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  1. Gungywamp

    Ig88 Crew?!

    HWK with IG88, Engine, TLT, Juke paired with IG88C? I'm thinking not worth the points, but it sounds like fun.
  2. I actually just had a very similar experience, except it was my peg that was damaged. FFG definitely has made a life-long customer out of me. I forget exactly how long it took, maybe about 2 months, but I have no complaints.
  3. Edit: I deleted my post because I misread the question. My old post essentiall boiled down to: practice often with many lists to familiarize yourself with the ships you will fly against and to learn tricks you wouldn't otherwise learn by sticking to a single list. If you want to improve your game WITHOUT actually playing, your best option is to practice flying by yourself. Pick a list, and practice setting up starting formations. Practice multiple set ups, and practice multiple first moves for each set up. Practice without asteroids first, but eventually start practicing with them. Eventually you will learn what kinds of asteroid placements help you, and which hurt you, just by flying your ships around the board. Practice breaking formation and forming up again. Practice flying through rocks while maintaining firing arcs on chosen locations on the board. Eventually, you will have a much stronger grasp of the playing area and how your squad interacts with it. This is no substitute for playing actual games, but this kind of practice is something that will help you to be more confident and more able to react or provoke a reaction from your opponent.
  4. It was even worse than that! The Phantom itself caused the initial PS bid, and it just so happened that the best answer to it was the PS9+ Fat Han. So the Phantom entered a scene with already hurting arc dodgers, and made things worse by encouraging even more aggressive use of the best arc dodger counter. Then came wave 5, with two more PWT that could be used against the Phantom (or with it to great effect), seemingly putting the a nail in the coffin of ships like the Interceptor. Luckily for us, the developers figured out a way to fix the problem!
  5. Wave 1. I got the Core set for Christmas and the TIE Advanced expansion to go with it. I bought the X-Wing, TIE, and Y-Wing expansion within a week. I've really enjoyed watching this game evolve over time, but I couldn't imagine jumping in now, I'd be so overwhelmed!
  6. Before you go to the tournament, practice how you will set up your ships and how you will fly them in the first few turns: Come up with a few different deployments for your ships, depending on asteroid placement and your opponent's squad. Remember that you will get to place 3 of the asteroids, so you do have some control over the asteroid set up, but not complete control, so knowing how to set up your ships for a variety of asteroid placements will be important. Once you are comfortable with a few squad deployments, practice a few different first turns for each of them. This is even more important if you are flying 4 or more ships in formation. If you have a formation in mind, practice to make sure you can get your ships into that formation within the first few turns, regardless of asteroid placement and speed of engagement. If you have some sort of staggered set up where ships start out of formation and fly into formation on the first turn (like this: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/925391/maneuvers-302-imperial-formations) make sure you know how to have your ships move straight (both fast and slow) and turn right or left from that same starting position and end up in a formation. Despite the fact that this is more important the more ships you have, this is still an extremely important thing to have a handle on before you go to the tournament regardless of the size of your squad. So to summarize: - Practice setting up a few initial deployments for your ships - Make sure you know how to choose the correct deployment based on asteroid placement and opponent's squad - Practice more than one opening move for each of your practiced deployments If you do this, you will save time and sanity in all of your games, and have a toolbox of options for your first few turns that will ensure that you never start a match without a plan.
  7. For me it's the TAP, and specifically the Inquisitor. I really like the "budget ace" archetype (Ships like Omega Leader or Jake, and now the Inquisitor) which can fly competitively at 33 points or fewer. Second would be the tractor beam, so I can team up Moralo (w/ Bossk, Gunner, Tactician, Tractor) and 4-LOM (w/ Zuckuss and Tractor) for some slap and stress shenanigans. Competitive? Probably not. Fun? Very yes.
  8. At a tournament this weekend, I had a ship that might have been set up to maneuver over an asteroid by a hair. To be safe I barrel rolled it away, and couldn't complete it by a hair, so I rolled back. I didn't notice until the next turn that I had rolled it even closer to the rock and was clearly going over it. I ended up losing a shield off Zeta Leader. At the same tournament, different game, I was up by 17 points with enough time for two rounds left. Realized I could win handily by running away, decided that would be lame, and continued to dogfight. I misjudged a turn with Omega Leader, and he blanked on all his evade dice, while having a total of 5 hits thrown his way by two TIEs. Full health to destroyed in one turn. I lost that game.
  9. A few questions first: what pilot skill were these Y Wings? Did they have any astromechs? A weakness of the Y Wing is that it doesn't stand up well to focused fire. If you manage to focus your fire on one and destroy it before it can shoot, it can make quite the difference, but this requires you to have a higher pilot skill. Their other weakness is engaging at range 3 due to the rage of the Ion Cannon Turret. Your B wings will benefit greatly in this match up if you can force the first engagement to be range 3.
  10. I tested out this exact list last week (with only Wired on Zeta Leader, bringing it to 100 points) and it was a blast! I think one of its strengths is that target priority can be difficult at times for the opponent, and no one ship is so important to the list that losing it will sink you.
  11. While this won't help much with damage output, and will make Tycho more of a point sink, adding Experimental Interface (modification from YT-2400 expansion) allows you to use Boost, Daredevil, and another action such as Target Lock or Evade, and is even more fun! Although I'd prefer Jake in this instance, if I'm flying a PS 8 or higher A-Wing, I like pairing them with Jan Ors running Wired and Twin Laser Turret. Have Tycho (or Jake) fire first, Jan uses her ability to give them an extra attack die, she gains stress, and triggers Wired early in the combat phase, possibly giving her rerolls on both TLT shots and defense against any <PS8 enemy fire. The maneuverability of Jake and Tycho helps them to get those range 1 shots, which with Jan's help become 4 dice attacks. Add in Proton Rockets for a 6 dice attack. It's a beautiful thing when you pull it off.
  12. A few pointers regarding arc dodging: 1) In general, with arc dodgers it's better to have no shots at anyone while no enemy ships have shots at you, than it is to have a shot but receive a lot of return fire in exchange. One of the hardest parts about learning how to fly arc dodgers is learning when to engage and when to run while setting up for future engagement. Never joust with an arc dodger unless you're setting up a kill-shot on a lower pilot skill ship and will receive no return fire from other ships. 2) In order to facilitate the above, your initial placement of arc-dodging ships is important. Given that good arc dodgers are usually high pilot skill, you will usually be able to place them after most of your opponent's ships are placed, which allows you to choose better how to engage them. There are a few methods of placing your arc dodgers that can help with this: - You can set up your arc dodger away from the opponent, rather than directly across from their ships. This fits with the "no jousting" rule. Of course, you still have to be careful about how you approach, as the asteroid placement may make it easy for the enemy to avoid your other ships and attempt to joust your arc dodger. In this case, it's better to overshoot and come around to attack later while you engage with the rest of your squad than it is to try to get in a side attack only to find yourself in multiple enemy arcs. - You can set up your ship pointed at an angle, rather than directly at the opponent's side. It's easy to make the mistake of looking at the space between asteroids to find the most direct routes to opponents. Instead, try seeing the board from one corner on your side to the opposite corner on your opponents side. There may be better approaches that go at an angle away from or towards the enemy that your arc dodger can exploit with their speed and movement modifiers (barrel roll, boost, decloak), and which are more dangerous for enemies to intercept in groups due to asteroid placement. Look for these routes, and try to come at the enemy from an angle that is difficult for them to intercept, or if they are less cautious, lead them on a chase and trick them into flying through asteroid fields, throwing off their arcs and formations. - You can set up your ship facing directly along your board edge, rather than directly towards your opponent. The benefit of this, is that it gives you more time to choose when and where to turn towards the enemy formation. If you fly directly at them, you have far less time to maneuver into a safe position to flank enemy formations, and may find yourself either jousting them, or being forced to overshoot to avoid a joust. If you fly along your edge of the board, you can take advantage of your arc dodger's speed and movement modifiers (barrel roll, boost, decloak) to quickly turn in and engage from outside of enemy arcs. 3) A more difficult but important aspect of flying arc dodgers is using them as bait to trick your opponent into flying their ships into a bad position. Ships like Interceptors or Jake Farrel with Push the Limit have access to boost, barrel roll, and the important 1-hard turn. For example, with these movement options, you can start with your ship pointing in one direction, giving the appearance of moving to engage enemies in that direction. Then instead, pull a hard turn to reverse direction, and modify with boost and barrel roll to surprise anyone foolish enough to think they could catch you from behind.
  13. I'll give some thoughts on the Imperial list that you posted. The most important piece of advice I can give for that build is to drop most of the upgrades on the Bomber. Stealth Device will not do much good on a ship with 2 native agility. There are 27 points of upgrades on the 16 point ship. I guarantee that ship will never use all of its ordnance before it dies, and if a piece of ordnance goes unused, it's wasted points. Consider dropping all but one or two pieces of ordnance and filling the remaining points with a TIE fighter or two. If you are playing casually, I'd recommend proxying the X1 title for the TIE Advanced. Adding Accuracy Correctors with the X1 title will not increase the cost of the ship, and it will make it a very reliable and tanky damage dealer by freeing up the actions to either barrel roll out of enemy arcs or evade (Accuracy corrector will guarantee 2 hits on your attacks, so you don't need to focus or target lock any more). For the Phantom, the Targeting Computer can be dropped, as it will gain its target locks from FCS, freeing it up to use other actions. Here's a suggested alternative list that retains the original ships and much of their upgrades: https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v3!s!20:14:23:-1:U.107;49:-1,-1,-1,53,24:-1:-1:;76:36,40:-1:8:;10::-1:-1:;10::-1:-1: I swapped Targeting Computer for Stygium Particle Accelerator, and Rec Spec for Intelligence Agent. This will help the Phantom to get into position more effectively with cloaks, while also adding to its survivability with the free Evade tokens. The Bomber now only has one missile and one bomb on board. The Ion Pulse missile is a great control upgrade. It's more reliable than other missiles and torpedoes because it does not require you to spend your target lock, meaning you can use it to reroll dice on the Missile attack. The missile will ionize Large and Small ships alike, and between that and the Intelligence Agent it will allow you more knowledge of where your opponent will move. It can also help in setting up the bomb drop. The added TIE fighters are never a bad idea, and here you can use them either as wingmen for other ships to help keep enemies off their tails, or you could rush them into the enemy to jam up their formation and deny actions through blocking. Good luck, and have fun!
  14. The Raider? No. But the Gozanti cruiser is going to be an auto-buy for me. That will very possibly push me to buy other Epic ships. To this point I've avoided buying the Epic ships almost on principle (I didn't and still don't like the idea of selling tournament legal cards and ships bundled with $40 - $90 of tournament-illegal cards and ships that aren't as popular) but I think it's likely I'll want huge ship buddies for my Gozanti once I get it. FFG - you sure seem to know how to work your way into my wallet.
  15. I'm going to have to try some of these lists! I would suggest swapping Predator for something else like Outmaneuver on the last squad though, since FCS means you will usually be target locked, making Predator far less useful.
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