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  1. It's a patron-only post, so if you're not a patron, there's no point in linking. If you are, go to Patreon and you'll see his new post.
  2. Actually, if you're a Patron of Sorastro's you can see it for yourself. They are bigger, but not too much bigger. It looks like mixing and matching wouldn't make things look too odd. That said, I'm sure as **** going to use the Legion sculpt for Vader in my IA games.
  3. Wow. Wow wow wow. Really nice stuff. So the magnetic paint didn't work out. I'm putting in magnets in the trays. A bit tricky to keep the polarities consistent, but I actually worked out a system so it's not a big deal anymore. Finally started painting my Daqan using the blue Army Painter primer. Hopefully I'll start a "hey look at my guys" thread of my own in the near future. I wanna see your cavalry.
  4. The Burned Dead thing is interesting... but the Riverwatch Riders are pretty much the same look as the art on the Oathsworn Cavalry card. I'm really hoping that we can get some heraldry for the rest of the Daqan Lords. I'm going to refer to my Warhammer Empire and Bretonnian army books for color ideas in the meantime.
  5. Just don't use Gorilla Glue. Trust me on this one.
  6. Both Krylon and Rust-Oleum make magnetic paint/primer. I got mine either at Home Depot or Michaels. Forget which. It's basically iron filings in an oil-based solution - make sure you have thinner to clean your brush or just toss it. Simple soap and water won't do it. And you have to stir or shake it really well. I got it for making magnetic scenery, and it works all right as an undercoat - one layer will do the job and not kill detail. Since you'd be using it inside the figure slots where it's just flat, you can do two or three layers to make sure it's pretty "metal."
  7. I do like the idea of using the rune color in magical creatures. I'm not sure the multiple magic colors will work for the golems (it may end up looking a bit muddy or gaudy), but it might be fun to try. I'll have to see if I have anything comparable to test it on.
  8. I disagree somewhat. It depends on their usage. Note I haven't played very many games yet, but Kari is amazingly brutal. She is a ranged unit for the Daqan, and when we get the elves, she can allow you to add their archers. She is incredibly fast allowing you to stay one step ahead of the other side and position her where you want. And where you want her is flanking a rank-and-file unit close to several other units so she can damage multiple units at once. I've noticed that the heroes seem to be designed to get in there and do a crapton of damage before they fall. It's not hard to kill a hero. They generally will fall in about two or three rounds. But that's the point, really. They wade in and win the war of attrition. It seems to me that in RMG, moreso than other war games, is the concept of meaningful sacrifice. Your troops are going to die. They will. And they will die quickly. 8 rounds may seem like a short span for a battle, but by round 6, there's not a lot left standing. Like in chess, you're going to have to sacrifice to win, and the heroes are the best bang for your sacrificial buck. Which one is the better value really remains to be seen. They both have their strengths and it's up to your own playstyle to find the one you can use more effectively. But I think they're pretty on par with each other when used correctly.
  9. Depending on if I get to play enough to warrant buying more, I'm getting all the stuff. If there's organized play that I can get to, or if my wife does decide she likes the game enough to play regularly, I'll buy a second core set. The Daqan from the first core I'll be doing in the "official" blue and white/red. The second core set will be a green and white scheme. The cavalry expansion will be a split between the two, but the spearmen will be a third color scheme to represent a smaller barony joining the fray and lending support.
  10. I rather like them in yellow. Maybe that'll end up being my third scheme for the spearmen expansion.
  11. One thing to keep in mind about Ardus is that when constructing armies, he allows all your units to have extra upgrades. Also, with an attack at 3 that can do an auto-hit or auto-surge, he can be ptretty brutal in melee. If you give him an upgrade with a good special ability on it, he can use that at 2. I think while he may not feel like a big deal now, once the rest of the expansions hit and we have more upgrades and more surge abilities, he'll start living up to his potential.
  12. I have magnetic paint which I'm going to try out. Just paint the slots in the trays where the figures go. (It's really just a paint made of iron filings, I think.) I love those spearmen! I really dig the shields. I suppose I'll do something like that instead of trying to paint on the emblems, though I do want to try that first.
  13. Thanks. Probably won't be for a little while yet. I've got a lot of actual work and stuff to do before I can get some hobby time in, although maybe I'll take a break this weekend and go about cleaning and gluing the spearmen.
  14. Since all my arms are falling off anyway (seriously disappointed by the pegs and joints), I'm going to be doing the same thing and mixing it up where I can. Just drill out the holes and file down the pegs and add a little green stuff and bam! new sculpt. Over half the pegs are too short for a stable join, even with glue.
  15. I got the Ultramarine Blue Army Painter primer. I'll use that on the first few spearmen and see how it does. Since I'm going with the standard blue/white scheme I actually think it'll help make shading the white areas easier. Instead of basing with white, I'll just layer up to the highlights and then maybe throw a wash over to make the shadows not so blue. Probably not going to use it for the horseys. If the blue's not doing it, I'll just go back to priming in white. I did get the red Army Painter primer (I think it's AP) to use on my Royal Guard for Imperial Assault and it worked rather well on my test piece. I would only use a colored primer if at least 3/4 of the miniature is going to be that color. I'm priming all the skellies in white. I hate priming in black because I prefer bolder colors and I can't see the details as well with black. The golem is going to get a colored primer as well. Probably grey for the "official" color scheme, and a brown for my variant. Edit to add: If you're going with the "official" color scheme, I would prime white instead of black. Those are brighter colors and white will require less work to keep them from looking dingy.
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