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  1. I never bought IA, but I'm buying SWL just for the mini's the legion rules are for me just to limited compared to WEG's rules. After trying the demo at gencon I felt Vader was to weak an is going to get killed alot and I mean alot but lol yeah I just want the mini's.
  2. I don't see it being that popular with the people that got into xwing and Armada for the pre painted mini's and for those that hate painting mini's in general. Just don't see it
  3. Is it me or has everything that was exciting about FFG coming out with new games an such suddenly came to a stand still? For months there really hasn't been much going on here other than star wars, conquest,Android,an game of thrones stuff, the RPGs are like dead nothing new in 40k line, less alone anything new period. The board game side here is rather quiet what's going on is everyone at FFG been on vacation for the last 4 months? There is really not much of anything really exciting being released. it seems 2016 for FFG is kind of looking for me to be a rather boring an quiet year I'm guessing all the resources they put into releasing nothing but star wars games kind of got everyone burnt out or something, I don't know it just seems quite too quiet if you know what I mean.
  4. It's just too quiet on the 40k front other than DH2 not one thing new for Deathwatch just like to know did ffg ran out of idea's or are they planning to hit us with a DW2.
  5. Is this on the back burner now, haven't seen much activity for deathwatch for awhile just wondering what's up with this lately.
  6. A 40K LCG would be really nice, I know not another GW game but **** 40k has unlimited things you can do so why not.
  7. I dont see how this can ever happen given FFG pretty much set in stone the way they'll going to handle the future for the 40K RP line. they way you would like to see it done is well like all RPG's are designed a core rule book with a never ending line of supplements, adventure books/modules, and source books which I'm not against I think it would be pretty cool. but I kind of like how FFG has things split up, Deathwatch is the only one I GM/play of the 40k Rp line with Black Crusade as a source book, but doing it this way would I think be a major pain in the ass and it was a major reason why I quit playing D&D so many years ago, too many books to keep up with and too many edition's nowadays to even care. but what would be nice of FFG to do is a universal Monster Manual that can be used for all, and a universal equipment manual so GM's such as myself dont have to waist time looking for one thing in so many books. but as far as playing other races they could do a universal core rule book to play Eldar, Tau, Orks, and Dark Eldar(which would be cool to play) to complete the Rp line in my opinion.
  8. Is there a LCG that FFG makes that dosen't require you to buy 2 or more core sets to play, the reason why I'm asking is cuz I was looking to buy WHI an SW but was told from some of the LCG groups at my hobby shop that I played these 2 game's at stated I would need for WHI 2 to 3 Core sets an 2 for SW. Now I thought that FFG's LCG's were (the way I read it off this site) that you only needed to buy a core set and expansion's to add more depth the game your playing and thats it, but if X amount of core sets are needed then what's the point.
  9. I think if FFG were to get their hands on reproducing this they probably will have to agree not to use the 28mm scale to insure that FFG mini's can't be used with other GW products (and we all know how GW is) but it would be nice to have a updated Blood Bowl game again but the world would have to come to an end for something like this to happen.
  10. Well I'm sure FFG will do the best they can to make a good SW RPG for everyone to enjoy, I for one would like to see a D100 Star Wars game. as for it going into development I don't see this happening until around 2015 to 2020 i just feel it's very far off.
  11. Unless your a dumb GM who cant solve a simple problem, I would simply wait for the book that will let you create your own chapters and just make a all female chapter(s) for our ladies to play, after all there are more possibilities using your imagination then just relying on written material to solve ever problem that comes your way, I for one dont stick 100% to the lore's and background histories of what ever game I'm GMing, I like to make the world or universe my own by adding or removing things or even changing something to fit what I or my players want to accomplish. now if my lady players want to play a Space Marine thats no big deal I'll just write-up my Iron Rose's army chapter I did years ago for the 40K mini's into Deathwatch that'll solve my problem.
  12. Cool glad to hear I can use my Deathwatch Librarian mini I painted up. Thanks Bro
  13. Are players able to create Librarians and Terminators or are players limited to Tactical, Devastators, and Assault Marines. (I'm going off of what I've seen from Final Sanction)
  14. Soon 3rd ed will die and 2nd ed will LIVE AGAIN FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Morangias said: Not keeping up with the news, are we? Both Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader have books scheduled for the next two years. In a way yes I have been, I picked up RT a few days ago and been reading it since and so far rules wise is no different then WHFRP 2nd ed. but the reason why I started this threat is because after me and my gaming group dropped WH3rd ed like a bad habbit and one of my players brought DH to one of our game nights , we read through it a bit, liked what we read and started playing it a couple of times now and decided to add the 40K RPGs to sessions. but I got to thinking, what are we getting ourselves into if FFG brain farts and redo this line into a Rp/board game like WH 3d ed, lol I mean these books aren't cheap I'd just hate for us to dish out the cash for something thats gonna get screwed later. thats all
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