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  1. There's really no way to resolve it on FB. They have proven to be remarkably resistant to any cries of sexism or bigotry, choosing instead to side with the bigots and warn or ban the complainant. I also don't think or know if FFG would actually do anything, either, but people keep saying things like "Speak up when you see something wrong." so, here we are.
  2. Well, apparently I got booted because I said it was unfunny and sexist. So, he heard a lot about it, but he didn't listen to a word.
  3. Well, I, for one, cannot wait to drop $60 on his fixes for what we thought was a perfectly cromulent, but is now obviously broken beyond recognition, rules system that we have been enjoying because we've been playing incorrectly by using the rules for almost a full year. Thank you, Internet reviewer!
  4. Bah! I'll have to pick mine up on Friday because it's payday. And I'll be at two different store in the next two days - I'll see it on the shelf, mocking me.
  5. And yet, you're posting in a forum specifically dedicated to the very thing you pffft. Weird.
  6. One splatbook per career, with three specializations, a slew of new and appropriate weapons and gear, and lots of GM advice and career-specific adventure hooks. It's nothing like 3.5.your 3.5 experience must have been vastly different then mine. For your description matches 3.5 perfectly. YMMVThen why don't you stop endorsing the FFG RPG System while we all enjoy it. If you want the entire collection, you need to fork out the dough. wow. Ok. An obsevation is made and people get defensive. As if the post was an attack against them. Interesting. In case someone missed it, it was an observation. Not an attack on what anyone should do or feel. Here is a thought. How about you not tell people what to do with their time and money and they will do the same for you. Those conversations are never constructive. I wasn't defensive. I just think your observation is short sighted. I feel 3.5 glutted the market with unnecessary books on anything and everything of varying quality and usefulness. FFG seems to be putting out thoughtful material that intelligently expands the existing core rules without superseding them or overpowering the game. There's not 3 players handbooks and 2 DM guides and 4 monster manuals. There's a core book, and then a career book for each career. And a couple of adventures if you'd like to play them. Pretty simple.
  7. Your logic fails, though, because the same could be said if you rolled all Light Side results. You can A: Realize bending other's minds to your will is wrong... (chose to fail). or B: Dominate their minds for your convenience. The LS/DS results on the die have nothing to do with what you're doing: you're still using the Force to dominate someone else's mind. -EF I'm more using the pips to decide if that particular influencing of another's mind is A: Wrong or B: A justified application of the Force. The mind trick is too common for it to be considered always Dark Side. The die decides if that fight was worth avoiding through Influence, or if that fight should by bypassed some other way. And again, that's not what the die is indicating. It's not deciding if the use of a talent is warranted, it's describing your state of mind/flow of the force during your use of that talent. You could be influencing someone for the wrong reason but be perfectly clear while doing it - conflict point. You could be influencing them for the right reasons but have trouble connecting to the place inside you which believes that - use of destiny point and dark pips, but no conflict, or very low conflict. Or, you could be doing it for the right reasons and be perfectly clear on it - no conflict, or be doing it for the wrong reasons and know it's wrong - LOTS of conflict. In fact, use of the talent is very dependent upon context, and using dark pips is just one way for the GM to decide if you get the conflict or not.
  8. It's actually been quite a while, prior to the Diplomat book. My game is ready for some formalized Jedi rules and a little additional inspiration.
  9. One splatbook per career, with three specializations, a slew of new and appropriate weapons and gear, and lots of GM advice and career-specific adventure hooks. It's nothing like 3.5.
  10. Hey, this is gaming. Nothing is more serious than this!
  11. That is not at all how it works. The dark pips are used to represent a particular flow of the force - you're having a hard time utilizing it this time, for whatever reason (read: ROLE play) just like you fail to shoot someone but "something good happens" when you roll attack dice (you get advantage). <-- ALSO Role Play. So, you're trying to do a thing, and instead of it coming easy and natural, this time for whatever reason, it's a bit more difficult - so you role play why that is. You're distracted, you considered failure, etc. And maybe you take a conflict point, that's up to the GM. And so, at the end of the session, you have 1, maybe 2 conflict points. Possibly 3. And you roll a 1. Oh, no, you shifted down a couple of points because it was a difficult time to use the force. Next session, no black pips and no conflict, and you roll a 5. You go up a few points. It all balances out. And it's all due to role playing your character. It's not "Oh, no, I'm trying to save my friend, I have to use the evil, now I'm all darksided." It just doesn't work that way.
  12. I think, based on this article and the points being made, that I need to sit down with my force using PC and help her rework it a bit. She's not really using it like one would, and she's disinterested in the force powers because she wants to be evil and can't use them to kill and blow stuff up. (Yes, she's going full-blown Sith. I've given up trying to dissuade her as long as she's not overly distracting from the game.) I think she'd be more interested in move and heal and the like if she knew how to use them, but she's not read the rules and just goes "Can I make that guy walk into a laser blast?" "Can i steal that thing from the guy?" etc.
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