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  2. Sister Cat said: Oh ****. It seems I have started an annoyingly persistent cascade of B. S. My apologies, first. And then, my imploring address to everyone ... please let this go. No one meant anything offensive by any of it. We were just discussiing philosohpical differences. No, I want to pursue this topic, but in a seperate thread to prevent further derailment of this one. I would seriously like to know why others do not see it the way I do, and why they would write my philosophy off as a "cascade of BS". We might all even learn something. And thats the last of this subject I'll mention in this thread.
  3. Luthor Harkon said: Sister Cat said: Luthor Harkon said: but maybe this is due to your sort of americo-centric way of arguing. No Luthor. This has nothing to do with some strange American way of arguing. Rather, it is an example of the unfortunate fact that my country now has two whole generations of young people who were not raised or educated properly (exceptions noted). They have no manners, no sense of right and wrong, and no personal responsibility. Coupled with the current over-inflated sense of self-entitlement rampant here, they believe that they should be able to do or say whatever they want, whenever they want ... and anyone who takes exception to that must be discriminating against them personally. To compensate, they then vilify said individual(s) with "arguments" that have nothing to do with the original premise. For example, some of our statements that jokes about **** and AIDS are not only "Not Funny", but also distasteful and innapropriate on such an open forum. JMHO. +++Rant Mode Off+++ I haven’t said "strange American way“, but “sort of americo-centric way”. I said it because he argued with terms like “white Christian”, “white middle-class”, “Muslim terrorists”, “liberal” etc. that made crystal clear he is an American wearing blinders; especially in regard to the term “liberal” and using it as a synonym for left-wing political movements. That is not what “liberal” or “liberalism” actually means worldwide (and neither left-wing for that matter). So, I did not understand what he actually was arguing about in the end and what it has to do with “Muslims” (even if FOX news leads you to believe every Muslim is a terrorist) and “white Christian” / “white middle-class liberalism ethics” (as no European would ever use such weird terms in such a weird context). [/ranting] Ah HA! So westerners/americans are "Weird" for arguing in such a way are we? I AM SO OFFENDED AT YOUR RACISM I AM BESIDE MYSELF IN GRIEF AND RAGE ARRRRRRGH HOW WILL I EVER BREAK THESE BONDS OF INTOLERANCE. Nah, I jest, but I think that helps illustrate the point I am(was) trying to make about double standards and the modern worlds skewed views on political correctness. (For the record, please take into account that after the word EDIT: in my original wall of text on this issue I denoted that the whole muslim/christian part was a quote from a friend on a similiar issue, and he is a big time conservative. I am aware that liberalism is not synonymous with Democratic politics in the wider world, and that there are always different degrees of it, just like conservatism (i.e. my friend is hardcore about it, he thinks guns should be given away like candy and Reagan was the best thing ever. Me, on the other hand, lean to a more centralist position) Still, U.S. liberalism is pretty similar to liberalism in europe and asia from the experience with the people who've identified themselves as both. Or at least the U.S. tries mimic the european liberalism. Now, this is a thread for wacky Dark heresy stories, right? Sorry for derailing it into a debate! But I'll try and keep it on track (although if someone feels the need to continue the Political Correctness debate in another thread, I 'd be glad to oblige, considering that everyones been so polite about it [except maybe me? But I think my point was that people shouldn't have to be, so that's par for the course]) Anywho, this situation was from when I ran my first campaign using the Edge of Darkness setting, the group had stayed the night in the Coscarla hotel and were ambushed on the second floor by the owner and his band of thugs and mutants trying to kill them in their sleep. The players were having a little trouble with the fight seeing as nobody had invested anything in their melee weapon skill (Everyone thought guns would be the most useful in all combat situations, ha!) and the fight wasn't going well, so I decided to introduce the Adeptus Sororitas character of another player who wouldn'tbe able to join the game until later by having her destroy the reaming mutants with a melta bomb. Shortly before the Battle Sister arrived, our groups Assasin and Arbitrator had been pushed back towards the end of the hallway by the tide of mutants (Everyone else was hiding in their room or had failed their awareness checks to wake up) The psyker had managed to slow up most of them by tossing a hallucinogen grenade into the hallway from his own room, but the assasin and arbitrator were still outnumbered and cornered, so the assassin attempts to grapple the nearest mutant and use him as a human shield. This didn't really work because he kept failing his strength checks to control the mutant while grappled him. That's when the battle sister arrived. With a melta bomb. The scenario went a little like this: Me: "Over the din of battle and the grunting and slobbering of the mutants, you can hear the mysterious woman shout 'GET BAAAAAAACK!' " Arbitrator: "Uhh, am I far back enough on the map?" Me: "Yes, everyone should try to get where you are, or at least as far as you're guy is from the woman." Psyker: "****! Can I make my run move? I mean, I'm behind a door, that counts as cover, right?" Techpriest: "That only works if you run to another place of cover, so no?" Me: "You have two turns to get back, so don't worry too much about it. But you might wanna heed her advice." Arbtrator: "okay, well, can I shout and wake everyone else up?" Me: "Yeah, everyone make a +30 awareness check." Everyone rolls, everyone passes. Me: "okay, so do you all want to just use your turns to run back by Tim's guy?" Everyone does so, EXCEPT the assassin (Still grappling the SAME mutant). Me: "Brian, you going to move?" Assassin: "No, I'm going to try to break this guys neck." Me: "Uh, you sure?" Assassin: "Yeah, so do I make a strength test?" Me: "Are you REALLY sure?" Techpriest: "You do know that the woman has a melta bomb, right?" Assassin: "So? I'll be fine. I just wanna break this guys neck before I move." Arbitrator: "But that'll take a full turn, and then it's the battle ladies turn, and she has a BOMB." Me: "Yeah, you might wanna move." Assassin: "No, I'll be fine where I am, just let me try and break this guys neck." Me: "Brian, as the GM, I am personally ADVISING you to MOVE your stupid ass, last chance." Assassin: "I just want to break this guys neck, alright? I'll look totally bad ass and I can just dodge the bombs blast." Psyker: "Is it even physically possible to dodge the blast of a bomb which is basically a wave of disintegration?" (everyone except the assassin): "NO." Assassin: "Just let me make a strength check, okay? Just let me break this guys neck!" Me: "Fine! just roll then, but you can't move after this." He rolls and fails horribly, even after spending a fate point to re-roll. Me: "Okay, the womans turn, she tosses the bomb and it explodes with a muted 'phut!' and a flash of bright light, everyone in the radius takes 6d10 damage, no mitigation for armor or toughness. That means you brian. The rest of the mutants all dissapear and half of the Coscarla hotel is either slag or has become a metallic cloud of dust." Assassin: "WHAT THE FU-" Everyone else: (Laughter) This is made doubly hilarious once you take into fact that the assassin guy is both a hardcore WH40k fan and has fielded several different types of armies on the tabletop wargame. He KNEW what a melta bomb was, and was warned by both EVERYONE and me, the GM, at least three times to MOVE away from the horrible bomb of ultimate doom. And then he was surprised, legitimately SURPRISED that it KILLED him and he had to burn his one and only fate point. TO this day he still won't give a clear answer as to WHY he just HAD to break that mutants neck at the cost of his characters life.
  4. Sister Cat said: Luthor Harkon said: but maybe this is due to your sort of americo-centric way of arguing. No Luthor. This has nothing to do with some strange American way of arguing. Rather, it is an example of the unfortunate fact that my country now has two whole generations of young people who were not raised or educated properly (exceptions noted). They have no manners, no sense of right and wrong, and no personal responsibility. Coupled with the current over-inflated sense of self-entitlement rampant here, they believe that they should be able to do or say whatever they want, whenever they want ... and anyone who takes exception to that must be discriminating against them personally. To compensate, they then vilify said individual(s) with "arguments" that have nothing to do with the original premise. For example, some of our statements that jokes about **** and AIDS are not only "Not Funny", but also distasteful and innapropriate on such an open forum. JMHO. +++Rant Mode Off+++ Now picture this: somebody comes along and let's loose a racial slur at you for absolutely no reason. What do you do? Throw a fit about it? Or laugh it off? If any gay person ever was offended by what my GM said, I'd have to tell them to cowboy up and stop being such a *****. Instead of getting all torn up over something someone said (in jest, I might add) is a waste of time, when you could instead be getting upset over a REAL tragedy like, say, the gross violations of human rights and child labor laws by the Nestle company in Africa and how no world government seems to want to stop them. If you couldn't find the whole "Gay Techpriest" thing funny, then I'm assuming you don't enjoy things like 90% of all stand-up comedy or television programming like South Park. Are you suggesting I spend my entire life avoiding the subject of AIDS because someone who has it might get offended? Did you ever stop to think of WHY those people with AIDS got AIDS in the first place? Unprotected sex and sharing dirty needles. Don't make them out to be victims, because their own negligence for proper safety when shooting up drugs or boning their secretary is their OWN fault. (Of course, there i s a SMALL percentage of those who contracted HIV from birth via an infected parent, but they are far, far outweighed by the other irresponsible people) Furthermore, after discussing this with the same GM, he says that the joke was that the scum got AIDS from a Techpriest, which as we all know usually don't have genitalia, let alone human blood (Autosanguine?) in which the disease could proliferate. Everyone needs to get over themselves before we all die of political correctness. Oy, the forums seemed to decide it was pertinent to delete my last paragraph explaining why the quote jumped from gayness to muslims. Anyway, the reason for that last bit was from a different debate about the same subject, whereby I was trying to illustrate the point I was attempting to make. The point was, that by making it "taboo" to make fun of any one person, religion, or thing, you set a double-standard. According to you, it's NOT okay for me to call my black friend "black" because that somehow makes me a latent racist and I should be ashamed for acting like such a hillbilly. So does that make my Black friend racist for calling me a white? DOUBLE STANDARDS are bad things that serve to widen the gap between us as human beings. So long as people continue to make distinctions between us with social rules we will never be able to IGNORE them. (That was the point of the whole muslim/white christian quote, double standards) Also, to clarify, the GM only really went on about the gay techpriest thing for about the length of the dialogue, it was dragged out for nearly 45 minutes by everyone else arguing and further making jokes along the same subject line. But that isn't a special case, we end up dragging EVERYTHING on for way longer than is actually needed (One of the downfalls of a a group of eight people) ANyone of you here could let fly with calling me a ******* lazy mexican ******, and you know what? I could care less. You most likely mean nothing by it, and even if you do I've got bigger things to worry about. But, seeing as so many people here got offended and fainted or dropped their monocles in their caviar dishes in shock at the gay butt-**** AIDS thing, I'll respect that and refrain from discussing those sessions here. If it makes you people uncomfortable to confront such a subject or if it's too personal I'll just end this wall of text with saying that life is hard, you can't spend all your time trying to avoid offending someone or being offended. It's inevitable, because we are human beings, being offensive (and therefore being offended) is part and parcel of the whole experience. I suggest we all get over ourselves.
  5. This is something I also wish to know. However, I do not possess the core rulebook for roguetrader, but I hear that it is so similiar to DH that you could effectively run a slightly modified version of DH as a rogue trader game. All that's missing is the awesome loot from Rogue Trader. Supposedly.
  6. Targetlock said: Thanks for X-Ray Dog, never heard of them before . GASP AND SURPRISE! (Except not really because it's expected) Another , non-soundtracky suggestion would be "The Gears" by that one metal pseudo-band... I can't remember if they're called Metalocalypse or Deathklock or what, but that track is INTENSE and DARK.
  7. LuciusT said: Read the rulebook, because you need to be comfortable with the rules. You don't have to know everything, but you need to be comfortable enough to run the game without constantly refering to the rules. Read the chapter in the rulebook about GMing. It's got some helpful tips. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Lots of folks here on the forums will be happy to give advice. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. You will. Even experienced GMs get rules wrong or set up bad scenarios. It's just a fact of life. Don't let it stop you. Above all, have fun! hehe, yeah, like when I first started Gming, I misinterpreted the rules about characteristic advancements. While the book says you get +5 for every rank, I accidentally thought that each rank is the next MULTIPLE of 5, so I had people adding +15 to their characteristics after buying a rank three upgrade!!! When the groups psyker ended up with 95 willpower, I began to grow suspicious...
  8. Old timer said: Most of the above post have been funny, except the gay butt ****** tech priest. What a way to re-enforce negative sterotypes on a public forum, not only gay, but a rapist with AIDS, complete with a camp lisp. How very NOT funny. Oh, don't be a buzzkill. The only way to kill the cruelty of a stereotype is to accept it and laugh it off. Doing the opposite of that is what incites the real haters. If you can't handle being the butt of gay jokes (HA! the "butt" of gay jokes!) then maybe don't be gay. I'm not saying that having gay feelings is a choice, but as human beings we can choose whether or not to engage in ANY sexual activity, not to mention lifestyle choices. By saying that making fun of gayness is bad and wrong, you are saying that gayness IS bad an wrong otherwise why couldn't we joke about it with stereotypes? People do it all the time with heterosexual stereotypes. Camp lisps, AIDS, and Butt-wounds... those are funny because they EXAGGERATIONS. You are assuming it's not funny because everyone who reads it is too ignorant to know otherwise. People need to seriously stop it with the whole "Political Correctness" bullcrap. It's apropriate to a certain degree, until it get's unneccessary and annoying. My best friends are both asian and black, and every session they call themselves out on their own stereotypes, such as when my friend Mitch (the black guy) fails a roll he says things like "I get a re-roll because Obama's the President of Black People now!" or "These dice just commited a hate crime against me!" My asian friend often says things like "Why'd you bring a calculator? You sayin' I'm not asian enough?" And it's not just them either. We all joke around like that. We all exaggerate our own traits and shortcomings to unrealistic levels only an inbred, racist, culturally backwards hillbilly would take at face value. You see what I'm saying? EDIT: here's what my friend had to say on the subject: Not that we're saying you're a liberal, but those that I know usually hold a similiar belief. Either EVERYTHING can be a target or NOTHING can. Welcome to the tolerance of the PC establishment, we tolerate everyone's opinions except white christians! It doesn't matter that Muslim Extremists have threatened to murder artists for drawing Muhammed, your doodle is intolerant and bullying. It doesn't matter how much someone appreciates your work, if you don't think like them, and act like them, and hold their EXACT same beliefs, you ARE NOT to be supported or tolerated. HOW DARE YOU HOLD A DIFFERENT OPINION! DON'T YOU BELIEVE IN DIVERSITY!? FOR SHAME! WHITE PRIVILEGE! FREE MUMIA! WHALES! HALLIBURTON! Everyone deserves love, respect, and deep human consideration, unless you are a white christian, at which point, if you aren't in lock-step with White Middle-Class Liberalism ethics, you are a member of THE ENEMY and are a sub-human group, and the only one's who beliefs and ideas are to not be tolerated or considered. Extremists who threaten to kill artists? UNDERSTANDABLE. Guys who don't believe stereotypes are that big a deal? FASCISTS.
  9. Yeah, I was never clear on what exactly would become of the Emperor once he finally truly died. I read something about him reincarnating as a "Star Child" or something... But his return would make for an EPIC campaign!
  10. Honestly, for me, I always pit my players against enemies with self-immolation devices on them. That way, when they die, they either explode or catch on fire, so they can't get the uber loot. Minor things like robbing a pharmacy, just make something up off the top of your head. "You have robbed the sotre, you now have in your possession 2 flasks of Nyquil and a jar of Gummy Grox childrens vitamin supplements." "I eat the vitamins." "Roll an intelligence test." (roll 50) "You fail to figure out a way past the childproof cap. You are seared!"
  11. Seriously? No mention of X-Ray Dog yet? Sheesh, you people... For staters, I always use this one during narrative investigations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATF2BGpWg4I Ha, it's called crime tail, crazy, no? (Answer: YES) Or this little ditty: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Wo_41oWn_4&feature=related Great for space battles, or heroic deeds! Need an epic ground based battle music? Look no furhter than these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNxDtio7Dzk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bItgVMSU47A And who can forget the song that turns so many people on to X-Ray Dog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40FV11Sv3lQ If you only listen to ONE of these tracks, listen to the one immediately above this sentence. Just... so **** EPIC... And this is in a world where thanks to wrongly entitled children, the word epic has lost all meaning. Until NOW.
  12. Heh, my DH GM likes to play his games fast and loose, weird things are always happening thanks to him, such as two sessions ago, where my groups Scum was trying to charm a techpriest into taking our group to see the planets ruling Magos. Unfortunately (Or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) not only was his fellowship 75 at this point, but he took another rank of Charm to get +10, so when he rolled his charm, it went a little something like this: Scum: "Ok, I'm going to use charm on this guy, he'll be more inclined to do what we want if I'm his friend, right?" GM: "Go ahead, roll for it." Scum rolls Scum: "****, 21! That's what... (Counts) 6 degrees of success? What do I get for that?" GM: "Uhhhhhh..... (Flips through core rulebook) This is unprecedented, the book only goes up to three... but if we follow the books logic for degrees of success... (Thinks for a moment) Ok, so you charm the techpriest. You charm him a little TOO much, and have turned him ULTRA RAGINGLY GAY." Scum: "What????" GM (As the now gay tech-priest): " Oh my, Mr. thillybunsth! I'll do anything for you! We thould lithen to my collection of ancient Clay Aiken CDs!" Scum: "Uh, guys?" The Rest of Us: "All in favor of ditching Havelock to his fate?" (Everyone votes aye) GM: "Roll for Ditching." (rolls) GM: Okay, you dash off into the bustling crowd, Havelock, you are now alone in the alley with the super gay techpriest. Roll for dodge or get buttraped by his robodick." Scum: "Seriously? Come on! This is... you can't do that, 40k isn't like this!" GM: "Whos' the GM here? You don't want gay techpriest buttrapists in your game, fine, now roll or buttrape." Assasin (Over everyones laughter) : "I don't remember there being so much buttrape in the novels..." Psyker: "In the thousand sons novel, there were a couple of lesbians, so y'know, probably there is buttrape happening?" Scum: "Stop saying buttrape." GM: "Roll agility to avoid the techpriests groping mechdendrites." Cleric: "Hey, as a priest, shouldn't I be stopping this? I mean, isn't buttrape supposed be agains the bible or something?" Assasin: "No, that's the christian bible, and you're a cleric of the God-Emprorer, I'm sure that the threat of Daemons and Xenos are a little more important than buttrape." Scum: "Stop saying buttrape! This is bullcrap!" GM: "You took too long, and the techpriest gets his grimy hands on you. You are assraped. Take 3 levels of fatigue and 5 asswounds. Also, you have AIDS and hemorroids now." Scum: "**** you, I'm not putting it down! Nobody gets raped, okay?" GM: "Okay, so you consent to the assrape. You take 1 level of fatigue. You still have AIDS and hemorroids though." And so on and so forth. We spent an hour just cracking up as our GM kept finding ways to get the Scum buttraped by a techpriest. Eventually he spent a fatepoint to reroll his charm test and ended up getting only two degrees of success (He later killed the techpriest by tricking him into eating [drinking?] Corel Paste, which is sort of a running gag in our GMs campaigns as an alcholic beverage so terrible that anytime it is mentioned or displayed in public it incites the NPCs into killing frenzies or causes them to flee in terror) Unfortunately, now that we're all so used to wacky things happening, nobody else wants to GM, ever.
  13. Gimme gimme, just plop a PDF up somewhere.
  14. hmm, seems like a pretty solid storyline, although if you plan on using "Ludas" as your players patron inquisitor, i'd go with his motivations being something a little more deep than simple wealth. After all, wealth is meaningless to inquisitors, they can get whatever they need or want just by waving a rosette in a shopkeeps face, plus they have the authority to requisition almost any military hardware, and furthermore, anything they CAN'T requisition would not be available for sale anyway, no matter how much money they had. Instead, how about having him become warp-tainted, or possessed by a demon, or have him be of radical leaning, possibly tempted to go after these horsemen by the promise of forbbiden lore, objects, or tech?
  15. Seems pretty solid, but do you have the cast of NPCs to back it up?
  16. Denmar1701 said: A couple things that might help. Anytime you're dealing with a group of 13 mooks needing to make resist rolls vs. fear, just remember that those who make it, are gonna see one guy, who hasn't taken a weapon out. Unless the Psyker has Quick Draw, to make this look less obvious, the mooks are very likely (I'd say Awareness +20) to notice the scary looking guy without a weapon in his hand. Just remember to keep in mind how long the Psyker has to take for his actions. A Full round action for fear. A Full round action for Weapon Jinx. Blood Boil is a half action, but counts as an attack action, so he's doing something else the rest of the round. In all these cases, unless the mooks are extremely stupid, or caught unawares, they're gonna notice, and take appropriate action. I know full well, having played a Psyker up to Mistress Templar Calix, that simple things can spell a Psyker's doom. I used to be the one who scared the group just by being around. Lately, not so much; the Adept is scaring them now. But I digress. The point being, if the Psyker is going out of his way trying to paint a bullseye on his chest for the mooks, then don't be afraid to use it! That may be, but to draw from the most recent boss encounter for my group, the fight went like this- Round One: Activate Unnatural Aim (half action), Take a half action to use a normal aim (So +30 Ballistics from Unnatural aim, and +10 fo rthe half action aim, +40 ballistics skill so far) Everyone else preps weapons, or uses full run actions to get into cover away from the boss. Roud Two: Psyker, already with a combined +40 ballistics bonus, proceeds to use his weapon on full-auto, giving him an additional +20 ballistics, bringing his ballistics to a grand total of +60 ballistic bonus, and his base ballistics is 35, so he is now making a ranged attack on an 8-shot full auto at a whopping 95 ballistics skill. He blew the boss, the freaking BOSS of the entire campaign, away in that single turn. Our assasin hates him because when you hold up the two characters raw killing power side-to-side, the Psyker beats the crap out of being an assasin. Several of my players asked if they could reroll as a psyker, and if I say "no" I know without a doubt that they will purposely kill their current characters so they can reroll anyway. That's basically what the psykers been doing for every encounter. Slapping him on the wrist with tweaked mechanics STILL doesn't stop him, despite me having changed the rules to allow psychic phenomena on a power roll of a 7 or a 9 (With an automatic Perils of the Warp occuring if he rolls both numbers consecutively) and have forced him to take a level of fatigue for every 3 powers he uses in a single hour of narrative time. And this still isn't enough to keep him in check.
  17. Be lucky you only have that ONE player to deal with, I regularly have to deal with worse multiplied by 5. It speaks volumes about players when they keep stalling the game because someone decided that A) A Schola Progenium character can be a techpriest B) Said Schola Progenium Techpriest is allowed to have 3 bionic vaginas C) Said Techpriest then proceeds to ignore the quest and constantly tries to sell his body to every NPC For this reason, I keep one friend around who knows the entire plot of the campaign so they can act as what we call "Retard Control". He keeps my players retardedness under control by using his character to shut down their characters when they start becoming too disruptive i.e. Stealing overpowered items and then "losing" them, or outright killing them when they get outta control. This way, I'm not a "bad" GM who lawyers the fun out of the game, and problem players are not a problem becaus ethey are dead by legitimate, non-GM related means.
  18. Eesh, that's a tough one. I'd say google your state and zip code and throw "dark heresy" at the end of it and see what pops up.
  19. MILLANDSON said: Well, I believe current fluff has the Outsider being in the Dyson Sphere that's to the bottom-right of Segmentum Tempustus in this map: Linky Hmm, the outsider you say? The description of him/her/it matches that of the Tyrant Star quite nicely if the wiki is anything to go by: http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/The_Outsider This is better than season 2 of Lost! Now... it says that the Outsider is the most powerful C'Tan... But it also says that the Void Dragon is the most powerful... So if they got into a fight, who would win?
  20. Hmm, or, what about making Psykers take fatigue if they use their powers too much? You'd think all that focus would wear you down mentally.
  21. Well, you have friends right? JUst give them a ring-a-ding and see if you can get them all to go over to your place at an appointed time. If your place is too small, check out your local library. Usually they sound-proofed meeting rooms you can use for free (so long as you can sign up for it)
  22. Honn said: Except that the C'tan need the Necron to collect the bodies and souls for them, they can't do it themselves from the stars Though it could be the Outsider, he went mad during the War in Heaven and has not been seen since. The psychic backlash of an insane C'tan, jumping from star to star, would fit the bill of the Tyrant Star's effects on people, and it would explain why the Eldar avoid the sector (not to fond of the C'tan...) No, actually, since C'tan feed off the bio-electrical energy from living beings, they can feed off of people. The necrons are there to keep any uppity races from directly attacking the C'Tan. Plus, all the known C'Tan had congealed their massive forms into Necrodermis bodies, so the way they feed is different than a "regular" C'Tan might feed. After all, they used to siphon off the massive amounts of energy given off by stars, until the necontyr drew their attention to the little bits of dirt floating between the stars. So while the Deceiver or the Nightbringer are reliant on their armies of Necrons to harvest energy for them (since they are now housed within necrodermis bodies and no longer large enough to encompasse an entire planet to succor off the bio-electric energy of living beings) A normal C'Tan can do it all on it's own. While I can't attest that any of this information is official (Except the bio-electrical stuff and the necrodermis bodies) the rest just falls into place on it's own. And if it's wrong, well, I'll just temporarily retcon the fudge out of whatever lore needs to be re-written to allow it.
  23. Hmm, well, if I ever craft a campaign around the Tyrant Star, I think I'll make it turn out to be a previously unknown C'tan. Rather than suck the souls straight out of people, it would move from place to place feeding off entire populaces at a time, keeping casualties to a minimum in order to allow it's food supply to maintain itself. Eh? Eh? Pretty good, am I right, or am I SUPER right?
  24. I know what you're talking about, and I have used every single square inch of my brain (and my accumulated 20,000 dollars of college education) to come up with a solution to this problem. I call it: STICKY NOTES.
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