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  1. Example: 1.) Spot a hero 2.) Attack the closest hero. After attacking the hero, perform a move action and retreat. 3.) Engage a hero. So the monster in the activation chain would attempt to spot a hero first. The monster can move within 3 spaces of the hero but his LoS is blocked by other monsters or heroes no matter where he moves within 3 spaces. Does he still perform the spot action or go on to actions 2 and 3 in the sequence?
  2. I have two specific questions about monster activations: 1.) Engage-Lets say that a monster is told to engage the closest hero. If they are already next to a character, are they considered engaged already? If so, are they considered to have used one of their activations to engage that hero they are next to? 2.) Spot-When monsters are told to spot a hero, they are to move within 3 spaces (if possible) of the hero and have line of sight. What if they can move within 3 spaces of the character but can't get line of sight. Do they still carry out the spot action even if they can't get line of sight or do they skip that action?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to the game and have a question when playing Road to Legend. When a hero performs his w actions, is he allowed to perform the same action twice (i.e.-attack twice)?
  4. Can the Sun Dragon target himself with his focus ability or must he target another disk within medium range?
  5. Can you use the promo terrain (Tower of Sorcery, Herdstone) as terrain pieces that can be picked in a game, or can you only use them with their special scenarios?
  6. Yeah...I was hoping for something this year too. They'll eventually come out with expansions to flesh out the remaining factions probably next year. That would seem to fit with their release schedule for other WFB properties (like Blood Bowl). What I'm more worried about is will they continue to release new stuff after they've fleshed out all of the armies. There are still so many great units to release (Skarsnik and Gobbla, Korhil, White Lions just to name a few).
  7. Check out the video at the end of the release article. Can't wait!!!
  8. 3rd Quarter of this year (check out the bottom of the release article). I would expect it to be out the 4th Quarter though.
  9. You are absolutely right...this is not the new AoS garbage that GW is pawning off as Warhammer Fantasy. Glad to see FFG sticking with "traditional" Warhammer. I'm hoping this bodes well for Diskwars as well, another great but underated product.
  10. Yes!!! Don't know how many of you were a fan of this when GW had it as a board game, but I can't wait for this. It also seems that FFG is sticking with the "traditional" Warhammer universe...so maybe this bodes well for Diskwars. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/7/31/warhammer-quest-the-adventure-card-game/
  11. Quick update: Read some reviews of AoS. All but one was bad (mostly due to bad/oversimplified or unbalanced rules). Maybe there is some hope that FFG will continue to make Diskwars in the Old Warhammer World.
  12. It's hard for any game in any universe to surrive the onslaught of Star Wars. It's popularity outweighs anything GW could come up with (except maybe 40K but I don't even think it can rival it).
  13. I don't know if everybody has seen the previews for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar (i.e.-9th ed.). This is a completely different Warhammer world folks. So my question is: how does this affect Diskwars? Will GW force FFG to "re-create" Diskwars to represent the new (and in my opinion, lame) Warhammer World, or will they give FFG the freedom to continue making Diskwars that line up with the Old Wahammer World (the one that I love)? Or will they simply just discontinue Diskwars? Thoughts? Opinions?
  14. Question: I just saved all of your images for the disks and cards to Microsoft Office. How did you print out your disks to be the proper size so they could be played? I tried a few different printing modes but could not quite get the right size.
  15. This a good article about the direction of Warhammer Fantasy and the direction it's taking. I agree with the author of this article. Don't know what the impact of this will be on Diskwars. http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2015/04/warhammer-this-is-the-way-the-world-ends.html
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