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  1. https://goo.gl/dpuIJM My apologies for my silence over the past few years. Our group quit playing Anima, but now that I've moved and am looking for a new group, I've re-opened my favorite game to play with it some. I found this old Excel on my google drive, but I'd give write access to a few people, and in the process, much of the sheet was broken. I've repaired all the mistakes made (that I've found anyhows), and noticed that it's been updated with the latest books (including Core Exxet). I've not verified the algorithms, all I've done is fixed all the obvious errors: #VALUE! stuff... and obvious fubars. I've made 6 characters with it, and the numbers all add up, so it could be that it's all fixed, but I give no guarantees on that. Of note: This sheet is IDEAL for homebrew classes. It makes it very easy to create/adapt your own classes to an auto generator. However, make your own copy... I'll not likely give write access to this particular file again (though you can download it and use it as it is, but your changes won't show on the shared version). Saddened that the game (and the crowd) has died off... understandable, but still saddening.
  2. Elric is right about the 60%, it should be 60% with PP cost of 15, just as the Illusionist is 60% with an MA Mult of 60 as opposed to the Warlock with his 50% and an MA Mult of 50. Similarly, no Prowler gets +5 to multiple combat abilities... this class should be limited to +5 Dodge, with no Attack bonus. Lastly, I would recommend that you change Notice/Search to 5 each, and add a reduced cost to Withstand Pain and Composure (2 each). With your high willpower, those are 2 skills you'd expect all psychic/prowler types to have/want. I made a similar class, called it "Wraith", and focused more on an intruder type theme, so rather than the Notice/Search, I went +5 to Sleight of Hand and Lock Picking. I have the initial Attack costs at 3 instead of 2, and do not have the Ki Concealment bonus. Of course the class has 60% and 15 for PPs, and only a per-level bonus to Dodge.
  3. Ignore previous post, players pointed out that I forgot propulsion systems which would take up a lot more of that back space. but we worked some ideas and I'll try a recreate this week.
  4. Ok, under the wire, this is what I have. I built an above-surface bridge, a middle surfaced Living Quarters, and haven't designed yet (but will after the game) a below surface cargo and computer bay area. Afraid some of this might look a bit like luxury liner in nature, but I'm envisioning that the purpose of the ship (as intended by Imperials) being to go on extremely long and far reaching exploratory missions, a bit of luxury would be thrown in for mental sanity. It is usually operated by academy elites, not clone storm troopers, so some lee-way is given. Though most should be obvious (posts for various officers), the staircase in the center goes up to the Gunwell, and the 2 stair cases that disappear under the center go to the living quarters: Lockers located in each of the refresher areas identified by the brown boxes. Stairwell going down is entrance into the living quarters from Cargo area/Outside. (no quick access to the bridge). The rest should be easily enough understood... The stairs go up to the bridge area (as per the youtube video), not into the shower areas, those shower areas are underneath the staircases.
  5. Oh my.... Didn't realize this thread had gone to page 2, so posted before seeing this post... it's beautiful, and it's perfect. I love it. Thank you!
  6. I agree Miishelle, based on this top-view of the Decimator: The bridge should be on top, and the private areas (galley, living spaces) should be underneath and forward, with the "wings" hosting the large part of the cargo space, in my opinion. Would make sense too, to keep the turret close to the bridge in an Imperial ship. Sadly, I've resigned myself to the knowledge that I simply can't build anything as beautiful as the plans someone did for the YT-1930 (which has a similar design) via photoshop, so had to use my clone-stamp tool to modify something that already exists. If I could have designed it myself, I would definitely have a different deck plan. As is, I'm more programmer and less graphic design in my computer skills. :/
  7. Thanks to finding DarthGM's YT-1930 online, I was able to modify it (albeit with no real skill) to work as my VT-49 Decimator. Am ready for this weekend's game me thinks. Changes: Moved Captain's Quarters and made them bigger. Lost Workshop Converted Escape Pod Room into a Shower Converted GunWell area into Escape Pods location (transparent because they are below the surface with just mound entrances in the room) Each pod holds 2 people who have to stand and are able to strap in tightly. Moved GunWell (which is just a ladder against a wall) into the computer bay area. Added a 2nd Refresher where the Personal Storage was. Data: Handling: 0 Speed: 4 Silhouette: 4 Defense: 2/2 Armor: 4 Haul Trama: 20 System Strain: 16 Hard Points: 2 (of 6) Reinforced Shield Generator High Output Ion Turbine Hyperdrive Generator 1 Dorsal Turret Mounted Twin Medium Laser Cannons - FireArc: All, Damage 6, Crit: 3, Range: Close, Linked 1. 2 Forward Mounted Medium Laser Cannons -FireAcr: Forward, Damage 6, Crit: 3, Range: Close, Linked 1
  8. Ok, sheet currently finished. The only thing left is Age of Rebellion as far as I'm aware, but that'll be after this weekend's game at best. Latest release includes the Races from Force and Destiny, inclusion of racial Talents (You still have to select them, but they are free), various bug fixes (one really bad one where the 1st talent of each class error'd causing all other talents of that class to error ). Also added some minor changes like allowing multiple "Well Rounded" and "Dedication" talents. For now, I have to work on the Decimator...
  9. We will see... I'm not opposed to a bit of meta-gaming, but as a person that back in the 80's, played the game Paranoia where you all had secrets (Mutant, Secret Organization) that you had to try and find out in-game, I can think of a lot of ways to keep it fun with the guessing games. However, I also won't let it get out of control or become non-fun either. I'm assuming you're taking it from the X-Wing Miniatures model. While it might be fairly rare to see them, they really look to me to be clearly Siener Fleet Systems ships, and really look very much Imperial Navy. Still, it's actually a pretty good ship for an EotE campaign, being about the same size as a YT-1300, Firespray, or other light freighters. Regardless of what I said above, I'd be seriously interested in seeing what you come up with in stats and layout. In my campaign, I can see a slippery Imperial garrison commander slicing up a requisition so he has one as his personal transport. Edit: typos *sigh* You might be right, but I think they are suppose to be somewhat rare. Imperial troops mostly travel by Capitol ships, and when it's a local flight, via a Lamda or small Tie Fighter if they're "special" I think. The Decimator is a live-in, questing sort of ship. I could see Imperials using them to scout new worlds or science expedition, but not as a core in their fleet... but I could be wrong. Anyhows, as soon as I finish my character-generator, I'll be working on that ship. The next game is this weekend, so hopefully before Friday. I think that's what he'll do, but likely just didn't want to spend the XP for it at CharGen. By "undecided" I actually meant "unselected" I suppose.
  10. Latest version uploaded. Force Trees have been added, and big cleanup on the data page. Added everything I could think of that was character-based, such as Obligation XP, the list of things Oggy suggested, including auto-calc of Armor Master, Improved Armor Master, Sixth Sense, Superior Reflexes and Characteristic Selection for Dedication Talents.
  11. Latest version uploaded. I apologize if there are any errors, stayed up a bit later than expected working on it. It now includes a managed Talent Tree controller (though human error may have missed a pre-requisite somewhere, if you find one post here and I'll fix it). Thanks OggDude, I'm pretty sure I have drop-down boxes on all the listed items (will fix Class though). I have noticed the Pilot problem, and will work around that when I get to that book, but since I'm not using that book in my game, it has a lower priority for me (Something I will do this month, but just not right away). My latest release (just uploaded) does indeed have only "available" Talents listed, so #3 is already resolved. And yeah, it was a major pain... took more than an hour to get that working. :\ I will 'hide' the bonus skills that don't apply, as per your suggestion. Grit and Toughened were already added, have included Enduring in this latest edition as well. I will definitely include some Dedication selection of course, probably before the end of the week.
  12. It should be noted at some point that behind these words and text is a person. Within that person are feelings. Those feelings can be hurt. :'( Since coming to these forums in search of help with some CharGen House Rules, I have been repeatedly insulted and mistreated despite making it a point to never be insulting towards anyone else (though at times I may have backlashed a little against those that were just plain ole mean to me). I understand that the House Rules were broken(ish), and despite my having listened to those who gave intelligent and non-insultive replies, and in the process having changed those CharGen house-rules to the 160/160 rules I've used, this has not lessened the insults being thrown at me. I completely understand that I have a very different way of playing this game. I treat the Force as it is seen in the movies and novels, not as the purely mechanic entity it is in the game. Note: I do not comment on the intelligent discourse some have provided, I value those and those are the reasons I stick around. Disagreeing with me is a bonus to my opinion of someone, as long as that disagreement is done via intelligent discourse. Disagreeing with me through insulting, degradation and defamation is usually ignored... the whole "turn the other cheek" thing. However, discussion isn't even being reached any more. With my latest thread of the Excel, I've been insulted twice now out of 2 replies. Once through the unnecessary use of the adjective "messed-up" and another declaring publicly that there's no way he'd download something I made. It's compounded by the Like button where people are back patting these posts and the mean posts in other threads, cheering on those that are demeaning. It's a forum of bullies in which the "veterans" and loudest of the forums feel it's ok to bully the little guy. It should be noted that the loudest are rarely, if ever, the predominant of a group. While it is possible that my view on Force is the minority, it's more probable, in my opinion that many agree with it but didn't, or don't, see a way to do the mechanics of going Dark. There just aren't rules for pallid skin, sunken eyes, and emotional digression of someone who goes Dark. And the rules that do exist, the "strain", is pretty much the opposite of what Dark Force does in the movies/novels... Not that the canon mechanics are wrong, but derogatorily attacking someone for playing "differently" is. Being just plain old mean, is just as wrong. I bring this up in hopes that people will see just how mean they've been on these forums. It's easy to get caught up in a crowd, and become something you never wanted to become, acceptance is a powerful tool. And of course, coercion/bullying is a similarly powerful tool, which when applied likely causes those that thrive on acceptance to change course in an effort to gain acceptance. I don't really succumb to peer pressure though, I succumb to intelligence. One shouldn't have to rake through the useless and insulting posts to try and find something useful and thoughtful. That being said, while I did not make the excel for the purpose of having more insults thrown my way, I also didn't make it to gain acceptance. It's there to give people a tool they can use, and when completed, will be a powerful gaming tool for this game. And yes... it's an excel, by its very nature, it is easily configurable to accommodate house rules, including my own.
  13. Ok, it is now ready, but without Age of Rebellion. I will add that later on of course. Things you can enjoy with this excel character generator: Drop down lists for career and specialization specific skills, as well as for Talents and other areas. Full XP Calculations and verifications Complete list of all Edge of the Empire and Force and Destiny Careers and Talents Ability to alter starting XP and Characteristic limitations as a Gamemaster XP based spending (you fill in how much XP you put in, instead of filling in something and it calculating the XP) Auto-Identify racial skill ratings, and ability to select racial skills for humans and droids (and Twi'Leks of course) Future release will include Age of Rebellion classes, as well as Talent Tree checks (right now you fill in the Talent and how much XP that Talent costs, there's not a checks-n-balance on following a talent branch yet). Will also have to add in racial Talents automatically to the lists. Lastly, will create a 2nd page for Talent Cards that will auto-generate based on Talent selections (I just have to be careful to not fill in too much and have copyright problems). If you see any problems, please post here. Since I had to manually fill in the career and specialization specific skills, it is possible I made a mistake in a skill tree somewhere.
  14. Errr.... the part that lets you pick your free skills at character creation got deleted while I was working on some Force and Destiny stuff, so ignore this thread for a bit and I'll post an update (with Force and Destiny) that is error-free by Monday.
  15. This weekend I plan to update my Character Generator to include Force and Destiny (and perhaps Age of Rebellion if the time exists). It's Excel, which makes it easier to modify things for House Rules... Figured I'd share it if anyone wants to use it (or at least peruse it before it's completed, though it should work perfectly for Edge of the Empire games). Star Wars - Edge of the Empire CharGenerator I recommend downloading it and opening it in Excel as the Google Docs program massacres xlsx files. :/ Edit: If you need/want to make changes, the password is: star wars
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