character's marriage plans seem so much less ambitious now that I've read these two threads... All my Rogue Trader wants is to find a nice woman from the planet Catachan who's classy, not bad to look at, and can rip the spine out of an Ork. He wants someone who can shrug off assassins like she's made of teflon.
  2. Slight correction. Lorgar had always fell to Chaos before Horus (and took his Legion with him), it's not just something created with the novels. Neither was the cause, though before the novels it was always left in vague terms, how exactly the Emperor rebuked Lorgar for his worship. Things they did add, was the complicity of Erebus and Word Bearers in the corruption of the Warmaster and other Legions. Side note: same with Typhon of the Death Guard. Was a chaos worshipper before the Heresy, before the novels touched his story.
  3. I agree that they don't lock up Cadian women in baby factories, to keep their population up. But I wouldn't be surprised if Cadian regiments tended not to be mixed-sex, and that the female ones do not get sent far from home, if at all, so as not to add to the high attrition rates the planet no doubt sees. That being said, this doesn't necessarily result in a sexually oppressive society, considering many 'warrior cultures' of the past tended to cede considerable authority to women, due to the male focus on fighting leaving them little time for management of the household, or other important issues (the Spartans, and the Iroquois, for two examples). Of course, not only is this the Imperium we're talking about, but Cadia. Despite the possibility of Cadian women being planetbound (which is the way things are for most people anyway), they undoubtedly fill a variety of roles in the economic, industrial, and military infrastructure of the planet. Considering that someone who isn't working, and who is incapable of fighting, would be a drain on the overall 'war effort' that is life on the planet, so women certainly aren't going to be spending their entire lives in pregnancy after pregnancy. I could even see Cadians take life, and sex, more casually as a consequence of where they live. Someone is shipping off with the Guard in a week, and you'll never see them again? Happens all the time, no harm in giving them a tumble, ya never know when the next Black Crusade will hit and you'll all die. I can't remember if it was from a novel, or the IG codex, but something like 1 in 5 Cadians who are qualified to be Imperial Guardsmen, are reserved for regiments assigned permanently on planetary defence, as well. So there's not exactly a shortage of Cadians, on Cadia.
  4. Regarding Lorgar, while the Emperor could have handled that situation better, there was probably nothing he could have done with Lorgar short of killing him. Consider that after the Emperor breaks his spirit, he runs off to the Eye of Terror, meets Chaos, and eventually leans allll about it, including how horrible it is. And his ultimate conclusion is?: "Well, they're Gods, so we should worship them no matter what. Because."
  5. Well it started as a houserule, I think. And it got stuck in my head simply by me considering PF to be just another modifier... which it isn't I realize. It hasn't mattered too much, considering we've been able to make plenty of rolled acquisitions (which we'll be making less of now that we've done so catastrophically).
  6. Most people I play with have the starting acquisition roll tied to your PF, to the point where I actually forgot it wasn't until this thread reminded me... man, no wonder my latest game got a little crazy, we rolled 60 PF to start with (we've since lost 20).
  7. I've never heard of a restriction on vehicles from the starting acquisition. My personal favorite is always a pair of Belasco Dueling Pistols. At Very Rare (-20), it's within the scope of a starting acquisition, even if your GM doesn't count a matched set as +30. You can toss them when something better comes along, but as I said, they're my favorite. My current c haracter's pair is Best Quality with red-dot sights, which he's carried with him forever. And I'm thinking we might be able to rig them up to my new power armour so ammo is no longer an issue (and thus, I can give them the upgrades that cut my ammo in half). Also, sorry to side-track, does anyone remember what book those 'holy' lasgun power packs are from? I'm currently combing my DH books, trying to remember where it was.
  8. Min-maxxing the ship offends my sensibilities as a player. And probably my GM as well, since he's not likely to let such a one-trick pony get by for long and knows how to beat such cheap and cheesy tricks. Besides.. seriously, macrocannon spam got nothing on my RT's ability to talk people into loading his ammo supplies on board their ship, thinking it's his cargo. As for the infamous PF machine posted above, I wouldn't let it last one session before a pirate ship ran her down and looted her, and the players would deserve every second of pain for passing in something like that.
  9. And two Angels? It's because the concept evoked resonates with one of the core aspects of what the Astartes are; they might be the emperor's chosen, but deep down they are still brainwashed supersoldiers only somewhat distanced from their savage upbringing. Depending on the Legion, these traits are more or less emphasized, so some where angelic, some where grim-faced warriors, some where little more than savages The names are actually a hold over from Rogue Trader days, where the background for the Space Marines (and most of the setting) was completely different from what it is now. They held on to them because people liked the colour schemes/names of their armies, and that way no one would have to change them. Leman Russ was actually just a 'regular' space marine general back then (albeit a badass famous one). Which is why he got a tank named after him.
  10. Well, it's good to remember that while Tzeentch is the master of manipulation, it doesn't win all of the time. Mortals have that pesky free will, and there's just so many variables to keep track of (also it'd be total BS to say that). And as for the Cabal, I think they lied to the Alpha Legion. The phyric victory for the Imperium and the 10,000 years of stagnation it would bring with it, as predicted by the Cabal, happened more as a result of their actions than anything they would have done to the contrary, if they had sided with the Emperor instead of Horus. They helped bring about the future they were trying to avoid (as is often the trope), and they did that directly as a result of the information passed to them by the alien Cabal. A group which contained many races that were openly hostile to humanity, if not merely dismissive of them because of their relative age. It's entirely possible, and more than a little bit likely, that they tried to eliminate humanity and chaos at the same time (because why do they care if chaos is gone, if humanity wipes them out afterward?).
  11. I must thank you all again for all the help. My group and I aren't getting the ship as soon as we thought, because our GM feels we haven't been punished for our carelessness enough (to be fair, we really deserve it). Which gives us more time to plan out our ship design. The armoured prow is something I hadn't of at all, but makes a lot of sense, as the ship doesn't have guns on its sides anyway, so is free to keep it front toward the enemy. Another idea we've kicked around lately is Mars Broadsides and a Bombardment Cannon (possibly good quality for all, to save on space). With enough additional toughness for the ship to speed into range and begin chewing its target apart with concentrated fire.
  12. "Orks" and "Controllable" never go in the same sentence. They're manageable at best, as my Rogue Trader has learned.
  13. Current group objective is to make money. Which I'm going to funnel into building a new fleet, so my Rogue Trader can possibly survive the whole debacle that led us up to this point (our group lost everything we weren't carrying, and created a powerful threat to the Imperium in the process). The Bridge allows me to use the escort bays to work toward profit as well as combat, with the right craft on hand. And a hold and/or lighter bay is my thinking to further expand on that money making potential. And you're right about no1 having enough Orks for more than maybe 1 fighter... which is why I'm going to get more. My Rogue Trader specialized in crazy plans, and spinning some BS in his favour if that doesn't work... and I created such a mess that the Inquisitor doesn't care about a few Xenos on my ship (yeah, it's that bad). Maybe I could do something about making the ship more stealthy? Run silently, laying out in wait among debris or other good places in a system, letting the attack craft do their work. And all that said, we haven't ruled out going with another option than a light carrier. With 40 PF left (rolled 60 to start with, so we kinda got carried away with being ridiculously wealthy), I'm willing to burn it all the way down to 20-25, if it gets us an excellent ship. My RT has several bargaining chips, and enough moxy to get himself a good price at Port Wander. The ship we're getting is from the Dynasty's fleet though, of an unknown light cruiser hull with only the essential components supplied. As the heir apparent he's made everyone look bad, and they're taking the whole affair very seriously (fail again, and he's getting tortured forever).
  14. You can carry a max of 3 squadrons times launch bay strength. You're probably right about the math, it was very rough (but also didn't include the lighter bay, and maybe the sunsear afterall). And as for the fighta-bommerz and how I'm going to have them built/used. Well, I have an Ork on my ship for that.
  15. I hate making threads like this, but here you have it. My group and I have screwed up horribly and made a mess in the Koronus Expanse, and since I lost my last ship I'm being given a Light Cruiser now (it sounds like failing upwards, but it makes sense in context). I don't know which hull it's going to be yet (basic idea is workable with all of them, and while we'd all love the Secutor, we're not holding our breath on it). My group and I are pretty settled on making a mini-carrier, with 2 Launch bays, the Bridge, and the Pilots Chambers and Repair Bay. While it makes us vulnerable to guns, with 2 PCs wanting to become pilots, and a whole host of NPC attack craft, it seems like a good choice (leaving me and the Explorator to man the ship). For the remaining weapon mount we hadn't talked it over, but I figured I'd go with the good old Sunsear battery since it has a nice long range as a reasonable economy. We're not using mathhammer rules for starship combat, for reference. And if we end up with a spare weapon mount (and enough remaining funds), perhaps some Bombardment Cannons, to bring the pain to anything getting too close, as well as planets that piss me off (there's a few at this point). We've made a list of possible other bits to add too. Since one of my last ships was lost to boarding that means a Tenebro-Maze is on the short list. And since I now have my very own Inquisitorial minder (who I can't just kill), I'm thinking a temple and/or hymn broadcasters would also be good additions. And other various bits like flak turrets, field bracing, fire suppression make the list as well since I have an eye toward being a bit more survivable in combat this time out. Mainly what I'm asking for is advice on what numbers of attack craft I should take, as well as other additional ship components... For attack craft, I had a loose idea of 3 squadrons of fighters, 2 of bombers, and the last one maybe a squad of Gun-Cutters (to use as multi-purpose scouts, heavy transports, and survey ships)? One of my crewmembers will be assembling fighta-bommerz down in the cargo hold, so that craft losses can eventually be made up for, they won't be available for combat, but we can transfer one up from there in at least a day. Alternatively, take another squad of fighters or bombers, and install a Lighter bay for the non-combat launch capability and storage for the gun-cutters. As for additional components, while we're all having an eye toward survivability and competence in a fight this time, we also know we're hemmoraging Profit Factor, so trade is in order as well. I'm thinking being able to do some light trading (or privateering) would probably be the best, so we don't have to sacrifice our ability to fight. If we took everything on our short list (everything for a mini-carrier, plus the sunsear, temple, and tenebro-maze) we're left with about 12 space on even the smallest of the Light Cruiser hulls, with more than enough power to spare. (oh, and there's no way we're going to be able to fit archeotech or xenotech on it at this time)
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