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  1. Belthir Act II backside monster card has some issues with his abilities, he has cry havroc instead of fire champion on its backside.
  2. you could pitch me the files and i could have a look at it. I designed alot of descent content and the silken threads campaign so I am probably able to help.
  3. there is a grammatical term for this rulebook writing style, it is called: the genderneutral maskulinum. It existed for hundreds of years and noone minded it until the gender-madness started.
  4. ALL of them at once! just sooo much more content, and also descent is still one of the best dungeoncrawlers out there anyways. Or if you want to save some money and even get a much better game, search for a copy of Gloomhaven.
  5. Here in vienna both our local gaming store are fully stocked on descent, all expansions multiple copies and even lieutenant packs and other supplementary products. Maybe you could order some stuff online from us? http://www.planetharry.at/ http://www.sirengames.at/de/search?page=search&page_action=query&desc=on&sdesc=on&keywords=descent
  6. hmm interesting observations. 0) Ah I missread your card as at the end of each quest, I can easily cange that to at the end of each encounter which would solve the hoarding issue. Thats defenitely my misstake 1) I had the complete opposite feeling, that your abilities simply draw too much cards and I had to tune it down and make it more strategic and depending on exhausting and fatigue but offering some interesting twists on the concepts, maybe some cards need a downside ..? 1a) I added the draw a card on cure because otherwise with 0 exp you only get 1 card per encounter and would only draw new cards when spending 2 surges, this seemed a bit too few, also I tuned the weapon strenght down, so you had to rely on the runeshards to get things done. Also I added the "you cannot equip runes" to force a focus on the magic staffs. 2) Inflame Shards would only draw one card independent how many monsters you would kill with an attack (in the current wording), maybe it was a bit unclear and I should refine the wording a bit more? Maybe to Whenever you defeat any number of monsters with an attack..? 3) the runeshards are pretty situnational and you can only cast 1 during your turn (due to exhaust) and one extra with interrupt card per hero round, thatswhy I also modified the spellbock to discard and draw to allow to sift to better cards. I am pretty open to changing the cards to your suggestions as they are still modeled after your ideas, so if you want specific cards modified just give me a list, I just used the ideas that came to my mind and express them through your concept.
  7. any comments ispher on this 6 hours of work ;P ?
  8. let me see. I will try to use my templates and put together a version myself from your ideas. I am thinking of retheming it to the Novice Wizard of Greyhaven (from Runewars) and Runeshard magic, this seems kinda fitting lorewise.
  9. you could maybe need better card templates and the correct fonts for descent: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/86530/descent-photoshop-templates-custom-content
  10. Here is an alternative link: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/143631/new-hybrid-classes-printable-pdf
  11. I loved the quick time events (attribute tests) in the story around the manor of voices. We had lindel in our party and were quite lucky and beat all quick time events to rescue the caplan! =D
  12. after alot of reworks and revisits and some redesigns and after finishing my familiar templates, I finally managed to conclude a printable PDF. Happy to hear your final verdict/feedback. Hybrid Classes Part 1.pdf Hybrid Classes Part 2.pdf Hybrid Classes Part 3.pdf
  13. The idea behind runic resonance is, that with imbue arrows you have a ton of surge options but often too few surges to use them. With runic resonance you can enhance your maximum potential of surges if you manage to resonate your imbued arrows with your magic (i.e. having already 2 surges), thus enhanching the effects of your rune arrows. And the summon animal is a experiment to give a hybrid class a summon option that is in tune with the concept of the ranger.
  14. In lack of better options, I made the card quite boring in terms of novelty but at least in line with other cards.
  15. I helped to design the coop adventures and played them endlessly both in alpha, beta and release version. They are manageable if you know how to game the doom fate and perils and pack alot of free actions such as door opening. Especially the first coop pack is kinda easy. I had even some groups of completely new players that beat the first coop when I used that coop pack to teach them descent.
  16. the first and second coop packs only use the base game and are of easy and medium difficutly and quite fun to play, the third coop pack needs the lair of the wyrm expansion and is quite hard to beat. Worth the purcase? Depends: If you like long campaign play, go for the app, it is much more interesting in long term campaign play, especially seeds of corruption. If you like short story shots manageable in 1-2 sessions in a small minicampaign, yes then the coop packs are the right thing for you.
  17. ugh.. so what do you suggest to change the card?
  18. I think I found a solution for Vanish which still works similar to the intent of the card, and a idea for Lethal Trance.
  19. I revisted Runic Resonance, Backstab, Vanish and Lethal Trance and made some changes. Regarding Lethal Trance, dont forget that you only can use Blade weapons (which are not the best in the game), and you still have to pay fatigue each time you want to use it.
  20. I have helped to design the coop quests, and played them like around 40-50 times the first one 20-30 times the second one and around 15times the last one. From my observation the first one had a winratio about 95%, it is pretty easy and manageable if you know how to game the ai and the roommechanics and the traps. The second one is much harder than the first one and had a winratio around 60%. Effectively managing your characters here and not wasting any time on any room is pretty much required. The thrid one is a really hard beast to tacle and we only had a winratio around 25%. Sometimes random things or specific sequences of rooms can lead to a quick death. But this was also intended to be the hardest one. A couple of hints how to solve the coop adventures: heroes with high movement high stamina are premium. get hero classes that have alot of free passive boni, mobility or free actions such as door opening. Especially the thief is pretty good in the coop adventures as he can grab chests from a distance and open doors for free. Also look for heroes that have balanced attributes, you will need to roll them! Lindel is extremely premium here for many objectives.
  21. Thanks for your feedback Warlock - 1) Hmm, yeah that is true, but there is a problem with space on the card, as it is a may effect, suffering more health than you have left shouldnt be an issue as you generally dont want yourself get Koed during your own turn. Warlock - 2) acidentally uploaded the wrong card, fixed that. Now it is 0, 1, 2, 3 Arcane Ranger - 1) in general such effects dont have any interpuntation on the cards which provide such thing. Arcane Ranger - 2 and 3) i am still working on the template for the familiars which is quite daring to do, I will upload better versions of them, once I got the template done. That he gets his familiar so late is intended Blade Dancer - 1) will do that! Paladin - 1) whoops 3exp should be cleansing fire, will fix that Paladin - 2) yes will do that, thanks! Assassin - 1) I dont have any custom class that I did which is called Assassin, I only can recall a Shinobi Assassin - 2) yes will do that, thanks! Assassin - 3) That is a bit tricky to explain but there is a difference in function, i will check over it again. General - the (to a maximum of 6) is only on cards that increases attributes temporarily, If you check through all cards from all classes you will see that is the normal behavior for this kind of attribute modifiers. If you increase it pernamently, the (to a maximum of 6) is ommited in all cards that use the Apply +1 to your X.
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