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  1. Egyptoid

    You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…

    I love Black Crusade. wish my group would play it.
  2. Egyptoid

    Maisedron Jericho Campaign

    New Campaign Log entry : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CASLQmgPkWnr9Maxq--nUSSF852_k_q1frReasWcq0k/edit?usp=sharing The PCs have ginned up a crusade and a minor flotilla, and had returned to the planet of their imprisonment for revenge !
  3. Egyptoid

    Campaign Summary

    words fail
  4. In the background of my last RT game, there were 2 Wauuughs going on. Each trying to outdo the other in atrocity. They mostly had resorted to Terrorism because the Navy mostly kept their ships bottled up, but their scouts and infiltrators would get through, and blow up the humans when they could. Wauugh Kongor and Waaaugh Turash-*** kept doing icky evil stuff. So I kept this timeline handy, and on each week of the campaign I read off one item in the "Weekly Waaaugh Update" and if it coincided with where the players were, or their holdings, BOOM, right in the profit factor. (the events are stolen from islamic terror attacks in real life, the orks correspond to al-qaeda and isis)
  5. the funny part of this: the Kroot mis-adventure was 7 months ago (real time, 2+ years ago game time) so the PCs escaped the Tau/Kroot prison, and finally now going back to that system for revenge and reclamation. so i had to do a little "while you away" adjudicating, and decide what if anything had changed politically while they were gone.
  6. the map of said mostrosity: http://imgur.com/rtXSBpQ
  7. Egyptoid

    SkullRoller weapon dice roller

    my google skill has failed me. did anyone save the Skull Roller java file anywhere ? all websites for it are dead, it seems.
  8. The Prophet Device: a Navigation and Psykic aide LINK a Pre-Heresy ship component, usable normally by space marines with Psyniscience
  9. Egyptoid

    Ad Mech Politics

    but for heresy or crime other than tech . . . . .
  10. Egyptoid

    Funniest *** you or your players have ever done

    bump THIS for internet justice, way over 9001
  11. Egyptoid

    You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…

    The PC ship discovers a planet on the extreme fringes of Ultra/Macragge space, It is called "North Ultramar" by the natives, but only on certain maps. On maps from the Ultramarines, it is only shown as a discovered blip. The PCs clear off the heretics living there. The explorator goes off on his own, on a mad quest to find out why this is North Ultramar, but the Ultramarines don't seem to give a **** about it. So his archaeology doesn't really pay off to his liking, he seems to find that the old colonists had founded the planet, and called it "North Ultramar" from their own idea, hoping to impress Macragge and win the respect and protection of the Ultramarines. Well they didn't. and the colony languished and lapsed. But there were a lot of interesting battles fought there, & many interesting units had planted banners there at one time or another, so the explorator built an R&R facility there, for shore leave of Imperial personnel, and he called it SIX FLAGS OVER ULTRAMAR
  12. CHEAT ! don't fight your way though the sectors to Terra, make a deal and pop out closer, like by the Gates of Fire. http://orig08.deviantart.net/5528/f/2015/057/d/d/40k_map_by_m00nprophet-d8jmfk3.jpg
  13. Egyptoid

    Ad Mech Politics

    Right, it could be argued that the Ad-Mech would wear blinders to everything but tech-heresy. Aside, but related: In Thomas Covenant, he realizes the immortal Blood-Guard had been beside all the Lore-Masters for over 2000 years, so one of them had witnessed the old rituals and the old despair. So Thomas tries to pressure them into revealing what they saw as it pertains to the current troubles. But what about common sense? If House Adreskin is going to ruin the entire hive with their cult activities, isn't it foolish for the technicians fixing their appliances to keep quiet about it ? Of course the house will just bribe the techs like they bribe the arbites.... Surely its a grey area, not black and white. I can't be the only person ever to think of this . . .
  14. Egyptoid

    Ad Mech Politics

    Is it generally in the interest of the Mechanicus to expose a criminal or a heretic ? One could argue there primary concern is machinery, but a lawful society would seem to benefit all. If I was an enginseer, I'd rather have the contract working for Jonquin Saul than Haderak Fell.