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  1. I'm hoping for a switch to pvp, the game has no interest for me otherwise. But I realize that either way there will be a group of fans disappointed.
  2. Martin wrote last night's episode himself and I thought it was the best one yet. No sloppy sexposition scenes, and even though it didn't have a dramatic cliffhanger, I thought they fit a ton of stuff in.
  3. The reason it isn't more blatant in the books in comparison to other things like incest is because neither Loras nor Renly are point of view characters, and none of the point of view characters witnessed them directly sexually engaged. In comparison Bran sees Cersei and Jaime together, and both of them are point of view characters later. The books certainly are not as obvious as the show makes it. They didn't make them being gay just for the sake of HBO being HBO, but you can argue that they added them having a love scene rather than being more subtle about it for that reason.
  4. There is a good summary of the hints in the first 4 books as to Renly and Loras here: www.angelfire.com/ma4/mlarchives/faq/lorasrenly.html and Martin has confirmed it in interviews. Renly knew how to joust and was a participant in the Hand's Tourney losing to the Hound ( who also did not participate in the HBO version) so it's hard to believe he would be ill at the sight of blood. On the other hand the way people act around their lovers in private is not the same as their public face, so we shall see how it plays out.
  5. Yeah I don't have a problem with them being gay, but it just seems like they could have delayed that reveal til maybe next season when they go to "pray" together. More so with character changes, I didn't like Renly being portrayed as squemish. He did have some combat and tourney experience. In fact we are first introduced to him in the books while he is wearing his armor and carrying his stag helm. The Cersei changes are more dramatic, but I guess with no strict point of view some fleshing out had to be done. I suspect she will still have plenty of moments to make us hate her by the season's end. I think it works in the frame work of the TV show even if it isn't a change I would have made myself. I thought Addy did a great job as Robert this episode.
  6. Action certainly ramped up this week. Would have preferred they kept Renly and Loras relationship more subtle, or at least delayed it til season 2 if they felt they needed to be blatant. Still it was probably my favorite episode overall with the Hound vs Mountain, Bronn action, bat crazy Lyssa, and a nice Varys/Littlefinger addition. The Jaime vs Ned change also worked for me.
  7. Yeah apparently the dogs were rescue dogs, not actor dogs and training them was problematic. It sounds like they will probably go CGI wolves next season. It will be interesting to see how the CGI looks, especially with the dragons at the end of the season. I read some where that they have like 4 CGI people this season and they plan on around 24 next season.
  8. Good 4th episode. Love the casting for Samwell, and all of the Wall story is going well. King's Landing and the Targaryen story is still suffering some from so much exposition dialogue, but I still enjoyed it over all. Only change I didn't like was having Littlefinger tell the Hound's story to Sansa instead of the Hound telling her himself. Did like that the wolves had more of a presence, though Ghost appearing out of no where and disappearing again isn't ideal. But he looked cool for the brieft time he was seen. Looking forward to the conclusion of the tourney and some Bronn action next week!
  9. I think compared to Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings is easier material to adapt. Not taking anything away from the job done by Peter Jackson on Lord of the Rings, it was awesome and it certainly wasn't an easy task, but relatively, Game of Thrones has a much more complicated plot line with a lot more main characters introduced from the start, split up all over the world. Much of the story is told thru characters internal thoughts and memories, and every chapter is strictly from one character's perspective which is practically impossible to do on film. Fellowship of the Ring on the other hand has a much smaller primary cast introduced much slower, which sticks together for almost the entire first movie all working on the same objective from a 3rd person perspective with minimal internal monologue. Game of Thrones has a ~50-60 million dollar budget for the whole 10 episode season compared to the $109,000,000 spent on the 3 hour Fellowship of the Ring. On a per hour budget that puts LotR at 36,333,333.33 per hour and GoT at 6,000,000, making LotR's budget per hour six times what Game of Thrones is spending. That isn't to say everything has been perfect, or that there aren't things I would like to see done differently, but over all I have been very pleased with the effort given the restrictions in time and money they are working with. I'd rate the combined 3 episodes around 80-85 out of 100, with the potential for much higher as the character introductions and background expositions are almost wrapped up and the strictly story telling will start to become the focus.
  10. If you have access to hbogo, be sure to check out the interactive versions of the episodes with more back ground info popups about what is going on: javascript:void(0);/*1304462263216*/
  11. Karazax said: Karazax said: There is a rather amusing non-reader first impressions video posted on winter-is-coming.net : javascript:void(0);/*1303774301957*/ He gets a bunch of stuff wrong, proving that some of the things were indeed confusing for new viewers (he thinks Jon Arryn is Robert's father and the former king), but the main point is he loved it regardless of missed details, with his reaction to the ending being particularly entertaining, and capturing much of how I felt when I read it for the first time. If you don't want to listen to the whole 20+ minutes, skip to the 8 minute mark for his impressions of the end. Here is his recap/review of episode 2. This time he catches a lot more of the details correctly and has a much better grasp of the names: Still a pretty entertaining listen and it is good to see how much a non-reader is catching after one viewing. Another entertaining review: Main mistake he makes is confusing white walkers and wildlings, and thinking Tyrion won the dagger by winning the tournament himself. He also can't remember Littlefinger's name.
  12. The Game of Thrones cast list has been updated with pics from more characters that haven't been seen in episodes yet: javascript:void(0);/*1304225397322*/
  13. HBOgo.com gave access to several more cable/dish providers yesterday. If you just added HBO for Game of Thrones, you might as well make the most of your money and check out some of the older series. Rome is probably the closest to Game of Thrones, but all the other series like Sopranos and The Wire that have been on HBO are there too, and the excellent miniseries like Band of Brothers and The Pacific.
  14. DerBarchen said: gn0x said: I was thinking they are portraying her as very empathetic, meaning she can easily read other people's emotions, and mimic hers to match. When she was saying goodbye the Cat, and speaking about her lost child, there wasn't any true emotion there, but she needed to try and cover her tracks. I think she's doing a great job with the role, and you can see she's always a few steps ahead. I dont know, it really did feel like it was meant to be taken as genuine by the readers. It makes sense from a long term point of view as Cersei becomes a sort of tragic hero come book 4 so they might be building up her character from that angle but I was still seriously confused by that Cat/Cersei scene. Can someone remind me if that even hapened in the books please? It is a change from the books, but it does further solidify the Robert's natural kids are always dark haired plot line, and does not rule out the possibility that the child died of unnatural causes.
  15. LaughingTree said: Karazax said: Yes, speculation is that HBO uses exact numbers for On Demand and online views, which if true, means watching it there is a way for your viewing to count, even if you aren't a nielsen viewer. If you haven't checked out the new hbogo.com, it is pretty nice with an interactive version of the first episode, and back episodes of all the HBO series, though not every cable/dish provider has access yet. Are you saying if we subscribed to HBO solely to watch Thrones and watch at our normal time viewing that won't count officially? Yes unless you are a Nielsen viewer with a Nielsen box on your TV your view won't count for any TV show you watch on any channel when they are talking Nielsen TV ratings. Of course that doesn't mean your subscription and watching don't matter, because HBO doesn't have advertising and number of subscribers is overall more important than Nielsen numbers, especially considering how high on demand, online, and DVR views tend to be on HBO compared to the estimated number of viewers that Nielsen ratings give. More info on Nielsen Ratings: javascript:void(0);/*1304047446760*/ Speculation is that HBO knows exactly how many On Demand, and online views from their website they get per account, and probably uses those numbers rather than estimates.
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