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  1. Yeah, sadly the equipment cards did not stay in stock long. However, each new expansion that came out after the the equipment cards were released came packaged with their own cards. Fantasy Flight keeps promising that Tannhauser is not gone for good and they will eventually return with new product and new printings of older product. I'm hoping that the new printings will come with their cards so you don't have to purchase the set separately. They did something similar in the past with the games rule book. A little after Tannhauser was released it went through some pretty big rule changes. Fans with older copies could by the new rules as a *.pdf file, or an actual, tangible rule book. After the new rule book was released all of the the newer copies were being packaged inside. Now, I am a huge Tannhauser fan, I have all the expansions (including duplicate character expansions that allow players to field more than one of the same character), but if I could pick just one to recommend to new and old players alike, I would choose Wolf. He's a mercenary that fits well in any faction, and comes with the special object... Jack-Of-All-Trades: Ability. During setup when packs are chosen, Wolf's player selects two characteristics, two skills, or one characteristic and one skill. A selected characteristic gets a +1 bonus for the entire game; a selected skill is added to your repertoire for the entire game. This makes him extremely versatile for which ever scenario you plan to play. For one last reason I chose Wolf, ... HE LOOKS FRICKIN' BAD ASS!
  2. I own/run a small gaming store, and am personally really big on Tannhauser (I own every single expansion and add on). I checked with our distributors after seeing this post and sadly the cards are the only item/add on that is unavailable to order. I'm sure if you keep an eye out on ebay or other gaming store websites you will come accross them eventually, hopefully for a reasonable price.
  3. When a character moves on to the path of Herman when he has Hermetica Occulta equipped, who is initiating the duel? This caused a disagreement between me and a fellow player. I said Herman since it is his equipment, they said the other character since they moved on to the path.
  4. I'm sure this question has been asked, I just can't find it on the forums... When attacking with the magnifier through the voivodes, if an opponent lives and wishes to make a counterattack, does this hurt the voivode or Zor'ka?
  5. Ok, I've been re-reading the Tannhauser revised rules, and realized I might have had something wrong all along... I always assumed that to make a team all the characters had to share an affiliation symbol. I thought this because the mercenary affliation symbol meant that a character could be played w/ any faction. But after re-reading the rules I realized it never said you had to share an affiliation symbol, they just had to be part of the same faction. So what I wanted to know was, besides common sense, how do I know which characters belong to which faction? Is it just by reading the Bio's on each character, or is there a more rules lawyer way of telling?
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