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  1. I pledge my self to well, myself. I need no God's of Chaos to control my motives much like I need not to have that Emperor to hold my hand. I choose Undivided all the way. I alone control my fate.
  2. Personally I am very picky about ammo. I know the fluff says 3+1 magazines (hate it when they are called clips) with, I think its 24 rounds per mag. I keep track of how many rounds I fire each time and I reload when time is needed. The rest of my team don't even look at the ammo or what they have. They just auto fire every time, all the time. Plus our GM said we don't have to worry about grenades as long as they are the standard frags or kraks. The plus side to this is that I always get a little more XP because of my efforts to actually RP this stuff out.
  3. Guys those are some good idea's for usage of the tactics skills. I think I will use some in my groups next game. We use it a lot to help our squad when we get stuck in a situations where the player that is the leader for the mission isn't sure what to do. I have to keep reminding myself that the Space Marines is the ultimate soldier and that I am just a guy with no military knowledge beyond trhat of history books and the History channel. So I usually make an idea (keeping with the RPG fun) then ask to make a tactics roll to see if that is what the SM would do. Keep in mind that each chapter and class of Marine will see things differently in battle a given situation. Our GM has us make tactic rolls to have other players give advice to each other on how other chapters deals with different situations and sometimes to force the RP aspect. heres an example. our DW squad is moving onto a camp of Orks. Our leader was an Assault Marine, Blood Angle, wanted to do full on assault onto the camp during the night. busting out of the tree line (was a deathworld) while having our DA Dev lay down h.bolter fire. He made a tactics roll and did really well with it and most of us agreed. But our Wolf Tactical Marine (after being told by the GM) made a tactical roll (and a really good one at that) and pretty much told the DA (our leader) that he was a fool and that we should circle to the other side of the camp and attack from morning light when the 2 suns would be at our backs and blinding the Ork's. Made for some great RPing since the Wolf and the 2 DA really don't like each other. Will still ended up doing it the DA way, pissing of the SW, and made a successful assault, pissing off the SW even more (he really really hates the DA tactical marine which is another story) I don't know if it helps any, the story, but it is a good way to put the tactics skill to use for RP purposes.
  4. Why does everyone have to always house rule something that doesn't need it. The armor isn't OP its just fine the way it is. If you don't like it then don't give the players the options of getting it. Why bring this kind of garbage to the forums? Once your opinion has been set nothing here that will ever change your mind. No matter how much one person claims it "OP" and even if every other person gives a thousand reasons why its not or how to curb the issue with out making house rules for it you will still claim "OP" Its like people are grasping to find that one person to confirm their opinion so they can run to the group and tell their RPG group that the people on the FFG forums agree with me so I win! People just except what is written in the books, be happy there is a Death Watch RPG, and be happy that we can play the most bad ass soldiers ever imagined.
  5. To this day I will never understand why GM's or players moan cry and whine about gear and what not in games. If you are a GM and want balance issues fixed just tell the players "No" its not that hard. If you don't want to be that hard on them then give what ever it is to the players "with in reason" and then give them tougher encounters. Or just not let them have anything unless they pay for it. Best yet is to not lat them have any and then give it to the players as rewards. Personally I think all players should have standard armor and only gain better armor as seen fit by the GM as treats for spectacular role playing. e.g. You managed to escape the clutches of the chaos marine hoard after retrieving the geneseed of your fallen battle brothers during the raid on the chaos ships engines and stopping them from escaping to the warp. Do to your heroism and blaa blaa blaa you are rewarded this set of MK (whatever) armor and so on and so forth. Makes it all worth it IMHO.
  6. And that is what I was looking for, thanks a bunch Corbin, sorry you had to go through all of that. So pretty much screw winning and just have fun.
  7. Steve-O said: Actually, I'm pretty sure our advice was "stop being a sissy baby and go save the world." LOL that just made my day!! Thanks for the pick me up there. But what I was wanting to know is what are the things people do in the game. Just about all games have a set thing in what you do, move this here, move that there, build up this, use that card now so on and so forth. So what is it for SoB? Is it based on what heroes we have (One Fist, Ronan the Wild, Jaes the Battle Mage, and Arvel Worldwalker) or the OL Avatar (Master of the Hunt) and his goal (Leviathan)? what skills are helpful in SoB and what ones are useless and we shouldn't pick up? Are runeblast cannons the best choice or are hawkeye? Most advice can be helpful. Playing as OL sounds like it would be a learning experience, but right now is not an option because things are set and I have to play heroes till next time. So with that being said, what are some of the things that everyone has learned in the game that will help my group and the heroes we have?
  8. I don;t know much about the world that Descent is based around, but someone else a while back brought up a desert theme idea that I really liked. It would be cool to maybe have another campaign setting, but another box expansion would be nice. Going with the desert or what ever you might call it Egyptian based or what ever. But have things like mummies, djinnies, giant scorpions, dust devils, and maybe insect swarms. some magic items might be a flying carpet that can move the party as a whole. New props like quick sand. I don't know but just think it might be cool.
  9. I guess I am an odd ball be cause it doesn't matter who wins OL or Heroes as long as the game is just epic and fun. Nothing ruins a game more than watching one side stomp the other, then dragging the beat down on and on till people say screw thins and quit. I have felt that humiliation just recently and came close to putting the game up for good. I have felt this fustration from the heroes end in RtL and from the OL end playing the vanilla Descent. So I will pick 4 for both. I will also like to point out that if the OL always wins in the campaign settings then have everyone play the OL once then they would all be winners and the balance is kept, might be the wrong kind of balance, but its something.
  10. So there is no real advice on what would be best to do, other than flee for your lives. Well thats very.....sad. Good news is that once this SoB campaign is over I get to be OL for RtL. Then I can get my sweet revenge on my friend and brother.
  11. My group has just started the SoB campaign and the 2 that is playing the hero's, myself and a friend (who was the OL in our RtL game) are at odds about what to do starting off and where to go. After being utterly destroyed in the RtL game and not even getting a chance to fight the avatar, getting slaughtered in every dungeon while being dogged by 4 Lt's I have become extremely gun shy. I am worried to death that we are going to get crushed on every ocean encounter if we dont upgrade the ship as fast as we can. And head straight for the training grounds asap. But my friend says "no" on both the boat and the training grounds, but wants to focus on trait dice and gear. Please help us....no, no, please help with advice on what might make things less traumatic for me.
  12. If a hero gets a cursed item, like the Backbiter, can the hero use a doll to remove the curse token and keep the item equipped? If so would the hero again get the curse token if the item was unequipped and then re-equipped again?
  13. Lol I am currently in a RtL game and I have Thorn, and Spiritwalk. I also just recently picked up shadow soul leading me to jump all over those tiny little dungeons and nail the monsters with blast from the other heroes. I have to say its really pissing off the OL because he cant get Thorn with out some serious chess like tactics. I would refrain from removing the card because its a random chance a hero would get it (along with the bear tattoo), unless the heroes train to pick it up and then they just wasted time, money and put some effort into getting it. Also just because you see one thing that seems unbalanced or unfair just because people use it excessively doesn't mean it is. Just think of all the cool things you can do as OL, like Dark Charm, Dark Relics, or many other things that the other side might yell, BAN IT, ITS TO POWERFUL AND UNFAIR!.
  14. They do play testing all the time, with every game, every day with hundreds of people. Thats ever person that picks up the game and sits down with other people and play the game, having unexpected things pop up and can't find any kind of ruling or what ever else one can think of happening in a game. Then jump into the forums and start asking questions to other people who went through the same ordeal, get into deep discussions and then send e-mails to FFG about rules and what not. Then after some time FFG puts out a FAQ that doesn't help much because the people in the forums already figured out what to do and how to fix it. The problem become solved and FFG didn't have to pay a single person, other than the people answering the e-mails/phones and the people making and printing the FAQ. So extensive play testing looks to be a yes.
  15. WOW !!!! I have to say you guys are really passionate about this game at times. I do wonder if game designers sit down and debate this much about something so simple. The way I see it, and this is my opinion about it, it sounds more like an OL was getting upset because a hero players slapped down something he wasn't expecting and got a little thrown by it, tried to make an argument of it, failed and now has jumped onto the forum to make a case and get someone to side with him so he can go back to his buddies and say "See, some guys of the forums said (blank) and so thats what we will do and I am right." Its just that simple. But I would also like to point out that in Soar (RtL) it states "Heroes may use interrupt attacks (even melee attacks, if in range) to attack the monster while swooping. After looking through the options for the heroes the only things I can find for an interrupt attack is Guard, Back Stab and Riposte. so there seems to only be 3 limited situations that will not happen often be cause to of them are random draws and the other is a choice the player has to make before hand. So why nitpick over the wording of what comes first, the chicken or the egg garbage. And give the hero with the melee attack an chance to actually beable to hit a target that he otherwise would never ever be giving a chance to hit. This discussion goes right back to balance of (or lack of that so many seem to say it has) when something pops up that gives some sort of balance the players turn and start bickering over the one thing that helps balance the game, (as stated above) a chance for a hero that is focused in melee a slim chance to nail a monster with soar that he could normally not hit at all.
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