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  1. I have found that my players don't really need their other crew members. Yes, granted they do end up on some missions/explorations but only at the very beginning or very end. I do not endorse the use of the crew, but if you do happen to keep count of that sort of thig, you could recrute new crew members and that could be quite interesting. Happy Gaming!
  2. You know it all in prefrence to what you want to do, I use minis manly becaus e my players need a visual rep. to get whats going on.
  3. I would like to thank all of those who posted, thanks for the imput. This will be the best series of games ever, thank you guys/galls very much for your imput. I really do apreciate it. Thanks.
  4. Yup, they do. And they will do almost anything to get them.
  5. Thank you for the imput, I will pry let them have a feild day with it. Thank you all for your imput.
  6. True, orks are never picky, think like an ork to get an idea of what something might be used for, and remember orks have really simple minds, depending on what type of ork he is. So just have at it.
  7. ItsUncertainWho said: I tend to look at Proven as a manifestation of the Machine Spirit of the weapon. Something that just develops over time as the character and machine spirit get into sync with each other. I use it as a way to keep players using what may otherwise be a "lesser" option. I agree with this completly, and being a "40K fluf master", I tend to know guite a lot on certin subjects. This, is one of them, so this Proven, that you speek of will most likly develop over time, all depending on how much the weapon is used, and how this Proven increases is entierly up to you, and how much the player uses the weapon of course. Hopefully this answers your question.
  8. Hey, so I have reached a point where I can't seem to figure out what to do next. So, the trip begins with the RT and all his "underlings" (for lack of a better word), have found an extremly profitable sector that is ruled by a Baron who mannaged to over thow Imperial rule and controle this enitre sector with an iron fist. I had the idea of having the Baron begin to raise prices and begin to do a manner of other things to restrict trade in the sector. And this is where I seem to be stuck, so if anyone has some ideas on this or other suggestion, please let me know asap, becuse my group is chomping at the bit to get another secion going. And again thank you for any imput.
  9. Great character, if she is working for an Inqusitor, some more history on that past. And to add a little twist, she could be tainted from her experience in the traveling company thing. Tat is up to your descreshion, if she is an assasin then give her a favorite weapon of choice for her killigs an puta story behind it. Good luck with your campain.
  10. Thank you both for the ideas, defentaly good for future campains and more importantly this one, so again thanks.
  11. I have started a new campain where the players simply go exploring and end up at a planet that is a fudal world, that is post black powder, they are taken in by this burrly hunter slash tracker that is leading them to El Drado, for those of you who do not know El Dradois a city of gold dreamped up by the spanish concestadors, so anyways I need some ideas of what to throw at them, besides highway men and other creachers, so thank you for the help.
  12. very interesting. this sould end up very suprising to the players. thankyou.
  13. I have resenty began to plan a new compain were all of the players are RT. So ido have some ideas but not all of them are there, i did have the idea for a huge race across aplanet or somthing like that, they have been invited by some rulling overlord, somthing like a sheik. And they have to race across the planet sort of like the move Hildalgo, except with more "evil" things. any ideas to give, please do, along with constructive criticism
  14. beerg here.one of my RT has a ship called the Melevoence, named for how my RT acts as a persion of athoity.
  15. Hello it 's me beerg and i was wondering if i could harve some help with the players wanting to be xenos such as kroot, orks ect. so if someone could nelp with the rules for i'm short on money so if i could have help with the rules. and thank you again.
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