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  1. New to X-wing my young son and I. Looking for Friday-Saturday games at GAJO in Sandy (check out their new 3-story diggs). Will search for more info RE Game Haven tourney in May. Anybody run some Death Star trench rules yet (local to Utah that is)? Long Live SW:MB Diskwars SW:CCG MechWarrior X-Wing!
  2. Lets hope they get the Arty right ... as I've seen it break many a PPP game.
  3. I noticed some "mold lines" on the figs as well. Specifically one of the Axis units hands (had up and pointing, with a mold line down the finger). Is this the norm, are the mold lines visible across both the grey and the green figs.
  4. Kudos (testing 1-2-3 ... my renewed FFG account) Anybody remember DiskWars (back when FFG was small), the Winner of the Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures Rules Origins Award in 1999. Is there a list somewhere of all the FFG medals and awards?
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