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  1. To all players I am sorry to announce this,but I am going to have to stop GMing this game. My work keeps adding to my workload for the next few weeks and so I just do not have time to GM this game currently. My schedule is suppose to clam down closer to the end of April, and if people are interested I could pick up the game where we left off at that point. If not I understand.
  2. Sorry everyone, I am going to have to cancel this week's game as well for work reasons. We will continue the game next week for sure.
  3. To All players I am going to have to cancel this week and next week's game. I apologize for the late notice, but I was only informed today that I would not have internet on trip I agreed to go on. Anyway, will we continue the game on the 22, and I will send out emails to everyone when I get back on the 20th to remind them.
  4. Reminder to all players We will have a game this Thursday starting at 6pm central. Please send me any updates for your characters by the end of the day.
  5. All those slots are open so any of them should be good. Please send me, and crisaron your character info before Thursday.
  6. Greetings, I am going to have to cancel this week's game, but we will continue the story next week on the first. I apologize for the late notice. As a reminder, if you spend any xp on your character you must send me a updated character sheet, and a running list of how you have spent all your xp up to that time as well as how much you have left. Please send me this information no later than the Tuesday before each game session.
  7. I think crisaron is doing a great job, and would not recommend him changing a thing. He role played his character very well, and stuck with the same personality presented to me. If any thing there are some things I need to change in my approach of how I run the game.
  8. To Getit199 Yes, he will be playing the Rogue Trader. To all players List of House Horalis military assets can be found here.
  9. To all players The following players have been approved for Thursday game. Please send me final character sheet,and any full backstorys that you have completed by the end of today. In addition, it would be appreciated if it was in a word document. Asajev, Seneschal Lurker, Explorator Noctus-Cornix, Navigator Getit, Space Marine Kywendle, Arch-Militant Uncle Screwtape, Explorator The game will be using crisaron's vent server for the first session. I will send out server info about a hour to half a hour before game starts.
  10. Greetings everyone, All characters for this week's game will need to be given to and approved by crisaron by the end of Tuesday. Compete backstory is not need for now, but atleast a overview of who you are, and your personality would be good. In addition, I will be posting some additional information about the upcoming game session later today. Current list of Approved Players for Thursday; Uncle Screwtape, Explorator Kywendle, Arch Militant Getit199
  11. To all players except getit Please send your character's backstory and character information to crisaron. He must approve all characters and backstories before they are sent to me. if you are unsure what kind of characters he is looking for in his crew, I would recommend you contact him. If you have already sent me your character ,and his backstory I will send the information to him. If for any reason there is a issue with your character by the time it reaches me, I will work it out with you before Thursday.
  12. Greetings all, The ship information can be found here. I will continue to post additional information as it is finished.
  13. I would like to get one more player before we start. So we will wait one more week.
  14. The day of the week for the game has been changed to Thursdays.
  15. I am thinking we will start at 7pm central standard time. As for slots, the only one taken is the Rogue Trader by crisaron. If there is something you would like to play as that is not in the rules, let me know and I will see what we can work out.
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