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  1. Thank you for your answer. I already read about side with the army and muster symbols but, correct me if I'm wrong, this means that the Shadow Army has a double chance per die to move armies. Also, it's not mentioned in the rulebook that the Army symbol is only found on the red dice and that the blue dice have a double symbol for Character. That's why I thought my blue dice were a manufacturer's fault.
  2. I got this game for Christmas 2009 and I still haven't played it, 'cause I think there's something wrong with my blue dice. All 6 of my blue dice have 5 different symbols. They have a double symbol for Character side by side. The second Character symbol is placed on the side where every 10 of my red dice have a symbol for Army. I wanna know if my blue dice are a manufacturer's fault or not. And if not, how am I supposed to move my army then? Can you guys help me out, 'cause I sure like to play this game. Thank you.
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